Page 6 - HGS Suburb News 134 - Spring 2018
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Second HGS Art Fair

      Hampstead Garden Suburb Artists   display. The group has solid                 PETER McCLUSKIE                                                                 TONY BRAND
      held their second annual art fair   roots in the community, and we
      in Fellowship House over the   can hope that it will continue
      weekend of April 14 & 15.   to flourish with a third successful
         A successful event, it exhibited   spring show next year.
      the work of 25 members of the            TERRY BROOKS
      group to the several hundred
      people who turned up to enjoy
      and, for some, buy the art on show.                                            PETER McCLUSKIE
         Suburb events often involve
      the  consumption  of  very  tasty
      cake and the Art Fair is no
      exception. Tea, coffee and cake
      were sold in support of Combat
      Stress, the Service’s mental
      health support charity.
         There was a wonderful                                                             HGS Virtual
      selection of paintings, ceramics,
      sculptures, jewellery, textiles, silk                                           Museum helped
      paintings and  glass  work  on
                                                                                            by Garden

                                                                                       Suburb Library

                                                                                      You probably remember reading
                                                                                     PETER McCLUSKIE
                                                                                      that  the  HGS  Virtual  Museum
                                                                                      was launched a few months ago
                                                                                      (Winter Suburb News, p5) and is
                                                                                      now open for everyone to explore
                                                                                         The Museum has already made
                                                                                      a splendid start on recording a
                                                                                      large amount of precious Suburb
                                                                                      memorabilia for posterity. This
                                                                                      is an on-going project, so if you
                                                                                      or anyone you know are able to
                                                                                      contribute more pictures, objects
                                                                                      or memories to the collections,
                                                                                      please contact Marjorie Harris at
                                                                             or call
                                                                                      020 8455 6507.
                                                                                         At the AGM of the Suburb’s
                                                                                     TONY BRAND
                                                                                      Community Library, in Fellowship
                                                                                      House on March 13, a full screen
                                                                                      demonstration of the Virtual
                                                                                      Museum was given, resulting in
                                                                                      three library volunteers now
                                                                                      assisting  the  curators  to
                                                                                      organise the most recent finds.
                                                                                         If you have some spare time
                                                                                      and would like to volunteer,
                                                                                      either to collate the finds or, if
                                                                                      you have IT skills, to upload
                                                                                      material to the website, again,
                                                                                      please e-mail Marjorie with
                                                                                      your name, postal address on
                                                                                      the Suburb, and phone number.

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