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P. 1                                                                                           Issue 134 · Spring 2018

                         Barnet Mayor, Cllr. Brian                   Sculpture                             “How long now
                               Salinger at Pre-Proms               at the HGS                                to the Summer
                                         Party, p7                   Art Fair, p6                           Fun Day?”, p12

               105th Residents Association AGM

                                                                                                                 Spring finally breaks through at The Northway Rose Gardens. Article back page
                                                                                                                        Trust grant giving

                                                                                                                 Most residents of the Suburb   organisation  given  the  Trust’s
                                                                                                                 will know of the Trust’s role in   support must have charitable
      The 105th AGM of the Residents   The meeting then moved on   recommended minimum of £15,  Micky Watkins were proposed   regulating alterations to Suburb   objects, it does not necessarily
      Association was held on March 27   to the usual early business of   and  to re-appoint  Paul Hartley   and accepted as life members.  properties and the maintenance   have to be incorporated or a
      at the Henrietta Barnet School Hall   apologies and approvals of   as the association’s Honorary   David, with the unfailing   of some communal areas. One   registered charity. However, the
      and this year was an occasion for   minutes, reports and accounts,  Accountant for the coming year.  support of Joyce, has worked hard   of the less well-known aspects   Trust is not able to make grants
      change, but with no hustings as   all of which was swiftly dealt   The Chairman then introduced   on RA council and as chairman   of the Trust’s operation is its   to an individual person.
      there was no contested election.   with. The next item on the agenda   Michele Roiter, who had agreed   of  its  Events  Committee,  and   modest grant giving. Charity   So far as collective memory
      Chairman, David Lewis, welcomed   was the election of officers and   to take over the vital role  of   for  many  years  has  helped   grant giving is an area that has   goes, the Trust has given grants
      everyone and mentioned that   members of the council.   Membership Secretary from Janet   organise many of the talks,   been in the news recently, and   to various bodies. Successive
      this was his last year in the job.   Although there was no   Elliott. Janet had filled this position   meetings and other gatherings   the Trust has recently reviewed   Trust Councils have decided,
      It was his second term as   contested election for the officers,  for 13 years, and combined it   such as the Summer Funday or   its own procedures following a   whilst being mindful that the
      chairman and he was pleased to   ballot papers had been handed   with chairing RA council for a   New Year’s Fireworks.  mistake that was pointed out by   Trust is spending some of its
      be handing over the reins to a   out to members so that they could   time. She was thanked for her   Valerie  Codron  was  a  a member.    reserves generated by one-off
      younger team.              express their approval, or not, of   contribution and presented with   mainstay of the Hampstead   The Trust’s Memorandum of   sales of balance sheet assets
         He went on to thank Max   the proposed officers and members   a fine bouquet of flowers.  Garden Suburb Theatre Club,   Association allows the Trust to   each year, that the Trust should
      Petersen (Vice-Chairman), Peter   of council. There was no need   A way for the Residents   which organised theatre outings   assist, promote or support an   contribute towards the wider
      McCluskie (Hon Sec), Emma   for the combative arguments of   Association to reward members   for 28 years from 1989 until last   organisation with charitable   Suburb community by way of
      Howard (Hon Treasurer) and   the two previous AGMs as there   of our community for their   year, and was much-loved, giving   objects whose activities, at least   grant giving. In recent years the
      Rosemary Goldstein (Assistant   was no contest, and the ballot   commitment and contribution   a great deal of pleasure to Suburb   in part, are carried out within   Trust has established the Grants
      Secretary) for their service, and   papers were collected and taken   to life here is through making   theatre goers.  the Suburb and which are likely   & Amenities Committee to advise
      then  looked  forward  to  the   away for counting.   them RA Honorary Life Members   Micky Watkins has spent   to benefit residents. Whilst the   (continued page 3)
      election of the new team of   Members voted to keep   and this year David and Joyce   over 20 years working on the
      officers later in the meeting.  the  annual subscription at a   Littaur, Valerie Codron and   HGS Archives helping to collect
                                                                                      periodicals, photos, press cuttings
                                                                                      and other records relating to
                               WE DELIVER                                             the  Suburb.  She  also  helped
                                                                                      organise the wonderful Suburb
                                                                                      centenary exhibition.
          For almost 40 years now we have been serving the needs of the Suburb and we have enjoyed   David Lewis then invited   Open       Meeting
           every moment of it. Our service extends from Cottages to Castles and there is no property   those present to join in the   Letchworth Garden City
                           which is too small or too large for us to handle.          traditional session of questions
                                                                                      from the floor, which proved to          Sustainability and Community
          We are delighted to introduce you to the Glentree New Homes office, where we are able to offer the largest
          selection of new developments in North West London, either as a home or as a buy-to-let investment.  be the liveliest part of the   Noise In The Suburb
                                                                                      evening’s proceedings. The subject   An illustrated presentation by Graham Fisher,
          At Glentree Rentals, our bespoke letting service, we are bristling with a wide selection of fine homes to rent in   of potholes was clearly the topic   Chief Executive of Letchworth Garden City
          all price ranges and why not enquire about our specialist Suburb Sales division which deals exclusively with   that was most on people’s
                                                                                                                       Tuesday 2 June 2015 7:30pm
          properties such as yours and has a house-by-house understanding of this very special area.  minds, with the state of Suburb   Heritage Foundation, and formerly of Toynbee Hall.
                                                                                                                         Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way
          We believe we can make a substantial difference to you by selling your cherished home for the highest possible   pavements and cyclists using   3:30pm Sunday 20 May 2018
          price when the time is right ... and not before, of course.                 them running close behind.         Friends Meeting House, 17 North Square
                                                                                         Members of the RA who
          Our well known International connections allow us the unique facility of attracting buyers/tenants not only from   also use its web e-mail forum,   Residents are invited to join an open debate on the
                                                                                                                               Tea and biscuits at 4:30pm
                                                                                                                             increasing levels of Noise Disturbance in
          the locality, or within the UK, but also from virtually every corner of the globe.  A wider globalised audience means   the HGS List, will be aware that   Hampstead Garden Suburb.
          usually better terms for you.
                                                                                      for many the Suburb feels as if it                            No entry charge

          We are the longest serving agents in the area, under the same Management for over 40 years and if you want   has  become  one  huge  pothole.   Modern times have caught up with our leafy suburb and
                                                                                                                         the sound of leaf blowers, cutting machines, garden
                                                                                                                                                    A donation of £5
          to know what’s going on in the market or check the value of your home, please feel free to pop in and you are   The questions asked at the   parties, construction noise and loud music seem
                                                                                                                                                    however would be
          welcome to use our private clients’ car park (at the rear of our offices).  meeting left no doubt that         increasingly to find their way into our once peaceful
                                                                                      residents think that Barnet has                 back gardens.  welcome to cover
                       No obligation, no fuss, just good old fashioned service.       lost control of the situation and                                our costs
                                                                                                                          Is this just a fact of modern times or can we as a
                                                                                      is unable to cope with the        community work together to restore some tranquillity to
                                                                                                                                                    This is a popular annual
                                                                                      ravages this winter has wrought                  the Suburb.   event organised by
                                                                                                                                                     the HGS Residents
                                                                                      on   the  Suburb’s  already                                  Association in memory of
                                                                                      dilapidated roads.                  Please come along and let us hear your views.
                                                                                                                                                      Michael Rowley.
                                            020 8458 7311                                There were unfavourable
                                                            comparisons made with roads
                                                                                      in developing countries, and      
                                                                                             (continued back page)
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