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The art of building                               HGS Sunday Afternoon                                        Commemorative

                  a Garden City                              Chamber Concert Series                                               benches

                                 in planning and designing new                        the Vickers Bovey Guitar Duo,
                                 garden city inspired communities.                    described by The Times as players
                                 It is not a descriptive book about                   of  “astounding exquisiteness”
                                 Garden Cities; our Suburb, for                       will be playing. The following                                                 PHOTOS: TONY BRAND
                                 instance, gets one short mention,                    Sunday the award winning Piatti
                                 with a copy of the 1911 plan and                     Quartet will be performing works
                                 one  aerial  photo  as  the  only                    by Beethoven and Ravel.
                                 illustrations from the Suburb.                          We are then welcoming back
                                    The book concludes with a                         Violinist Fenella Humphreys, who
                                 look at Building the Future and                      will be accompanied by Nicola
                                 regards the prospects for Garden                     Eimer on the piano, playing
                                 Cities as uncertain primarily                        sonatas by Schubert, Dvorak
                                 because the gap between rhetoric                     and Sibelius. After a break of
                                 and reality is widening. It believes   This annual chamber concert   one week, Gemma Rosefield
      This is a well-argued and thoughtful   Garden Cities are the product of   series is taking place once more,  will be playing Bach Cello suites
      forward-looking book about  “a philosophy for a different   starting on Sunday Oct 22 until   as well as a piece by David
      possible future Garden Cities.  kind of society: a sustainable   December 3. All the concerts are   Matthews. Finally, for our last
      Its near 190 pages are almost   one, built on the notions of   on Sunday afternoons at 3pm   concert, we have persuaded the
      equally divided: by first looking   equity and democracy.”  and  the  venue  will  be  either   renowned pianist Noriko Ogawa
      at the past and present, and then   Given that the government   Fellowship House in Willifield Way   to give a recital, including works
      thinking about the future. There   has funded no new social housing   or the Quaker Meeting House in   by Chopin and Debussy.
      are four pages of references, with   in the last seven years, it seems   North Square. The concerts last   It all promises to be a feast
      many helpfully giving an internet   unlikely it will look seriously at   for about an hour followed by a   of chamber music to lighten
      link to the source. There is also   what this book offers, and any   glass of wine and a chance to   our hearts after the clocks have
      a concise index and it is packed   hopes for the future therefore lie   chat to the performers. By the   been set back for the winter.
      with illustrations.        with developers. Nevertheless the   time this issue of Suburb News   Anyone interested, who has
         It is a practical guide produced   book offers a framework for good   reaches you, the first concert   not yet booked, should contact
      to help the Town and Country   planning based on the principles   will already have taken place.  the Box Office either by e-mail
      Planning Association’s re-launch   of the movement.     Artistic Director Deborah   at or
      of its Garden City campaign.   The book is written by Kate   Calland, who lives on the   ring 07973 541264.
      The TCPA wants the lessons   Henderson, Katy Lock and Hugh   Suburb, has assembled another   Information is also available
      learnt from the first Garden Cities,  Ellis. It is published by RIBA   dazzling  array  of  artists  to   on the Fellowship house website
      the New Town programme and   Publishing, £40.         perform for us. On October 30   at
      other developments to inform   Purchasers can get a £10
      the present and future house-  discount at the RIBA bookshop
      building programme.        in Portland Place, or online at       Lost Warriors
         It is a specialist book intended by using
      for those interested or involved   the code GARDENCITY10.  Suburb author, Phillip Davies,  All of this takes place in that
                                                            whose book Lost England we   still troubled land, Burma, which
                                                            reviewed at the beginning of this
                 WORDSEARCH                                 year, has written another book   Phillip Davies visited many times
                                                                                      in the 15 years he spent researching
                                                            entitled  Lost  Warriors  Seagrim   the book.
       Any motorheads in the Suburb? In this issue we have concealed   and Pagani of Burma, recently   It is published by Atlantic
        the names of 20 motorcycle manufacturers (one of them is   published but this time definitely   Publishing and costs £20.
        highlighted to start you off – please don’t count it in your total).
       Names may be read in all directions, straight or diagonally. Please   not a weighty picture book.
                                                               Suburb News has not yet
        send your entries by email to with your   managed to review the book             Two new Lutyens style benches have been installed in Central Square in front of the
        name and contact details. The closing date is December 17. All                                           tennis courts, in memory of much loved local residents Richard Wakefield and
        correct entries go into a draw to win a £20 voucher from our   but would like to give readers a          Charles Gale.
        independent local shop Joseph’s Bookstore. Good luck!  summary of its content before
                                                            publishing a critical appreciation
        O  B  U   J   D   I   K  U  Z  U  S  V  Z  H  Y     in our next issue.
