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Joan Sylvia Beales 1920-2017

      Joan  Waites  was  born  in   Kate and Peter Thurtle, who   Families. This work was based   workers trained in all areas of   with daily swims at their local   Residents’ Association. She also
      Cambridge into a family that   were to become regular holiday   in Camberwell. Here she had   the  discipline.  It  was  a  close-  pool, and started to travel. They   continued to thrive on the
      was well established in that city.  companions; Edith and Morrie   interesting colleagues in Joan   knit department and Joan   went on a few long-haul trips and   cultural life in London and
      Her father ran a tailoring business   Finer; Gordon Brunton, later Sir   Court and Eve Road.   worked closely with Colin   also  took  to  renting  attractive   went often to the theatre and
      and her grandfather was a   Gordon, who went on to run   Joan Court was openly   Gibson, Gavin Drewry, Louis   Italian villas where family and   cinema. She saw a lot of old
      former mayor of Cambridge. It   Thomson Newspapers when they   lesbian at a time when this was   Blom Cooper and Ivor Burton   friends could join them.   friends like Frances Jeffries,
      was a comfortable upbringing,  owned the Times: Vladimir Raitz,  less accepted, and she had spent   among others. At the heart of   Politically, times had changed,  John White, Elizabeth Monkhouse
      and Joan spent a fair bit of time   who founded Horizon holidays   time working with hillbillies in   the department was Mac’s   and after much soul-searching   and  Leonie  Stevens,  and
      living with her grandparents.  and pretty much invented the   the Appalachians. She also   formidable secretary – a tough   they  joined  the  SDP when it   regularly visited her siblings
      She had two younger siblings,  package  holiday;  Pat  and  cemented  her  place  in  the   chainsmoker called Madge.   was launched and subsequently   Gordon and Diana.
      Gordon and Diana.          Frances Jeffries; John and   Beales family’s affections by   Things changed for both   the Liberal Democrats, for whom   She continued to travel, for
         She went to the Perse School   Dorothy White; the Gregories,  buying the tickets that enabled   Joan and Mick in the early   Joan hosted summer parties at   example with Diana  to Gran
      in Cambridge and did well in   and Lutz and Pam Haber.   Caroline, Peter and the two   1980s. Mick lost his job at   Bigwood Road.    Canaria amongst other places,
      her exams. But by the time she   They also made many friends   Joans to see the Beatles at the   Laings and soon after that it   Mick died in 1994 and from   and with Mary to Jordan. In her
      had finished her schooling, her   through  the  Labour  Party,  the   Finsbury Park Astoria.  was announced that Bedford   this point, although she kept   later  years  she  moved  to
      feisty independent spirit had   Fabian Society in particular, at a   Joan’s next career move was   College would move out of   busy, Joan’s life was never as   Worthing  and  then  Brighton.
      become evident, and when asked   time when the Fabians were a   to go to Bedford College where   London. They both decided the   happy or rewarding. She played   Peter  and Jeremy  were able to
      whether she wanted to go to   hugely influential source of   she ran the Social Work unit   time had come to retire. Peter   an active part in the life of   be with her throughout her final
      Oxford or Cambridge she said   progressive thinking. It was an   within Mac McGregor’s Sociology   and Jeremy were grown up and   Hampstead Garden Suburb –  days and her death was peaceful
      she would prefer to go to the   intellectual hothouse,  within   Department. She prided herself   starting their own families. Mick   becoming a school governor   after a very full 97 years.
      London School of Economics.  which Joan flourished.   on creating rounded social   and  Joan  kept  themselves  fit   and an active member of the   RUPERT MORRIS
      This  seems to  have been     The Beales family remained
      prompted less by her choice of   close when Joan and Mick   JOAN: A MEMORY      (something to do with an apple   seemed to be a bit of plant   been moved out, the fitted carpet
      subject matter than her desire   settled on the Suburb in Bigwood   Joan was a dear friend and I   tree and a garage). My family   poking  out  from  behind  the   rolled back as far as possible
      to leave what she considered to   Road. Enid, Taffy’s sister, moved   missed her dreadfully when she   stories didn’t get so much of a   books. I looked closer. Joan   and most of the floorboards
      be provincial life and experience   in nearby with her husband   moved out of the Suburb. Quite   look in, but she was great fun to   came back and I pointed out   removed. There were fuchsia
      the challenge and excitement   Eric, followed by Lance and   often we used to share a bottle   talk to and we laughed a lot.  the curiosity. We moved a few   shoots growing underneath the
      of the big city.           Taffy – whereupon Bigwood   of wine, some little cheesy   And  then  there  was  the   books… we moved some more.  entire room and making for the
         Ironically, no sooner had she   Road absorbed many of Lance’s   biscuits, and all sorts of stories.   incident with the fuchsia. Joan’s   Apparently a whole plant was   dining room beyond.
