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                 YOUR COMMUNITY!

             The Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Association is one of the longest
          established organisations of its kind in the UK and has around 1,800 households
           in membership. Our volunteers give their time to represent the interests of the
                                    local community.
           Benefits exclusive to RA members are available through our website and include:
                       HGS MASTER TRADESPEOPLE LIST (MTL)
                          with over 1,000 locally recommended services.
                                HGS EMAIL ‘CHAT LIST’
          An email group used to exchange information and views and to alert residents to local issues,
                                 including on security matters.
         Thanks go to Mary Whiting who updates the MTL and to Steve Morris for his technical wizardry.
         Your membership subscription helps fund the annual Summer Fair and New Year’s Eve Fireworks,
         as well as this annual Directory of local information and the quarterly Suburb News delivered to
        all addresses on the Suburb.  It enables us to support some local projects and facilities, plant trees
          and to liaise with the relevant authorities on conservation, our wonderful green spaces and on
                                    other topical issues.

                 JOIN THE RA AND SUPPORT US NOW!

         Please go to (or use your smart phone to scan the QR code below) and join us now!
                     The minimum subscription is £15 per annum per household.
         The security of your personal information is important to us; we take all steps possible to keep it
         secure. Our data protection policy is available on our website or by email from



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