RA Open Meetings

May 2015
Leaf blowers & other noise: 2 June Fellowship House 7.30pm

Come and have your say. Leaf blowers, cutting machines, garden parties, construction noise, loud music - all find their way into our once peaceful back gardens.

Is this just a fact of modern times or can we as a community work together to restore some tranquility to the Suburb ?

This thorny question erupts every so often on the email Lists, so now is the time to come and participate in the Residents Association's discussion.

Tuesday 2nd June 7.30pm at Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way (opposite the big green).

August 2014
Quiz six Councillors on local issues - Central Sq 8pm Oct 7

Six Councillors can be quizzed by you locally on Tuesday October 7th.

The open meeting will be at the Friends Meeting House (Quakers) in the corner of Central Square near the junction with Northway (officially 17 North Square NW11 7AD) at 8pm.

This will be entirely for local issues where Tories and Labour have been equally supportive, so the panel will be the three from Garden Suburb ward (Cllrs John Marshall, Daniel Seal and Gabriel Rozenberg) and the three from East Finchley ward representing the streets north-east of Brim Hill, such as Deansway and Howard Walk (Cllrs Alison Moore, Arjun Mittra and Alon Or-Bach).

There are currently two parking consultations affecting the Suburb (Market Place and adjacent streets, and Wildwood Road), regular applications to fell ancient oak trees, and now Adopt a Place opportunities (currently the Northway Rose Gardens). It's important to have good communication with our councillors, as local issues often arise at short notice, and this will be your opportunity to learn their views on how best to influence outcomes. An example may be recycling where the Council is due to review the effect of last year's changes.

If you have questions you'd like to pose in advance, by all means send them to rachair@hgs.org.uk

All welcome - do come and meet your neighbours in the charming Quakers' meeting room.

April 2013
18 April re Police station closure & options -outcome report

Outcome report: The meeting heard that, after the station closure, the police “shop” at 61 Golders Green Rd is likely to open to the public, but for limited hours. The police noted the RA's concern for regular fixed hours to assist the elderly and the vulnerable. Mike Freer MP is also seeking regular hours for this "front counter" service. On a positive note, the meeting learned that the appointment service for a visit by a patrol car is being extended (dial 101 - or 999 who will transfer the call), and the Ward officer team is being increased. Patrol car appointment visits are regarded as an efficient way to implement the Commissioner's policy that "everyone should be able to see a police officer face to face".

Original posting:-




Have your say at the Residents Association Forum

Thursday 18 April – 8pm

Fellowship House, 136A
Willifield Way

(back at usual venue)

The ”front counter” at our Temple Fortune police station (known as Golders Green) will be closed by
“Boris’s” office (Mayor of London's police authority, as part of a cost-saving drive) on 24th June. At present the police “shop” at 61 Golders Green Rd is not open to the public. Representations for a counter service there are welcome, say the Barnet police, although hours may be limited.

Learn more at the meeting – the police will be represented by Chief Inspector Andy Mariner, and Barnet by Cllrs John Marshall and Daniel Seal. Andrew Dismore, GLA, will be represented by Sarah Sackman.

This is another of the RA’s series of open meetings to hear residents’ views

February 2013
6th March re Tea House - outcome report

Outcome at Meeting on 6th & Trust Council on 19th: Residents at the RA Open Meeting on 6 March heard from the Trust and from the owner’s architect that the fabric of the building is in severe disrepair, and there are uncertainties regarding the effect of adjacent oak trees.

The owner had applied to the Trust for the approval of a number of alterations and additions to the building and the restoration of the original front elevation. These would enable the building to be used as a private residence, should the Trust decide to approve such a change of use under the terms of the lease. The application was considered by the Trust Council on 19 March when some design amendments were suggested. No decision was made, although the Trust recognised that the proposals would enable the building to be restored and the oak trees to be retained.

At the open meeting 2 aspects were highlighted by residents, the first being the regrettable shrinkage in the number of available social buildings on the Suburb, and the second being the importance of the Trust, as freeholder, obtaining full value for any change of use if a change could not be avoided.

