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                                                                                                                      The Market Place

                                                                                                                 and footwear with a small range of   nuts as well as kosher chocolates
                                                                                                                 gifts and chocolates throughout   and sweets; this year they are
                                                                                                                 the year; taking into consideration   offering a limited supply of
                                                                                                                 the profile of the local customer;   plants and can arrange local
                                                                                            Frox &               offering  a personal service  to   delivery, a service that has been
                                                                                                                 many of their regulars.
                                                                                                                                            very popular.
                                                                                             Chox                assistant, is very knowledgeable   the business; that it is a
                                                                                                                    Marianna, the senior sales
                                                                                                                                              Alan reiterated the ethos of
                                                                                                                 about their regulars’ requirements.  partnership with loyal local
                                                                                      Frox & Chox is a very long
                                                                                      established retailer in Market   The brands that are stocked are   customers, who visit to purchase
                                                                                                                                            a gift or card, a dress, their knitwear
                                                                                                                 not  readily  available  in  any
              Trust Annual General Meeting                                            Place and has been there for   other northwest London stores,  or a pair of Dent gloves, and
                                                                                      over 60 years. Indeed the
                                                                                                                 and include Barbara Lebek, Yest,  also their range of chocolates.
                                                                                      original shop started trading in
                                                                                                                                              Frox & Chox is another
      The Hampstead Garden Suburb   on his retirement from council   to a letter reminding the Trust  1945 and was called ‘Lollies’,   Suzanne Beetley, Dent gloves,   example of how essential it is
                                                                                                                 Unisa, Pretty Ballerina and
      Trust held its 49th AGM on the   for his invaluable contribution   to continue act properly.  where they sold exclusively   cashmere knitwear in the Autumn.  for residents to have the ability
      evening of September 13 in   since 2009 as the Victorian   There was also questioning   lollies, chocolates and ice cream.   More recently an American brand   to shop locally; not only saving
      Henrietta Barnett School Hall.   Society representative. He is   on the familiar topic of the   A local HGS resident, Frances
      Many members arrived early to   replaced by Jacqui Barnett.  condition  of  pavements.  Anthony, remembers visiting the   of baby wear called Magnificent   time and effort but creating a
                                                                                                                                            true sense of community. Alan
                                                                                                                 Baby was introduced.
      enjoy a chat and a drink before   The report and accounts   Unfortunately in most cases   shop during the war as a child and   One aspect that is important   reaffirmed the importance of the
      the  proceedings  started.  Trust   were then received and auditors   pavement problems are the   has continued her association   for local residents is that Frox &   continued support of their local
      Chairman, Richard Wiseman,   appointed before the meeting   responsibility of Barnet council.  with the shop over the last three
      opened the meeting by welcoming   moved on to this year’s trustee   Another recurring question,  decades. It was in 1980 that the   Chox have been part of the   shoppers and that they endeavour
                                                                                                                 HGSRA Discount Scheme for
                                                                                                                                            to provide a continuing, friendly,
      everyone present, and giving an   election. David White on   from Judith Samson, was about   shop  introduced  gifts  and  in   over 10 years and offer a 10%   knowledgeable and unique service
      apology for absence from Alison   completion of his first term in   the awful condition of the twitten   1990, under new ownership,   discount on full price clothing and   in the Market Place.
      Blom-Cooper, the council member   council, was standing for a   between Willifield Way and   ladies fashion became part of the
      appointed by the Royal Town   second  term  as  allowed in the   Erskine Hill and what the Trust   business, alongside continuing   footwear to its card members.  You will find the shop at 38
                                                                                                                    During the Jewish New Year,  Market Place, NW11 6JP, and it
      Planning Institute.        constitution. He was opposed   could do about it. Unfortunately   the range of chocolates.  as well as offering fashion and   is open from Monday to Friday,
         He went  on to  explain the   by Brian Ingram, who was a   it appears not much can be   The present owner Alan
      order  of  the  meeting  before   candidate last year.  As  usual   done except write to the owners   Traub, who has had long-term   hats, they have a range of gifts,  10am to 5.30pm.
      thanking the Trust staff, the   they both had a chance to speak   about their obligations. Each side   experience in fashion retail   which include dried fruit and   DAPHNE BERKOVI
      trustees and all the volunteers   and then answer a few questions   is responsible for its half of the   with M&S and House of Fraser,
      for the work they all do to   from those present.     path under the term of their 999   became proprietor in 2006. He
      maintain and improve on the   Brian Ingram was concerned   year lease from Freshwater, and   has since introduced a more
      fabric of our Suburb.      that the Trust must be effective;   the problem is compounded by   diverse range of goods; including
         He then remarked that it had   proactive and not knee-jerk   issues to do with multi-ownership.  ladies fashion, footwear, scarves
      been a quiet year. The finances   reactive; have a plan; change its   With no more questions from   and hats. Exclusive brands are
      were good, and cases of litigation   Chairman; become professional;   members, the Chairman ended   sourced from Paris when Alan
      had been successful although, the   take care of trees and hedges; and   the meeting by thanking everyone   makes his twice-yearly visits.
      Trust preferred to negotiate and   guard against the paving over   for coming, reminding everyone   He explained to me that the
      rectify in cases of infringements.   of gardens. He also believed the   to vote and looked forward to   principle of the business is to
      He mentioned the new basement   Trust to be responsible for the   seeing us again next year.  maintain itself as a community
      guidance, which gave consistency   loss of The Institute, the new   While leaving the meeting   asset for local customers, offering
      of policy and had not yet been   HBS  buildings,  and  the  sale  of   there  were  many  comments   mid-price point ladies fashion
      challenged.                The Tea House.             about how there was less
         He also welcomed the       David White mentioned his   trouble than there had been in
      invaluable input given by the   experience with the Garden   recent years with a great deal
      Residents Association, which   Suburb Theatre, St Jude’s, as a   less argument and heckling. It
      provided robust, well thought   gardener and resident since   seemed to be an improvement
      out, and constructive criticism.  1960, all of which could be put   for some, but a disappointment
         The Chairman then mentioned   to use as a trustee. He was happy   for others.
      the  Trust  was  looking  for   to continue with the schedule of    TERRY BROOKS
      candidates to become trustees   council and committee meetings,
      over  the  next  two  years  when   and believed he could continue   THE HAMPSTEAD GARDEN SUBURB TRUST LIMITED
                                                               Election of Elected Member of the Council 2017
      there will be first one, and then   to contribute to our unique and
      two vacancies. If any resident   wonderful community.  Number of valid voting papers received:  407
      reading this is interested in   The meeting then moved
      volunteering to help by joining   on to answering any questions   Number of voting papers rejected:  4
      trust council and making a vital   residents wished to ask. David
      contribution to the well-being   Iwi was first and repeated his   Name of candidates  Number of votes cast for
      of  the  Suburb,  please  get  in   question from last year about   Brian Ingram  116
      touch with the Trust.      the audit not complying with
         The  biggest  change  of  the   the Scheme of Management over   Michael David White  291
      year was the Trust taking back   its lack of attention to efficiency.
      control  of  the  maintenance  of   The Chairman dismissed this as
      Central Square with the support   last year’s complaint, which   The candidate elected to fill the vacancy is:
      of Barnet council. The wish is   had been answered at the AGM   Michael David White
      that over time it can be   and also in Suburb News. Legal                        GAD_Suburb_News_137mm x 120mm_Layout 1  07/04/2014  17:15  Page 1
      transformed into the thriving   advice  backed  the  Trust’s
      heart of the Suburb.       position and the assertion that   Signed…………………………………………………………………………….
         The report ended with the   the Charity Commission had   Richard Weaver, haysmacintyre, 26 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4AG
      Chairman thanking Tim Leach   intervened was merely referring                        Property

