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Highgate Gallery - Art Exhibition: Printmakers Council - TIME

  • Friday 7 February to Thursday 20 February from 1pm to 5pm
The Printmakers explore our complex relationship with time in their new exhibition 7-20 Feb.

The Printmakers Council invites you to find the time to join them in exploring the concept of Time in both traditional and innovative forms printmaking.  Determined historically by the rising and the setting of the sun, our modern lifestyles push against the natural rhythms of rest and labour and our now 24-hour economy urges consumer purchasing of smart watches.  It’s not just telling the time but scheduling what to do with it.  Meanwhile astrophysical research challenges our understanding of time itself.  The Printmakers explore our complex relationship with time, a fascinating and engrossing subject for us all.


15 minute talks Sunday 9th February 2-3pm.

Create a print in a 10 minutes.  Workshop on Sunday 16th February 2-4pm.

Highgate Gallery open Tuesday-Friday 1-5pm, Saturday 11am-4pm, Sunday 11am-5pm; closed Mondays


Highgate Gallery, 11 South Grove, London N6 6BS     Tel: 020 8340 3343    

Admission free


ImageDutch Dodo  Tammy Mackay.

Highgate Gallery