Original posting: Residents will have the opportunity to speak about the Tea House proposals, and hear information, at an Open meeting on Wednesday 6th March, 8pm, next door to the Tea House in the Free Church Hall, 13 Northway.

The Institute's lease still applies to the new owner. Use of the ground floor is limited to catering, hiring out for events, and classes for the (now defunct) Henrietta Barnett Junior School, while upstairs the two flats have residential use. While many residents hired the Tea House for children's parties in the 1980s, there has been little communal use in recent years. The owner is in discussion with HGS Trust regarding residential use. Plans to alter the building have also been submitted, and were available to the public at three open sessions in the Tea House in January/February. They can be seen on the Trust's website under its new, more extensive, consultation policy.

Meanwhile, the fabric of the building is damaged by subsidence, and insurers (responding to a claim from before the Institute's sale) applied to fell adjacent oak trees. Barnet rejected the initial application, but there is talk of a potential new submission. The Trust's objectives have prioritised preservation of trees and the building. Any new proposals need to be sufficiently well funded to enable these objectives.

The Trust, and the owner’s architect, will be present at the Open meeting, to amplify the above information.

8pm, Wednesday 6th March, Free Church Hall, 13 Northway, NW11 6PB.

Tea House – Background Information supplied by HGS Trust : -

The Tea House was built by the Trust in 1923. In 1952 a 999 year lease (running from 1907) was sold to the Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute.

The Tea House lease was owned by the Institute until October 2008 when it was sold to its present owner LSG Capital Projects owned by Mr Naresh Patel’s family. The Institute received £750,000 from the sale, which went in to the Institute’s funds.

The building is in a very poor structural condition. It is suffering from subsidence and large cracks are visible in the brickwork. Underpinning is required to stabilise the structure.

If full underpinning to a high specification is carried out the building will be secure from subsidence and the trees on the Sub-Station site, and on the adjoining sites, will be secure from threats to fell them. Two of the trees are currently the subject of such threats.

There are clauses in the lease that the owner must use the flats as residential units and the rest of the building for “refreshment caterers with the power to hire out the same for dance parties receptions or meetings or as a junior school run in connection with the Henrietta Barnett Junior School”. The owner is asking the Trust to vary these covenants so that he can convert the building to full residential use and thus fund the extensive repairs and underpinning. He is entitled to apply to the Lands Tribunal to ask that these clauses are declared obsolete and thus vary the terms of the lease.

Consideration of the owner’s plans by the Trust Council in March is only the first stage of any process that may involve change of the restricted uses permitted by the lease. Exploratory discussions have taken place but no binding commitment has been made.

Proposals for alternative uses can be put to the owner but would need to be capable of funding the repairs needed and be financially sustainable in the long term.

Any money that may be paid to the Trust as a result of any variations to the lease that may be agreed would be held in trust, as are all Trust funds, for the benefit of all residents of the Suburb.

The garages and drive at the rear of the Tea House, accessed off North Square, are owned freehold by the Trust. If the Trust decides to dispose of these, they will have to be offered for sale on the open market to satisfy Charity Commission requirements that the best price reasonably available is being achieved. Several Suburb residents have expressed an interest in acquiring them.

The applicant considered bringing the sub-station site on the corner of Northway (owned by EDF) into his application as garden land but this was not pursued.     

The phone box in the front garden is a listed building. If it is to be removed or re-sited, listed building consent would be required from Barnet and the permission from BT would have to be sought. 

January 2013
5th Feb 8pm OneBarnet - Deputy Leader explains Outsourcing

The Residents Association continues its series of Open Meetings, when Deputy Leader Cllr Daniel Thomas (a Suburb resident) will speak on One Barnet. An opportunity to learn what is being outsourced and why recycling is being brought in-house - what is coming around the corner. The purpose is “factual, not political”.

Cllr Thomas is a Suburb resident. He represents the Finchley, Church End ward, was elected Deputy Leader in 2011, and is the Cabinet Member for Resources and Performance. He was quoted in November as saying “this Council is open to every possible solution, as long as it is the right one”. The RA has convened the meeting to enable residents to learn what is coming around the corner, and it is not intended as a political meeting. Since the evening was arranged, the press has reported a legal action against Barnet Council by a Barnet resident challenging the One Barnet process - that is entirely coincidental.