             Pedestrian safety on the Suburb

                                    (continued from front page)
      was the missing link; we have   Cllr Marshall announced there   calls for a further meeting to take   Lawyers
      plenty  of rules  about  how we   was to be a meeting between   place, at a high level, where those
      drive and cycle but there are   councillors and officials, and   with senior decision-making
      not enough resources to ensure   added that what he had heard   authority at TfL are required to
      everyone obeys them.       would inform the talks, which   seriously consider what can be
         Ian Tutton thought that   took place on July 13 on Falloden   done  to  improve  pedestrian
      pedestrians were at risk crossing   Way and Market Place with Tfl   safety. Options could include a   Serving the suburb for 30 years
      the  road at  mini-roundabouts   and the RA.          longer  all-red  phase  at  the
      because drivers were not aware   As Suburb News was going   Kingsley Way/Ossulton Way/A1   You’ll want us on your side.
      of what they are supposed to do.   to press we heard that, following   junction where traffic from all
      He  gave  the  Meadway  and   the meeting and talks, one of   sides is stopped, an improved
      Hampstead Way crossing as   our councillors, Rohit  Grover,  pedestrian crossing facility, or
      an example.                has submitted a motion headed   speed cameras for this stretch of
         But  the most  complaints   “Safety of the Ossulton Way,  road generally.”
      were directed towards the state   Kingsley Way, A1 junction” to   The RA’s Roads and Traffic   For fast and competitive conveyancing,
      of the pavements. Not only the   be debated by Barnet Council   Committee is in constant dialogue   call Oliver Joseph on 020 8209 0166
      damaged or unstable ones, but   on October 31.        with Barnet, TfL and the police
      also hedges growing over them,   In part it reads as follows: “In   regarding our roads and pavements.
      cars parking on them, the   view of the fact that since 2010,  Change can be difficult to achieve
      barriers of the utility companies   11 serious collisions have taken   and  information is sometimes   746 Finchley Road, Temple Fortune, London NW11 7TH
      blocking them; all were cause   place on this stretch of the A1,  difficult to get hold of,  but   Email:
      for complaint. This is a borough-   including the death of an elderly   Suburb News will keep residents
      wide problem which will require   resident at the Ossulton Way   informed of any developments.
      quite a lot of money to fix.  junction earlier this year, Council   TERRY BROOKS
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