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This site uses frames to display pages. Most pages are displayed with a header bar along the top, an index for the current section along the left hand side with detailed pages taking up most of the page. Each of these areas has its own navigation options:

Header Bar
Use the "where would you like to go next" list to go straight to another major section of the site.

Section Index
The name of the current section is shown at the top of the Index. Just below this there is a link "back to ...." the owning section. Top of Page takes you back up a level in the index hierarchy. The remaining links will load specific detailed pages to the right of the index, take you to another level in the index hierarchy or take you to a new section. Generally if a new section is displayed its "back to ...." link will return you to the current section.

Detail Page
Most detail pages have a title bar with, optionally, navigation buttons to go to the:
next next page in the current section
nextfirst page in the section
next previous page in the section.
Within a page Top of Page takes you to the top of the page. At the bottom of each page there is a trailer with options to go to the top of page or home. The next, first and previous options are also available within the trailer. If the header and index are missing you can load these by clicking "Find my Frame".


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This is a simple index to the main sections on this site and appears in the header bar for most pages. Click on the down arrow to display a drop down list of sections, then click on the section name to go there. Please note that this facility will only work with browsers that support Java Script. If this does not work in your browser click "HOME" and use the index on the home page.


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This site is organised using html frames. If you have arrived at a page via a search the chances are that the associated page header and index are not displayed. At the bottom of most pages there is a "Find my Frame" option. Clicking on this should display the missing items. This option is not available for the help page.


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This site is maintained by volunteers. We try to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date but cannot guarantee this. Please do not rely only on information published here for anything important, always verify against another recognised source. We cannot accept any responsibility for any actions you take based on information on this site. In particular always refer any planning decisions to the HGS Trust and the London Borough of Barnet.


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This copyright policy is intended to allow free access to information on this site for non commercial purposes whilst protecting the rights of the copyright owners.

The information on this site has been reproduced from a variety of sources and is the copyright property of the respective owners. All information is published here with the permission of the owner. Copyright of the site overall is the property of the site owner.

You may freely view all information on this web site that is accessible by normal html links and is not password protected. Password protected information may only be viewed by legitimate password holders.

You are welcome to make a link from your own site to the home page of this site: "www.hgs.org.uk/index.html"

The following are not permitted without prior written agreement from the site owner:
-Inclusion of any part of this site within another such that it appears to be part of that site.
-Use of information from this site for any commercial purpose.
-Copying information from this site.

If you would like permission for any unauthorised use please contact the site owner
Copyright ©1998 All Rights Reserved.


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If you have any problems using this site, spot any errors or have any suggestions please contact us.



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