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P. 1                                                                                          Issue 132 · Autum 2017

                                          Who left a message                                                                    A tribute to the man
                                      in a bottle for Suburb                                                                    who launched this
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                                  Central Square flower beds get a makeover

                                 flower beds on July 7, when   well as many of those living
                                 many of those involved in the   around the Square.
                                 organisation of the work and   Stephen Crisp’s design was
                                 residents met in the Square for   drawn from Sir Edwin Lutyens
                                 a launch ceremony.         original plans and contemporary
                                    It  was  a  fine  day  for  an   photographs. The result is neat
                                 outdoor gathering and we heard   flower beds in each of the four
                                 from Richard Townley, Chair of   corners of the Square with a
                                 the Central Square Residents   central grassy avenue between
                                 Association,  Stephen  Crisp  of   the two churches.
                                 SPC  Design,  who  planned the   There was an explanation
                                 work, and the Mayor of Barnet,  for why it had been necessary
                                 Brian Salinger.            to dig in 85 tons of soil and
                                    We  heard  that  with  the   mulch to raise the beds. It was a
                                 financial support of the London   more attractive solution than
                                 Borough of Barnet, The HGS Trust,  providing drainage, given the high
                                 the HGS Residents Association   water table. After the digging in,
                                 and various individuals over   the beds were planted over eight
                                 £40,000 was raised to allow the   weeks with nearly 9,000 plants.
      Barnet Mayor, Brian Salinger & our MP,   work to take place. The Trust also   The ceremony ended with a
      Mike Freer with Dame Henrietta’s spade.
                                 agreed to take over maintenance   spot of spade wielding by our MP,   The initial meetings of this   with different local actors, come   thanks to all involved for their
      If you have wandered up to   for at least three years, as Barnet   helped by the Mayor and using   project took place in 2012, which   to fruition, and the degree of   work in Central Square for the
      Central Square recently, you   was not willing to take on the   Dame Henrietta Barnett’s spade,  is a reminder of how long it can   commitment required by those   benefit of our Suburb community.
      will have noticed there has   commitment.             which had been specially taken   take to see an initiative like this,  who take on the job. We owe   TERRY BROOKS
      been a change in the flower   Richard Townley thanked   from its vault for the occasion.
      beds; and if you are someone   the many people involved,   With the official part of the
      who regularly walks through it,   including our councillor John   proceedings over, everyone could   Pedestrian safety on the Suburb
      you will have been able to   Marshall and MP Mike Freer;   then make for The Free Church,
      watch as the transformation   Tony Gilchik of the RA Trees   where some superb refreshments
      took place over many months.  and Open Spaces committee;   were waiting; including some
         There was a chance to   Richard Wiseman, Nick Packard   delicious sandwiches, sublime cake                                                                  PETER McCLUSKIE
      celebrate the restoration of the   and Ruth Bull of the Trust; as   and simply gorgeous meringues.