      won a place at LSE than she found   books. Other frequent visitors   How Joan learned to drive in a   house  in Bigwood Road had a   growing up inside the bay.   Fuchsias are very soft plants,
      herself back in Cambridge as   were Mick’s siblings Philip and   hearse (she never explained   big bay window in the sitting   Once I’d looked, it was obvious   easily broken, and you would
      the LSE was evacuated there to   Mary, as well as Joan’s sister   why), the scandalous tale of her   room with fitted bookshelves   from where I had been sitting   never imagine one plant could
      avoid the German bombs that   Diana and their growing families.  father-in-law and the bottle of   under the window, and outside   but Joan would never have seen   cause so much damage. Joan
      were falling on London. This   Old photographs capture   drink in the sideboard (if only I   a large fuchsia. One evening   the plant from her usual chair.  stood in the doorway surveying
      was where she met Mick Beales,  many gatherings of family and   could remember the whole story),   Joan went out to the kitchen for   I was invited back the next   the scene of devastation. “It’s
      a fellow-student at the LSE, at a   friends with adults, children   and all the details of her long   more wine and I looked idly at   week after her builder had been   all your fault,” she said crossly.
      dance, probably at the beginning   and dogs enjoying themselves.  running feud with the Trust   the shelves. Strangely there   called in. Armchairs and sofa had   GEORGINA MALCOLM
      of 1940.                   The adults would usually drink
         It was by pure chance that   wine, and occasionally there
      they found themselves dancing   was dancing. Joan loved to   Mary Caroline Tyler (née Southcombe)  1921-2016
      opposite each other. Their eyes   dance and she often told the
      met, they fell in step, and an   story of how their beloved                                                ambitions  local.  Pat served  on   virus  (especially  influenza)  in
      enduring love affair had begun.  Labrador Max would get jealous                                            both Hendon and Barnet Councils,  utero was a causative factor. Her
      In November of that year, Joan   if she danced with any man                                                and on the HGS Trust, while   friend Dr Josephine Bruegel of
      had a terrifying wait for Mick’s   other than Mick.                                                        Mary narrowly failed to be   Temple Fortune Lane helped
      return to Cambridge from      In 1952 Peter was born,                                                      elected to represent the Childs   her  in  this  significant  and
      Coventry, which was the subject   followed by Jeremy in 1956.                                              Hill ward. Mary spent years   complex work, which pre-dated
      of one of the most devastating   Joan and Mick were common-                                                fighting the communists in the   the availability of statistical
      bombing raids of the war.   sense parents, who cared about                                                 London Co-operative Society. She   packages for home computers.
         They got married in 1941, a   their  children’s  academic                                               was also the lone demonstrator   This research was published.
      wonderfully happy marriage that   achievements, but left them to                                           outside the Russian Embassy   Mary and Pat spent many
      lasted for more than 50 years,  sort a lot of other things out for                                         when their tanks rolled into   years of retirement enjoying
      until Mick’s death in 1994. Joan   themselves. Certainly, Joan was                                         Budapest in 1956 while huge   time in the Suburb, and in the
      got on exceptionally well with   never going to abandon her own                                            crowds were in Trafalgar Square   Dordogne with many Suburb
      Mick’s parents, Lance and Taffy,  excellent career in psychiatric                                          protesting  against Suez. Pat   friends.  After  the  loss  of  her
      and they lived together when   social work.                                                                made his career in the Law.  husband  and  all  her  close
      she and Mick moved back to    It had begun during the war                                                     Mary campaigned for a 1972   Suburb friends, especially John
      Finchley just after the war, to   when Mick was an engineer in                                             Labour Party Conference resolution   White, Dorothy White OBE and
      Bibsworth House, the family home.  Coventry and she, at only 21,                                           on Home Responsibility Payments   Barbara Taylor, Mary returned to
      Lance Beales was an influential   became head of welfare in a                                              for mothers (with much valued   the Dorset and Somerset border.
      social  historian,  and Taffy a   Hawker  Siddeley  factory,                                               help from Frank Field in his   She downsized to near her
      thoroughly progressive woman.  helping the women especially                                                Child  Poverty  Action  Group   youngest daughter (the award
      Mick’s elder brother Philip was   to adjust to the big changes in                                          days) – this evolved into the Tax   winning jeweller Liz Tyler) and
      to become a leading surgeon,  their lives.                                                                 Credit system.             her Milborne Port birthplace.
