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70 years together                                             A Christmas gift from Dolce Napoli

                                                                                      In our spring issue last year   people working amongst us.”  who were elderly and had no
                                                                                      (SN130)  we  reviewed  the  new   She added, “I was the only   other plans on Christmas Day.”
                                                                                      Italian café, Dolce Napoli, in   OAP to partake of the occasion   Suburb News would like to
                                                                                      The Market Place, and we have   and could not have had a   add its thanks to them for this
                                                                                      news of a very generous offer   happier time had I been with   demonstration of community
                                                                                      made by the family who run   family or other friends. Fulvio,  and Christmas spirit. Doubtless
                                                                                      the establishment.         Silvia and Luca of Dolce Napoli,  there will be more people ready
                                                                                         They issued an invitation to   deserve thanks for their wonder-  to accept this generous Christmas
                                                                                      share a Christmas lunch for   fully generous lunch, for those   gift should the offer be repeated.
                                                                                      single elderly people in the
                                                                                      neighbourhood. Although there
                                                                                      were originally three women who
                                                                                      accepted the invitation, ill-health
                                                                                      meant only one, Betty Mason,
                                                                                      was able to take up the offer.
                                                                                         She  has  told  Suburb  News
                                                                                      that she was served a five-course
                                                                                      meal with plenty of wine on
                                                                                      offer. At her request they made
                                                                                      a traditional Christmas Pudding,
      The Littaurs holidaying in Lysefjord, Norway in September 2015                  but that in fact the Pannetone
      Suburb News has learned that   congratulating them, and wishing   of  the RA’s Events Committee,   was better.
                                                                                         She said, “Later on (many
      David and Joyce Littaur celebrated   them well.       while Joyce accompanies him to   glasses later!) friends joined us
      their 70th wedding anniversary   They threw themselves into   RA Council meetings.  for coffee and cake, filling this
      on January 29 and would like to   Suburb life on their arrival from   David remarked, “How lucky
      share the news with our readers.   Highgate in August 1998. David   I feel that we have been granted   small cafe with the love and
      I am sure you will join us in   sits on RA Council and is Chairman   so many years together!”  spirit of Christmas. I returned
                                                                                      home happy and contented
                                                                                      that there are still such good   Betty’s picture of her Christmas hosts
                                 Theatre finds new venue

