Hampstead Garden Suburb Archives

What are the Archives?

The Archives are an extensive and valuable collection of all kinds of material relating to the history and development of the Hampstead Garden Suburb, from its conception at the beginning of the century to the present day. The list on the next page gives an impression of the wide range of books, documents, records and photographs contained in the archives.

Where are the Archives?

The Archives remain the property of the Hampstead Garden Suburb Archive Trust, but are now chiefly housed in the London Metropolitan Archives, London, EC1R 0HB (See contact details).

Books and some documents and duplicate photographs are stored in the Suburb, and can be viewed by appointment (See contact details).

To visit the archives in either location, please phone to make an appointment.

How can I help?

The expansion and improvement of the Archives is dependent on the generosity of individuals and organisations in donating documents relating to the Suburb and its people. If you have anything you feel is likely to be of interest, please contact the Archivist.

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