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The HGS Email chatlist was established to provide a safe and friendly environment for residents to discuss local issues. It pre-dates Facebook and Twitter, having started in 1998 and is run independently of any Suburb organisation. Members send email to the list and this is automatically forwarded to other list members. Membership is free to residents and also provides access to the local Master Tradepersons List with over 1000 local recommendations from members of the list.

The safety and privacy of members is important and therefore membership is restriced to residents, former residents and, in exceptional circumstances, others who have very close links to the Suburb.

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You can join the HGS Residents Association online. Please allow up to two weeks for your membership to be recorded.

If you have any questions regarding your Residents Association membership please contact ramembershipsec@hgs.org.uk, or if you have questions regarding the HGS Chatlist please contact admin@hgs.org.uk

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