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                                            • 15 Market Place NW11 6LB (located in Hill Rise)
      HGS ARCHIVES TRUST collects periodicals, press     T 8458 3301
      cuttings, photos, books, digital media and other records     W
      and artefacts relating to the Suburb and individuals   HOME AND MOBILE LIBRARY SERVICE This is a
      connected to it. Our Archives can be consulted by   free library service to the homes of housebound
      arrangement with the Archives Trustees. If you wish to   residents who, because of age or disability, are unable
      donate any items of the kind listed, please contact us.  to visit their local library or get to the mobile library.
      • Chris Rafferty                      • Enquiries
        T 8455 2877                           T 8359 3901
        W                MOBILE SERVICE calls at The Orchard, Hampstead
                                            Way NW11, Wednesdays 10am-12.30pm.
      • Micky Watkins                       • Enquiries
        T 8455 8813                           T 8359 3901
        E            Both Mobile and Home Library services offer large
      Many of the Suburb records have been deposited in   print and spoken word texts.
      the London Metropolitan Archives.
      • Enquiries                            LOCAL CHARITIES
        T 7332 3820
        metropolitan-archives                 T 8341 3196
      HGS HERITAGE is a charity dedicated to preserving     W
      the past of the Suburb through the HGS Virtual   BARNET EDUCATION ARTS TRUST
      Museum, which was set up in 2017. Currently 26     T 8959 4111
      local organisations – most of the churches, synagogues,
      schools, clubs, societies and organisations listed in this   CHILDLINE
                                              T 0800 1111
      booklet – are represented on the Museum website,
      which can be accessed at     W
      The beauty of a Virtual Museum is that It has no walls   HGS FELLOWSHIP provides social activities for
      and can accommodate endless material. New   residents over 60 at its club house in Willifield Way
      collections are being introduced all the time. The HGS   and is concerned with the welfare of all on the Suburb
      Virtual Museum seeks to preserve any unique   who are sick, disabled or in need.
      memorabilia or artefacts relating to Suburb people,     W
      activities and history that Suburb families may still   See also Fellowship House Club on page 16 and Halls for
      have at home, by scanning and digitising them   Hire on page 20.
      without families losing ownership. There are extensive   HGS TRUST GRANTS & AMENITIES COMMITTEE
      archive records and much more information which   See for details.
      could go into the Museum and we are always looking
      for computer-literate volunteers to help with this.   HOMELESS ACTION IN BARNET
      Please contact me if you are willing to be involved or   • 36b Woodhouse Road N12 0RG
      have anything you think should be included in the     T 8446 8400
      museum collections. Above all, please check out the     W
      website. It’s your history.           RESOURCES FOR AUTISM
      • Marjorie Harris                     • 858 Finchley Road NW11 6AB
        T 8455 6507                           T 8458 3259
        E             W
                                            RSPCA (East Finchley)
                                            TOYNBEE HALL created by Henrietta and Samuel
      For all Barnet libraries check opening hours and   Barnett to help alleviate poverty.
      self-service times.                     T 7392 2953
        W             W

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