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Suburb’s Virtual Museum launched                                                The Emeralds in Henrietta’s Crown

      As  foreshadowed  in  Autumn’s   involved, to track down, register   inherited from her grandparents
      Suburb News, the Virtual Museum   and even donate the Suburb’s   who were residents from the
      was launched on 29 October, in   memorabilia,  so  that  they  are   Suburb’s beginnings. If readers
      Fellowship House, by Patron   not lost for posterity. Suburb   have similar goodies to share,
      Martin Bell in the presence of   News can report that the launch   e-mails  can be  sent to  info@
      the Mayor and Mayoress of   has already borne fruit, with a and Marjorie
      Barnet and other dignitaries.  local resident coming forward   Harris or another volunteer will
         The museum’s website, www.  with original postcards and papers   respond with pleasure., had almost
      300 visitors within days of launch,
      and  interest in  it continues  to
      grow. The home page, pictured
      here, leads into local history, and
      also to 26 organisations, some
      historical, some very active, for
      example   Garden   Suburb
      Theatre which performs every
      summer in Little Wood and                                                       An allotment opened as part of the HGS Open Gardens day this year organised by the National Gardens SchemeFlower Show
      shows on its museum page its                                                    These are the eleven allotments,  the landowners of  nine of  the   always welcomed. Plots become
      origins in two earlier drama                                                    hidden gems, which are oases   eleven sites. The strong links   available more often than you
      groups, one stemming from a                                                     of tranquillity in the heart of   with the Horticultural Society   might expect. So if you are
      predecessor committee formed                                                    the Suburb. You enter through   are  evident  from  several  joint   interested, make yourself known.
      in 1908. The museum aims to                                                     shrouded twittens and alleyways,  events, including the biennial   Applications to enter this
      add to these 26 organisations, and                                              to discover entrancing secret   Suburb Seed Swap.     enchanting world can be made
      is already in discussion with three                                             worlds, where over a hundred plot   The  Allotment  Committee   by contacting Peter Hodgson at
      of the Suburb’s primary schools                                                 holders realise their horticultural   meets three or four times a year,
      to emulate Kerem which is in                                                    dreams. The allotments are a   at the Trust office to ensure the   our committee secretary Margaret
      the museum with full history                                                    retreat from the hurly-burly of   efficient management of the sites   Lancaster for general enquiries at
      and a link to its own website.                                                  metropolitan life as well as a   and discuss issues such as water, or you
         Another aim of HGS Heritage                                                  source of wholesome organic   availability, overhanging trees and   can contact Paul Capewell at the
      is to encourage local people, and                                               fruit and vegetables.      hedges, rents and allocation of   HGS Trust at
      organisations that are not yet                                                     The allotments were a core   plots. The committee members   or on 8455 1066 and 8458 8085.
                                                                                      element of the pioneering urban   divide up responsibilities for the   RUTH BEEDLE
                     Farm Walk Tennis Club                                            planning of this outstanding   various jobs and administration.
                                                                                      conservation area, as much as the
                                                                                                                    There are several social events
                                                                                      gardens and houses themselves.  a year including a Harvest Supper
                                                            serving, and even got me playing   The philosophy behind them was   where allotmenteers bring dishes
                                                            double-handed!            social; they provide a communal,  to share, often prepared using their
                                                              There are five courts, three   and a healthy, activity. They   produce. There is an annual
                                                            artificial grass, and two clay, four   expanded during the Dig For   walkabout by the committee
                                                            of which are floodlit. Visitors   Victory years of World War Two,  and a trophy is awarded for the
                                                            can play free on Wednesday   and  they  remain  to  this  day  a   best plot. Individual sites have
                                                            evening from 7 to 9. There is   cohesive force in the community.  their own social events  during
                                                            also a clubhouse with table   2017 marks the centenary of   the year such as summer BBQ’s.
                                                            tennis  and  table  football,  and   the formation of the Allotments   The good news is applications   A trug containing allotment vegetables
                                                                                                                                            entered into the Horticultural Society
                                                            there are a number of social   Committee which operated   to become plot holders are   Flower Show
                                                            events organised for this year.  independently for one year before
                                                              At a recent charity tournament   amalgamating with the Suburb’s
                                                            over £700 was raised for Breast   branch of the Royal Horticultural
      Tennis Coach Lucy Dean and Player Jenny Manson        Cancer. Social tennis takes place   Society. Although links with the
      Farm Walk Tennis club is a   was with the enthusiasm she felt   on  Saturday  afternoons  when   HGS Horticultural Society remain
      secluded haven of peace where   among the members, especially   members can mix in, there is   close, the committee operates
      you  can  escape  from  the  busy   the ladies, whom she coaches   also tea provided once a month.   under the auspices of the Suburb’s                        PHOTOS: MICHAEL ELEFTHERIADES
      world of Temple Fortune.   in groups several times a week.  There are several teams playing   Residents Association.
         Established over 75 years ago,   She also gives one to one sessions   in  the  Middlesex  league  and   The allotments are managed
      it has 160 Adults and 80 Juniors,   or doubles whenever needed.  intermittent tournaments. Check   by a thriving committee, which
      ranging in age from 5 to 88.  Experiencing first hand her skills,  the website www.farmwalktennis.  works hand-in-hand through its
         Newly appointed coach, Lucy   in a short time she gave me tips   net for further information.  site secretaries, with the Hampstead
      Dean, told me how impressed she   on my forehand, backhand, and    SIMONE HALFIN  Garden Suburb Trust who are

                Suburb Table Tennis Club is growing fast!

      Thanks  to  donations  from  the   to use. Some of the members   is the Free Church Hall, Northway,  but with one game in hand,
      Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust   that started with no knowledge   NW11 6PB.      hopes top the league. The second
      and from local individuals, the   two years ago are now playing   The club has three coaches   team is also sixth, and hopes to
      Suburb Table Tennis Club is now   in the League teams. There is   that play internationally and also   gain promotion.
      in its third year, and has three   no membership needed so just   Darius Knight who represented   The beginners’ team is now
      teams in the local Barnet League.    pay and play.    England at the 2012 Olympics.  fourth, with a lot of children in
         The club has seen over 250   There is a children’s session   We hope you come along   the team, some only nine years
      people through its doors in that   from 18.30-20.00 every Thursday   and hopefully look forward to   old! This combination  of  kids
      time  and wants to  see more   of the year and costs £8.    seeing you at the club!  and adults is really great to see!
      people pick up a bat and play.   The adults session is from   This is  the second year we   If you need any information
      The club actively welcomes new   20.00-21.30 (although some play   have had teams in the Barnet   on the club, please go to www.
      members  of  all  standards,  and   later). That is £8 for over 70s and   League, in divisions 1, 2 and 3.
      has eight Olympic level tables   £10 for all others. The location   Currently the first team is sixth,   RICHARD GRETHE

                                 BRILL   OWEN
                                  CHARTERED ARCHITECTS
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                                  service from conception to
                                completion helping you to create
                                 a unique home that fulfils your
                                 Contact us for a free no obligation
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       We are Chartered
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        new build houses
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       conservation areas
         and to listed
                                                            This magnificent medieval organ was briefly in St Jude’s for a recording session.  St Jude’s and the Free Church nativity plays were as captivating as ever.
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