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Horticultural Society - The Making of Henstead Exotic Garden by Andrew Brogan

  • Thursday 11 October 2018 at 7:30pm
at Fellowship House.
Horticultural Society members on the 2017 three-day trip were bowled over by their visit to Henstead in Suffolk and want to share their experience of listening to Andrew Brogan describing how he made this amazing exotic garden about ten years ago with plants that would normally be happy growing in a jungle. Members free, non-members £3.

Fellowship House

136a Willifield Way
NW11 6YD    (map)

The hall at Fellowship House has a stage and seating for up to 85 people theatre-style. It is also ideal for children's or family parties. It has a well equipped new kitchen. For bookings call Elizsabeth Kocen on 020 8455 9000 or email her at

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