                                 The Garden Suburb Theatre traces   A Woman Of No Importance   Two awards for Dr Mervyn Miller
                                 its origins to the first dramatic   from Thursday 12th to Saturday
                                 performance held in the Suburb   14th April. They hope this may   Many residents will recognise the   for  his  biography  of  Sir
                                 in 1908. So it is sad that recently   be the first of more productions   name of Dr Mervyn Miller who   Raymond Unwin. Mervyn has
                                                                                      sat on the HGS Trust Council
                                                                                                                 written to say that he looks on
                                 they have not had a permanent   there. Do go and support them.  for many years, was made   this as a ‘lifetime achievement
                                 home here, apart from annual   Before that, from Friday
                                 performances in Little Oakwood   February 16 to Sunday February   Honorary Life President in 2001   award’  but  will  continue  to
                                 Open Air Theatre. Not unlike the   18 (half-term) you will still need   and  written  on  the  history  of   work with the institutions with
                                                                                                                 which he is involved.
                                                                                      the Suburb.
                                 travelling players of the past, for   to travel to Barnet to see Aladdin,   In recognition of his involve-  He has also accepted a three-
                                 the last few years, they  have   a pantomime specially written for
                                 wandered from theatre to theatre.  the group, at The Bull, 68 High   ment with the Lutyens Trust,   year Fellowship in the University
                                    Now, however, they have   Street. Box Office: 020 3582 1333   Letchworth Garden City, Athlone   of Hertfordshire School of Life
                                                                                                                 Sciences, which will allow him
                                                                                      House, and Dissington Garden
                                 found a new venue next to the   or book at  Village, as well as our Suburb,   to develop his ongoing passion
                                 Suburb. King Alfred School, in   gardensuburbtheatre.
                                 North End Road has acquired   New members are welcome, as   he was awarded a Fellowship by   for the international  context
                                                                                      the Royal Institute of British
                                 and is refurbishing a building to   active performers, backstage crew   Architects in November last year.  of  the Garden City movement   well-merited awards for someone
                                                                                                                                            who has spent his working life
                                 provide theatre space for the   or audience members. Details at   The citation mentions his   architectural history.  contributing to the understanding
                                 school, across the road from their   published histories of Letchworth   Suburb News can join many   and conservation of the historic
           Suburb                main site. GST will be putting on   Membership enquiries: Maureen   and the Suburb and his Doctorate   readers in welcoming these two   built environment.
                                                            Colmans on 020 8446 4029.
                                 a production there of Oscar Wilde’s
         author in                                                                           Memory Matters – a topical talk
       library talk
                                                                                      rainy late  October afternoon,
      On November 22, local author                                                    Despite being a rather wet and
      and eminent surgeon Michael                                                     an almost full hall of HGS U3A
      Baum presented an illustrated                                                   members hosted the first in the                                                PHOTOS: MIKE JACOBS
      talk at the Garden Suburb                                                       season of our monthly Topical
      Community Library. He gave an                                                   Talks.  As  one  of  our  members
      insight into the research for his                                               related after the talk, it was
      latest novel, Aaron’s Rod, which                                                “illuminating, informative, pacey
      involved a series of fascinating                                                and with moments of humour.”
      archaeological trips. The talk                                                  Dr Emma Ward led an interesting
      was extremely well attended                                                     and illustrative interactive talk
      and it was followed by an                                                       on ‘Memory Matters’.
      interesting Q & A session before                                                   She firstly gave us an overview
      those present had a chance for a                                                of recent developments in this   research on cognitive ageing.   If members were unable to
      pleasant drink and chat with                                                    area:  exploring different  kinds   Participants will be tested in   attend the talk they can still be
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      the author.                Cast of Aladdin                                      of memory and how they are   individual sessions in which   included in the research. So,
                                                                                      affected by the natural ageing   they will be asked to perform a   please contact us at https://
           Property                                                                   how scientists test different   and a battery of verbal tests   so we can pass on your details
                                                                                                                                   if you are interested,
                                                                                      process. Dr Ward then explained
                                                                                                                 straightforward computer  task
                                                                                                                 assessing memory and other
                                                                                                                                            to Dr Ward.
                                                                                      types of memory in the lab, and
                                                                                      some new findings about how
                                                                                                                 cognitive abilities.
                                                                                                                                                        DAPHNE BERKOVI
                                                                                      factors, such as attention, mood,
                                                                                      rhythm and music, are believed
           Lawyers                                                                    to preserve or even enhance              G Cohen
                                                                                      memory with age.
                                                                                         Alongside the talk, there was
                                                                                      plenty of audience participation,
                                                                                      where we were invited to join in
                                                                                      some memory tests, using words            ANTIQUE SILVER
                                                                                      flashed up on the screen, and
           Serving the suburb for 30 years                                            then having to memorise them
                                                                                      and write them down thereafter.
                                                                                         Dr Ward and her team of
           You’ll want us on your side.                                               researchers invited our members   We wish to purchase items of silver in any
                                                                                                                       condition. As a long standing resident of the
                                                                                      to participate in their on-going
                                                                                                                       Suburb,  Gideon  Cohen  is  happy  to  view
                                                                                                                       your silverware at home and will make an
                                                                                                                       offer to purchase, free of any obligation.
           For fast and competitive conveyancing,
           call Oliver Joseph on 020 8209 0166                                                                                17 The London Silver Vaults
                                                                                                                        53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QT
                                                                                                                                    020 7404 1425
           746 Finchley Road, Temple Fortune, London NW11 7TH                                                         

                                                                                      Dr Emma Ward
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