8pm Tuesday 5 February at Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way NW11 6YD.

November 2012
Discussion Report re 4 Dec (CPZs) & 3 April letter to Barnet

April 2013: Following an RA Council resolution in January, and LB Barnet's statutory consultation in March, the RA has sent the attached letter  dated 3 April 2013 to LB Barnet.

December: You will see the six discussion ideas below. The attached note  records the discussion at the Open meeting of 4th December. It mentions the attached Consultants' report on 4 of the ideas (not "recommendations" as that would require a full traffic & parking survey). Barnet officials stated that their Report on the CPZ request from Hampstead Way (Meadway to Temple Fortune) will be presented on 16th January to the Councillors’ Finchley & Golders Green sub-committee who will instruct officers whether there are to be further steps. If a scheme is intended, there would first be statutory consultation.




Have your say at the Residents Association Forum

Tuesday 4 December – 8pm

Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way

Streets near Temple Fortune have been asked by Barnet if they want a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), following Hampstead Way's request for it - see below. The knock-on could affect the whole Suburb - there are pros and cons, even to the status quo.

Barnet’s Head of Highways will speak, and the RA will present possible options. Details are on the RA website.

This is another of the RA’s series of open meetings to hear residents’ views.

In more detail:

Barnet’s July questionnaire asked “Would you like your road to be included as part of a Controlled Parking Zone?” (CPZ).  It was addressed to Asmuns Hill, Hampstead Way, Hill Close, Temple Fortune Hill, Willifield Way. Hampstead Way, which had been asking Barnet for a CPZ for about two years (requesting a one hour per weekday basis), responded overwhelmingly in favour, but other streets were mixed, with some vociferous objections.

The RA has asked traffic consultants to look at four possibilities, including a CPZ in the streets addressed by Barnet,  no CPZ at all, or larger areas than Barnet surveyed (one affecting the whole Suburb). The RA has no “preferred option” – these possibilities will be presented to the meeting for discussion. Scroll down here for outline descriptions of the five discussion items.

Barnet’s Head of Highways will speak. Observation by Barnet’s surveyors indicates safety concerns, particularly in Willifield Way where sight lines are difficult at junctions. Even without a CPZ there could well be yellow lines reducing available kerbside parking. However, some locals believe that residents and rat run drivers are familiar with these junctions, and accidents are rare, so it is important to hear Barnet’s findings and bring your views on priorities.

This is your opportunity to comment on an issue affecting all of us, with the prospect of more signage, street markings and frustration.

Discussion Options : – if you wish, you can email comments to the RA vice chairman (who is co-ordinating them)  jonathan.seres@hotmail.co.uk

1.            “Zero option”– (a) no new CPZs, and (b) optionally, request to remove existing.

2.            “Barnet’s consultation”: CPZ in the four streets named in Barnet’s questionnaire plus Hill Close:

               Hampstead Way, Willifield Way, Asmuns Hill, Temple Fortune Hill, Hill Close.

2A           As 2 but contemplating that other streets might subsequently request 3. This discussion idea was requested by Hampstead Way group on 29 November, as it would not delay their proposal.

3.            “Barnet’s consultation plus”: As 2 above but slightly wider to discourage commuters from parking just outside the new zone unless strong walkers, say to include Heathgate & Meadway to Heathgate, or some variation/addition to this (Central Square environs ?). This is not a Barnet idea - the label just means that it is wider than Barnet's area of questionnaire.

4.            “Virtually the whole Suburb”: the whole Suburb, for just one hour a day, Monday to Friday (excluding the few private roads), possibly excluding Winnington & Bishops to keep down cost of wardens, and possibly excluding Litchfield, part of Meadway to Cotman & Cotman itself if consultation shows that preference. Permits only for adjacent streets (possibly part streets where long eg Brim Hill, Hampstead Way), to prevent parking by the station, with option (at a price) for slower walkers not fully disabled, on carefully worded medical certificate, albeit the H2 bus serves a wide area.

5.            de-adoption of the Suburb's roads so that the residents themselves might operate a parking scheme whose revenues could be retained for use within the Suburb.

