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Suburb Clubs, Societies

      and Organisations

                                            HGO, North London’s leading opera company, is
      ALYTH CHORAL SOCIETY (ACS)            dedicated to advancing young and talented singers by
      The ACS tackles music old and new, from Bernstein to   staging live opera, with orchestra, at reasonable prices.
      Haydn and Brahms and specially commissioned works.    Further details of 2020 programme on their website.
      • Mrs Judy Obrart                     • David Conway (Chair, HGO)
        T 8455 1732                           E
        E        W
        W              FB
      BRIDGE CLUB                           HGS Art
      The Suburb Bridge Club aims to provide a reasonable   This is an active group of Suburb artists producing art
      standard of duplicate bridge in a very friendly   on the Suburb and surrounding areas. It runs an
      atmosphere. It meets at Fellowship House on Wednesday   annual art fair in the spring. It has 40 members.
      evenings at 7pm. If you would like to play, please book   Membership £25 a year.
      in with Sandra as some evenings are members only.   • Diana Brahams (Chair)
      • Sandra Perry                        • Mary Davis (Membership Secretary)
        T 07780 518 973                     • Jeremy Clynes (Treasurer)
        E                  T 8455 4271
      FELLOWSHIP HOUSE CLUB                   E
      This club for the over 60s living in the Suburb provides   HGS ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY
      social activities for members on weekdays and some   The club hopes to create an interest for beginners, the
      Saturdays. Subscription £20 per annum. Meetings at   intrigued, and absolutely anybody who is interested in
      Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way NW11 6YD    astronomy. Monthly newsletter, talks and observing
      • Keith Ellis (Chair)                 sessions. Meetings in Oriel Room, Free Church Hall
        T 8455 4372                         last Wednesday of the month, term time at 7.30pm
      • Jill Purdie (Newsletter Editor and Secretary)   • Andrew Glendinning
        T 8458 5042                           T 07751 305 056
      • Andrew Botterill (Treasurer)          W
        T 8458 6352
                                            HGS HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY
      • Margaret Lancaster (Membership Secretary)   Summer and autumn flower shows, open gardens,
        T 8455 8140                         plant sales, outings, talks, quiz,  buddy scheme, free
      FRIENDS OF BIG WOOD                   children’s activities, members’ handbook, quarterly
      A volunteer and membership group working with   newsletter, discounts at some local nurseries. New
      Barnet Council to help protect Big Wood.   members welcome (£7 single; £10 family).
        E       • Chris Page (Chair)
        W                T 8455 2785
      GARDEN SUBURB THEATRE                 • Gladys McLeod (Secretary)
      This amateur theatre has been producing drama on the     T 8455 2656
      Suburb for over a century. It puts on at least five shows   • Jeremy Clynes (Treasurer)
      a year, including one out-of-doors in Little Wood, often     T 8455 4271
      Shakespeare. It also performs plays at Upstairs at the   • David Broome (Membership Secretary)
      Gatehouse (in Highgate), King Alfred School Phoenix     T 8444 2329
      Theatre, Little Oak Wood and at The Bull (High Barnet).   • Marjorie Harris (Press & Publicity Office)
      • Enquiries                             T 8455 6507
        T 3582 1333                         • Augusta Wolff (Newsletter Editor)
      • Box Office                            T 07825 757 287
        T 7723 6609                           E
        W          W

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