                                                                                      The Residents Association is well   John Marshall and Rohit Grover   Market  Place  traffic  lights,
                                                                                      aware that the safety of our roads   along with Lisa Wright from   particularly the timing. Many
                                                                                      and pavements is of great concern   the Highway Services at Barnet   people asked for more vehicle
                                                                                      for residents. They have responded   Council also attended.  activated signs and judiciously
                                                                                      by engaging with Barnet Council   Although the church was not   placed  speed  cameras  to  solve
                                                                                      and Transport for London over   crowded the meeting was lively   the problems.
                                                                                      a range of subjects.       with most of those present   There were some complaints
                                                                                         As part of the RA’s response   wanting to make a contribution   about double yellow lines on
                                                                                      to this its Roads and Traffic   with an observation or a narrative   corners, which encourage drivers
      At the Summer Fair many will remember the delicious cakes made and donated by many local residents. These raised the large sum   Committee organised an open   of an incident and, of course,  to go faster as the road is clear
      of £176.50 on the day, which it was decided would be presented to St Jude’s church for their restoration fund. Additional expenses   meeting on Pedestrian Safety   suggesting remedies for problems.  of parked cars. People wondered
      arose over the work on the steeple, when it was found repointing the brickwork was urgently needed before the next stage could be
      done and hopefully this will help to preserve our famous landmark.              on July 6 for residents to attend   There were many comments   why nothing could be done about
                                                                                      and voice their concerns.   on the situation on the Market   pavement cyclists with Terry Rand
                                                                                         The RA Chairman, David   Place and Falloden Way, where   saying he had been knocked
                               WE DELIVER                                             Lewis, took the meeting, with   there have been deaths this   down again outside his house.
                                                                                                                                              There was a general feeling
                                                                                                                 year. Speeding of both cars and
                                                                                      Gary Shaw, Chairman of Roads
                                                                                      and Traffic, and Ian Tutton on   motorbikes was of great concern,  that in many areas enforcement
          For almost 40 years now we have been serving the needs of the Suburb and we have enjoyed   the platform (above). Councillors   as were various aspects of the   (continued on page 3)
           every moment of it. Our service extends from Cottages to Castles and there is no property
                           which is too small or too large for us to handle.
                                                                                                           An urgent appeal
          We are delighted to introduce you to the Glentree New Homes office, where we are able to offer the largest
          selection of new developments in North West London, either as a home or as a buy-to-let investment.
                                                                                      Do you go to see the New Year   touch by e-mailing raevents@  including Honorary Secretary,
          At Glentree Rentals, our bespoke letting service, we are bristling with a wide selection of fine homes to rent in   in and enjoy the fireworks in   notice board co-ordinator, Suburb
          all price ranges and why not enquire about our specialist Suburb Sales division which deals exclusively with   Central Square in the company   The RA do also have other   Directory editor, and advertising
          properties such as yours and has a house-by-house understanding of this very special area.  of many other Suburb dwellers?   openings for volunteers, which   manager. You can find out more
          We believe we can make a substantial difference to you by selling your cherished home for the highest possible   The Residents Association is   might interest some readers,  at
          price when the time is right ... and not before, of course.                 pleased to have organised this
                                                                                      event almost every year since
          Our well known International connections allow us the unique facility of attracting buyers/tenants not only from   the millennium but we have a   New Year’s Eve
                                                                                                                                  New Year’s Eve
          the locality, or within the UK, but also from virtually every corner of the globe.  A wider globalised audience means   problem this year if we want
          usually better terms for you.
                                                                                      the celebration to go ahead. We   Fireworks Party
          We are the longest serving agents in the area, under the same Management for over 40 years and if you want   desperately need some more   Fireworks Party
          to know what’s going on in the market or check the value of your home, please feel free to pop in and you are   volunteers to help on the night;
          welcome to use our private clients’ car park (at the rear of our offices).  without enough of us to do all
                                                                                      the work involved, it becomes
                       No obligation, no fuss, just good old fashioned service.       an impossible task. We need a   FREE DRINKS
                                                                                                                   FREE DRINKS
                                                                                      basic minimum of people to
                                                                                                                    Residents are warmly invited to the Residents Association
                                                                                      share the load.               Residents are warmly invited to the Residents Association
                                                                                                                     party in St. Jude’s from 10:45pm, followed by a fireworks
                                                                                         Please consider if you are   party in St. Jude’s from 10:45pm, followed by a fireworks
                                                                                                                         extravaganza on Central Square at midnight.
                                                                                      able to help us and play a part    extravaganza on Central Square at midnight.
                                            020 8458 7311                             in ensuring this much-loved        There will be a collection to help with the cost of fireworks
                                                            event can take place this year. If   There will be a collection to help with the cost of fireworks
                                                                                      you feel you can make this vital   Organised by the Events Committee of the Residents Association.
                                                                                                                          Organised by the Events Committee of the Residents Association.
                                                                                                                               With thanks to St. Jude’s for hosting the event.
                                                                                      contribution, please get in             With thanks to St. Jude’s for hosting the event.
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