Initial selection of pros/cons (these may alter before the meeting, particularly after receipt of the consultants’ advice – nb: this will be outline advice only, as no survey of traffic or parking is available):



Pros (just some) - but often knock-on effect 

Cons – just some 


Zero option 

(a)          CPZ permits have cost creep. In 2008, it is said, a one-hour visitor cost £1 (same as a full day) , now £2.20 for a half day (which covers the one hour of Option 2 below), £4.17 for a full day.

(b)          don’t guarantee a space (more are sold than room),

(c)           subsidise road repairs

(d)          add to pavement signage                    

[To check Barnet’s costs policy, & East Finchley High Court case]

Shopkeepers (& others eg commuters, holiday departures, builders) park in the Suburb by Temple Fortune where there is currently no CPZ.

NB: Each shopkeeper can buy 3 permits for Temple Fortune Lane – this may be Barnet’s plan for the new CPZ



CPZs don’t solve parking, just move it to next area, so more residents have parking problems now than in 2004




CPZs reduce the number of parking spaces as passing ‘bays’ are created




Residents near stations mostly moved there (it is said) before the CPZ and with knowledge, & at lower house prices.

Removal of CPZs would release ample parking. It is rationing that creates the shortage.     

(a)          n/a to proposed Option 2

(b)          CPZs outside Suburb have moved parkers to Suburb (commuters, repairers, Temple Fortune shopkeepers collected after they park)

(c)           Car ownership has increased



No right, it is said, to park by one's own frontage.
















Consultation streets + Hill Close

(Asmuns Hill, Hampstead Way, Willifield Way, Hill Close)










as 2 but contemplating that other streets might subsequently request 3

Wanted by those residents who very often can’t park near their house 

Hampstead Way made strong petition for CPZ (one hour per weekday), and note that shopkeepers park at the beginning of each day, so parents returning have no space. Commuters and even holidaymakers are multiple parkers.

Would free up space for shoppers (outside the restricted hour) as Temple Fortune Lane has successfully done.

Barnet say: without CPZ there’d probably anyway be yellow lines to create passing spaces ie fewer parking spaces either way, & Garden Suburb school needs drop-off safety      


Would not delay 2. Requested as discussion idea by Hampstead Way group on 29 November     

(a)          Not universally wanted 

(b)          Bad for adjacent areas 

(c)           Fewer parking spaces 

(d)          Doesn’t stop Temple Fortune shoppers during the rest of the day (may not be a problem in current CPZs  in Temple Fortune Lane, but seems to be in Asmuns Place)








“Consultation plus” 

As 2 above but slightly wider to discourage commuters from parking, say to include Heathgate & Meadway to Heathgate, or some variation/addition to this (Central Square environs ?).

Might stop commuters who don't want the longer walk

Could protect Heathgate etc, albeit at cost of parking permits


(a)          The increased walking distance beyond the Option 3 area won’t stop repairers from Golders Green garages who leave cars for weeks, nor some shopkeepers who are collected after parking their cars.

(b)          Bad for Southway & Bigwood Road, possibly bad for Erskine Hill.



Whole Suburb

(perhaps excluding some very central streets, far from both stations, at their request) 

Solves 3 (a) & 3 (b)


Future-proof re ex-pats who leave vehicles for 3 months               


Adds control (& permit cost if no off-street parking) in central areas where not needed, to detriment of those residents (but maybe future benefit) 

Unnecessary nuisance of visitors’ permits for carers or staying guests, if no off-street parking                                               

May suffer cost creep (Trojan horse of future Barnet charges' policy) or even extended hours without consultation 

Solves little unless Barnet, in discussion, limit permits to adjacent streets eg a Thornton Way resident permit wouldn't apply to Rotherwick Road


Non-Barnet control 

de-adoption of the Suburb's roads so that the residents themselves might operate a parking scheme whose revenues could be retained for use within the Suburb



 Different “Constituencies” of residents ie different "interests":