                                                              The book tells the story of
        C  L  U  N  N  U  N  D  O  D  G  E      S   A   F
                                                            two forgotten Englishmen and
        G  S   Y  E  A  H  C  F  Q  N  K  C      J   K   Y  their part in the Burmese theatre
        O  K  K  R   L  U  Q  A  G  P  C  G  E  W  P        of  World  War  II.  Their stories
                                                            are interwoven to tell a tale of
        C  Y  W  M  O  L    T  Y  T  R  E  R  L  Q  G       special forces action, escape and
        H  A  R   L   E  Y  D  A  V   I   D  S  O  N  T     endurance underscored by humour,
                                                            courage, love and self-sacrifice.
        S  M  K  O  R  D  A  E  X  M  R  B  C  R       P
        T  A  A  A  T  A    I   L   I   R   P  A   I  W  O
        I  H  W   D  U  C   I  H   E  K  V   U   I  I  B     Suburb memories from
        L  A  A  N  C  Y    I   N  W  N  M  S  G  M  O             the 1950s and 60s
        L  C  S  O  N  S  O  V  A  P      F  G  W  C  H
                                                            To mark the Suburb’s centenary   Peter  Mandelson  who  lived  at
        E  O  A   H  M   R  S  D   H  I  A   I  M   T  K
                                                            in 2007, Ed Zanders published   12 Bigwood Road.
       N   B  K   I  T  V   Q  T  M   I  D   Y  E   F  S   ‘A Suburb Childhood’, a series of   Zanders successfully evokes
        E   R   I   O  X  H  L  O  P  G  K  N  Y  L    T    reminiscences of his happy times   a nostalgic past with plenty of
                                                            growing up in Hurst Close during   fresh air, car free spaces to play,
        B  A  N  A  V  H  Y  O  S  U  N  G       I   Q  D   the 1950s and 60s. This highly   cheery window cleaners and
                                                            personal memoir of those years   Bill Haley’s Rock Around the
                The wordsearch prize is sponsored by        describes  his  life  as  the  son  of   Clock on the record player. It is
                                                            Douglas Zanders, piano teacher   hard not to feel envious for his
                                                            to two generations of  Suburb   lucky childhood in a lost England
                                                            residents, and his connections   that few of our children will
                                                            with some of the high achievers   enjoy. But the on-going passion
                                                            who lived in and around Hurst   and vigilance of Suburb residents
                                                            Close during that time.   to protect their unique semi-rural
           Monthly events: jewish studies, scientific and jazz   Bridget Galton, reviewing the   community will ensure that a
        evenings plus authors at Joseph’s Bookstore and Cafe Also.  book in the Ham & High wrote:   fortunate few can still experience
          E-mail to join mail list -  “Zanders plays cowboys and   its delights.”
            1257 Finchley Road, Temple Fortune - 8731 7575  Indians, compares electric train   In a light-hearted account,
                                                            sets, exchanges water bombs and   he recalls how the peace of the
       SUMMER WORDSEARCH ANSWERS, FACTS & WINNER            romps around the woods on go-  Suburb was disturbed by the
      The answers to the last issue’s London Boroughs Wordsearch were   karts  with  childhood  chums   childish antics of  his  group of
      as follows: Bexley, Brent, Bromley, Camden, Croydon, Ealing,   including New Labour architect   friends and celebrates the extreme
      Enfield, Greenwich, Hackney, Haringey, Havering, Hillingdon,                    tolerance and encouragement
      Hounslow,  Islington,  Lambeth,  Lewisham,  Newham, Southwark,                  of the neighbours, the mark of
      Sutton and Wandworth.                                                           truly civilised people.
                       DID YOU KNOW…?                                                    ‘A Suburb Childhood’ has now
      • A fair has been held in Barnet every year since 1588 and became so            been expanded and updated in
      well known that ‘Barnet fair’ became Cockney rhyming slang for hair.            a new edition, published by Merak
      • Croydon has the most schools of any borough in London, including              ( and
      89 primary schools and 20 secondary schools.                                    is available from them or
      • Despite including some of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in                Amazon, eBay, the HGS Trust
      the capital, Haringey has one of the highest rates of poverty in London.        and Joseph’s Bookstore.
                                                                                         Ed will be talking about the
                        Sources: London Councils and Trust for London
                                                                                      book  at Fellowship  House on
      Harry Hicks from  Willifield  Way  is the winner of  the  Joseph’s              Tuesday November 21. Find out
      Bookstore £20 voucher: congratulations! Thank you also to all of                more at http://fellowshiphouse.
      you who sent your answers, keep participating!                        
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