      specialising  in  the  treatment   She built on this experience                                               For many years Mary worked   She lived to meet her first
      of deafness.               when she began working in Barnet                                                with the National Schizophrenia   great grand-daughter and great
         Joan and Mick had a very   and the major new estate of                                                  Fellowship, creating and success-  grandson as well as nine
      LSE-based social group – many   Borehamwood as a psychiatric   Mary was born into a family of   decades she would only talk of   fully analysing a questionnaire   grandchildren. She died at 95 in
      of whom moved to Hampstead   social  worker,  with  Peter  Somerset glovers. Sadly, aged 10,   her boring wartime “office work”.   of nearly 100 families who had   her own home with her family,
                                                            she lost her father. Largely
                                                                                         Later we discovered that
      Garden  Suburb  in  the  1950s.  Gregory, under Dr Mannheim.   raised by servants, she became a   Diana Clark and John Lloyd had   experience  of  the  disease.  She   still in active contact with her
      Among these friends were Mac   When Dr Mannheim stepped   committed socialist in her   also worked there and would make   found statistically significant   friends at the Golders Green
      and Nell McGregor (he was one   down, she decided to move on                                               evidence that there were (at   Unitarians, less than a month after
      of the foremost social scientists   and  became  a research worker   teenage  years,  much  to  the   second marriages in the Suburb   least) two distinctively different   celebrating her birthday with
                                                            horror of the remaining members
                                                                                      together. At the end of the war
      of his day, later Lord McGregor,  with  Donald  West.  He  was   of her family. A chaperoned   she returned to Cambridge where   groups of patients.  over 30 members of the family.
      Chairman of the Press Complaints   doing research on Juvenile   visit to Paris on leaving school   she met Pat (FL Tyler) whilst   There was highly suggestive   CAROLINE, LIZ,
      Commission among other things);   Delinquency and Criminality in                                           evidence that exposure to a         ROSALIND & BERNARD
                                                            resulted in a romantic attachment   secretary of the International
                                                            to an Hungarian diplomat   Students Association: he was
                                                            which meant that she  nearly   Secretary of the Cambridge                       BRILL   OWEN
                                                                                                                                            CHARTERED ARCHITECTS
                                                            became trapped in France at the   University Labour Club.                      We are able to offer a complete
                     G Cohen                                outbreak of hostilities.   study  International Socialist Students’           completion helping you to create
                                                                                         Pat followed her to an
                                                                                                                                             service from conception to
                     ANTIQUE SILVER                         Philosophy at the University of   Conference in Czechoslovakia                 a unique home that fulfils your
                                                            London in the autumn of 1939
                                                                                      in 1947 – after she had returned
                                                            with the pioneering professor   from  a  disappointing  trip  to
                                                            Susan Stebbing (author of   Hungary where there was no                          Contact us for a free no obligation
                                                                                                                                                  consultation on
                                                            Thinking  to  some  Purpose).   food. They lived at 2 Corringway                    0
                                                                                                                                                0208 349 0037208 349 0037
            We wish to purchase items of silver in any      Bedford College was evacuated   from 1948 to 2010, although Pat                        Or email at
                                                            to  Cambridge  where  she  died in 2008, and paid just £4,000
             condition. As a long standing resident of the   experienced the humiliation of   for their six-bedroom house.        
                                                                                                                                               View our recent work at
             Suburb, Gideon Cohen is happy to view          Wittgenstein refusing to lecture   Pat  and  Mary  enjoyed  a           
                                                            female students.          wonderfully happy marriage and
             your silverware at home and will make an           On graduating she was   spent over 60 years as the main-
             offer to purchase, free of any obligation.     recruited directly into Bletchley   stay of the Hendon South and   We are Chartered
                                                            Park with many other future   Hampstead Garden Suburb Branch   Architects based in
                                                            Suburb residents including her   Labour Party. Pat had been a   North London
                    17 The London Silver Vaults             good friend Rhona Wood    scholarship boy at St Albans   specialising in
             53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QT           (Obituary, Suburb News 128).   School and Cambridge and he   refurbishments,
                          020 7404 1425                     She described how she was told   was keen to make a career in   extensions and
                                                                                                                  new build houses
                            (with a pistol on the desk in   Politics; he stood for Labour at   new build houses
                                                                                                                   and flats within
                                  front of her), that any mention   Knutsford in the 1945 election.   conservation areas
                                                            of  the  code-breaking  could  be   The arrival of four children   and to listed
                                                            deemed to be too important for   in the next 10 years – all home   buildings.
                                                            the courts to be involved, so for   births – kept their political
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