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P. 1                                                                                          Issue 133 · Winter 2018

                           Apprehensive angel                                              Christmas pud,            Professor Tim Kendall
                             awaits her moment,                                             Italian style,               gives a talk about
                                pictures p5                                                story p3                 Mental Health, p4

           TfL complacent over Suburb

                               road safety?                                                                                                                          CESAR RODRIGUEZ-DURAN

      After Suburb News reported on   page 3). At the July meeting, TfL   “This is the crossing used
      the RA Open Meeting on the   were also represented but not at   frequently by visitors to the
      topic of Pedestrian Safety in our   a senior level.   surgery, where at the lights by
      last issue, RA Roads & Traffic   “The motion calls for: ‘a   Barclays Bank an elderly pedestrian
      Committee made the following   further meeting to take place, at   was killed earlier in the year.
      news known to residents who   a high level, where those at TfL   “Councillors are now pressing
      are members of the RA and also   with senior decision-making   for the meeting with TfL to take
      subscribe to the invaluable e-mail   authority  are  required  to  place as soon as possible, and are
      forum, The HGS List.       seriously consider what can be   keeping in touch with the Roads
         “Residents may wish to know   done  to  improve  pedestrian   & Traffic committee of the RA.”
      that Barnet Council, on October   safety. Options could include a   Suburb News feels TfL are
      31,  passed  Cllr  Rohit  Grover’s   longer  all-red  phase  at  the   very slow at responding, even
      motion on Safety of the Ossulton   Kingsley Way/Ossulton Way/A1   when the safety of road users is at
      Way/Kingsley Way/A1 Junction.  junction where traffic from all   stake, and seem to make change
         “The Residents Association   sides is stopped, an improved   very difficult to accomplish. We
      had met with Ward Councillors   pedestrian crossing facility, or   should all wish the RA’s Roads
      twice on site, as reported in last   speed cameras for this stretch of   & Traffic Committee and our
      issue of Suburb News (foot of   road generally.’      Councillors the best of luck.

       Fellowship welcomes in the New Year

      On a cold grey London afternoon,   and we could welcome again   resident, Barry Millington. The
      a packed Fellowship House   the talents of international   varied programme impressed
      sparkled  into 2018 with  its   mezzo soprano Catherine Hopper   and enchanted: from Britten to
      traditional members’ New Year   accompanied at the piano by   Madeleine  Dring  by  way  of
      party. Good fortune had smiled   musical polymath and Suburb   Michael  Head and Jonathan
                                                            Dove; from Weill to George   (Above) Yet again, New Year’s Eve Fireworks didn’t disappoint. Full article and more pictures, back page.
                                                            Gershwin via Jerome Kern and   (Below) Central Square and St Jude’s takes on a peaceful tranquility after a dusting of snow.
                                                            Flanders & Swann.
                                                              Afterwards,  friends  and
                                                            neighbours chatted, plates of                                                                            JULIAN GIBBINS
                                                            sandwiches and cakes were
                                                            enjoyed, crackers too. As usual,
                                                            none of this would have been
                                                            possible without days of behind
                                                            the scenes planning and hard
                                                            work by Fellowship Trustee Irena
                                                            Colomb and her team of helpers.
                                                            Charm, style, magic. Fellowship
                                                            at its best.
                                                               Should readers wish to find
                                                            out more about the plethora of
                                                            activities available at Fellowship
                                                            House, the Suburb’s Community
                                                            Centre, they should visit www.
                                                   or phone
                                                            the Chairman, John Mathias,
      Barry Millington and Catherine Hooper.                on 0208 455 7334.                      Hallowe’en on the Suburb
                                                                                      Fellowship was invaded by 45 of
                               WE DELIVER                                             the Suburb’s young people (18
                                                                                      months to 7 years), for the annual
                                                                                      Hallowe’en party! All had a lot of                                             HELLA SCHRADER
          For almost 40 years now we have been serving the needs of the Suburb and we have enjoyed   fun making and decorating
           every moment of it. Our service extends from Cottages to Castles and there is no property   masks, listening to the scary
                           which is too small or too large for us to handle.          story  teller, having  their faces
                                                                                      painted and eating the large
          We are delighted to introduce you to the Glentree New Homes office, where we are able to offer the largest
          selection of new developments in North West London, either as a home or as a buy-to-let investment.  selection of home made snacks
                                                                                      and cup cakes. Thanks go to Vera
          At Glentree Rentals, our bespoke letting service, we are bristling with a wide selection of fine homes to rent in   Moore and her daughter for
          all price ranges and why not enquire about our specialist Suburb Sales division which deals exclusively with   supervising the artwork and face
          properties such as yours and has a house-by-house understanding of this very special area.  painting, the Mums and Dads for
          We believe we can make a substantial difference to you by selling your cherished home for the highest possible   helping, and the HGS Resident’s
          price when the time is right ... and not before, of course.                 Association for sponsoring the
                                                                                      popular event.
          Our well known International connections allow us the unique facility of attracting buyers/tenants not only from   TONY BRAND  The Suburb young mesmerised with tales of Hallowe’en.
          the locality, or within the UK, but also from virtually every corner of the globe.  A wider globalised audience means
          usually better terms for you.
          We are the longest serving agents in the area, under the same Management for over 40 years and if you want   The 106th RA AGM
          to know what’s going on in the market or check the value of your home, please feel free to pop in and you are
          welcome to use our private clients’ car park (at the rear of our offices).                                  will take place on Monday 26 March 2018
                       No obligation, no fuss, just good old fashioned service.                                     at 8pm in the Henrietta Barnett School Hall,
                                                                                                                                   Central Square.
                                                                                                  Nominations for the posts of officers and members of the Council
                                                                                          must be received by 16 March 2018. They should be submitted in writing, signed by
                                                                                                    proposers and seconders and have the consent of nominees.
                                            020 8458 7311                                               Please send notices of motions and nominations to:
                                                                The Assistant Secretary, Rosemary Goldstein,1a Church Mount, N2 0RW
                                                                                                    (Agendas will be available on the RA website by 12 March 2018)
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