1.            Existing CPZ residents as a whole

2.            Proposed new CPZ residents (with/without cars, with/without off-street parking)

3.            Residents near existing CPZs (with/without cars, with/without off-street parking)

4.            Residents near proposed CPZ (see above Option 2)

5.            Residents near proposed CPZ plus (see above Option 3)

6.            Residents in central Suburb (see above Option 4)

7.            Existing CPZ residents who want extended hours (some in Asmuns Place where shoppers park – not the detail for 4th December, but to keep in mind – it raises the counter-point of shoppers who live in the Suburb, and Temple Fortune shopkeepers – where does the balance lie ? Recognising the limitation of time on 4th December, discussion will assume that Options 2-4 are for one-hour restricted parking)

October 2012
23 Oct 8pm re Annemount planning application (at Synagogue)


Information Meeting – Tuesday 23rd October 2012

at  8pm at HGS Synagogue, 2 Norrice Lea 

Barnet are consulting on Annemount’s proposals which go before their planning committee on 12 November.  Extract Planning application is at the foot here. 

You may be for or against, so the purpose of the meeting is to provide information. It is organised by the HGS Residents Association (RA). 

The current plans are available on the Barnet website (ref F03185/12) but will also be at the meeting. In addition, Barnet expect to receive modified plans, with a slightly smaller footprint, by the 19th, or 22nd at latest, in which case they will also be shown at the meeting. 

The school asked the RA to place its information on the local chatline (HGS Lists) which was done on 3rd October. Although the plans are being modified, the information and reasoning then given remains apt, and copies will be at the meeting. The school and its advisers have been invited, but at present its half-term schedule and involvement in plans precludes attendance. The key statements in the school's note of 3rd October were: 

  • We do not expect to increase pupil numbers
  • To offer more space for the excellent curriculum and extra-curricular activities [the school has a large number of music pupils, and currently busses to Hendon for sports, expecting to reduce this if facilities extended on site – ed RA] 

The meeting is being notified by flyer to local residents, and also to any interested Suburb resident via HGS Lists. It will be on Tuesday (23rd) 8pm at HGS Synagogue, 2 Norrice Lea (in Landy Gallery on 2nd floor – there is a small lift). 

Currently the Barnet website shows consultation to be closed, but that was before it was put back to planning committee. Submissions up to 12th November will be on an addendum for the committee, but the realistic deadline should be regarded as 5th November. 

EXTRACT PLANNING APPLICATION: Demolition of existing single storey extensions on the side (West) and rear (North) elevations following the construction of a single storey extension on the side (West) elevation and a two storey extension on the rear (North) elevation; The creation of a new basement extension and internal reconfigurations across all floors; Provision of two conservation style rooflights to the existing and extended pitched roof; Refuse storage and bicycle storage space with associated landscaping.

July 2012
11 Oct 8pm Ind Enq way fwd – Dr Harris present –FellowshipHo

Thursday 11th October, 8pm, Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way NW11 6YD 

Part 3 of the Report on the RA’s role in the approval process for the new Henrietta Barnett School buildings identifies possible organisational changes (& notes others that have been implemented). 

This is your opportunity to comment on how the RA might alter its procedures ”to achieve a good provision of information and action for Suburb residents in respect of major issues in the future(extract terms of reference). Dr Harris will be present, and able to answer factual questions on Part 3. 

New information, September: The RA Council considered a draft internal response at its 4th September meeting, and the resulting updated "Proposals" are on the link below (the 2nd link). The Open Meeting discussion of 11 October will then be taken into account at the November Council meeting. 

The full Harris report can be downloaded free from the home page (top left box), or purchased in the Library. 

Another in the RA's series of Open Meetings to hear your views and to help represent you to Barnet and the Trust.

Analysis of recommendations - but see "Proposals" via the link below

Proposals for discussion at the 11th October meeting (paper copies will be available at the Open Meeting)

February 2012
14 Feb 8pm MIKE FREER MP - Fellowship Ho

Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way NW11 6YD

Have your say at the Residents Association's next Open Forum. 

MIKE FREER MP – former leader of Barnet Council - now the MP representing you to Barnet ! 

Questions/Answers after Mike’s opening. 

Another in the RA's series of Open Meetings to hear your views and to help represent you to Barnet and the Trust.

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