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No margin for error with CCTV

             enforcement in Temple Fortune

                                 school zig-zags, banned turns   cost me approximately £30 per
                                 and box junctions.         second.”
                                    One of the sites  under    It’s hard to think of any
                                 camera observation is the   crime that might be committed
                                 Finchley Road/Bridge Lane box   where the perpetrator would
                                 junction in Temple Fortune   suffer  such a  disproportionate
                                 about which the RA’s Roads &   penalty as that facing Gill
                                 Traffic Committee has heard   Gould. She has been given no
                                 many complaints. Whilst it is   quarter over this minor matter,
                                 important that motorists should   the camera has caught her and
                                 not  block  the  junction,  most   with the press of a button
                                 local people would expect the   Barnet Council and the DVLA
                                 regulation to be enforced with   have co-operated in penalising
                                 common sense. However the   her. Yet despite a CCTV presence
                                 case of Oakwood Road resident   in  the  Market Place the post
                                 Gill Gould suggests this is not   office raiders have not been
                                 happening.                 troubled by the authorities.
                                    Mrs Gould received a penalty   The Market Place camera,
                                 charge notice of £130 after   which for ten years has been so
                                 following a car across the   effective at issuing parking tickets
                                 junction whilst heading north   for Red Route contraventions,
      When Barnet Council consulted   on Finchley Road. The first car   was useless  when it was most
      residents in 2014 on the use of   unexpectedly stopped just ahead   needed because the robbers   TfL: “No reason for any changes...”
      CCTV enforcement for moving   so that part of her car was   covered their faces. This sort of
      traffic offences the RA responded   briefly stationary whilst still   thing is hugely corrosive to the   The lead article in our last issue   The statistics clearly trump the   So saving time is one of the
      by saying that we opposed the   within the box. Barnet’s video   trust that should exist between   on the safety of pedestrians in   observations of those who live   reasons those crossing the road
      idea. Our reasons were that we   recording showed that she had   citizen and state and in the   The Market Place concluded by   on the road. Likewise with the   will risk crossing the uncontrolled
      expected CCTV powers would   come to a halt for no more than   long run it may be the state’s   noting that, “Suburb News feels   pedestrian crossing arrangements;   Lyttelton Road rather than The
      be used indiscriminately and   five seconds.          agencies  that  will  suffer  most   Transport for London (TfL) are   there will be no change. TfL   Market Place with its pedestrian
      without regard to circumstances.   A very annoyed Gill Gould   from the undermining of the   very slow at responding, even   remarked that, “Pedestrians were   lights. Another reason could be
         We added that we sensed the   said “I was almost at the extremity   confidence of those who should   when the safety of road users is   not waiting an excessive amount   the unavoidable spray from
      public was becoming increasingly   of the box and so was not   be its natural supporters.  at stake, and seem to make change   of time at any of the crossings,  vehicle wheels in wet weather
      unhappy about an apparent   preventing the movement of   Anyone uncertain of box   very difficult to accomplish. We   all waiting times were under 30   when waiting in the pen for the
      disparity between the rigid   any traffic either behind me or   junction regulations can find them   should all wish the RA’s Roads   seconds. This shows that the  ‘Green Man’ to appear.
      enforcement of minor motoring   exiting from Bridge Lane. I feel   under Rule 174 of the Highway   & Traffic Committee and our   facilities are good for pedestrians   In any event TfL are not willing
      offences and the authorities’  this is bureaucracy gone mad   Code or can contact the R&T   Councillors the best of luck.”  particularly considering they are   to change anything despite a
      lack of ability or willingness to   and it’s very unfair to penalise a   Committee at  The RA’s Roads & Traffic   crossing a major road.”  lot of pressure from the RA’s
      solve or prevent much more   pensioner  for  such  a  small   uk for an explanation.   Committee have added a link   Your Editor uses the crossings   Roads & Traffic Committee and
      serious criminality.       misdemeanour; at £130 this will            GARY SHAW    (see below) to their webpage so   at  Ossulton  Way  and  Kingsley   our GS Ward Councillors.
         Many residents have told us                                                  that residents can now see the   Way every day and feels this misses   Residents can consider how
      they believe it far more likely                                                 result of TfL’s investigations on   the point by not addressing the   difficult it is to get TfL to change
      that the owner of a stolen car will                                             The Market Place and Falloden   danger to pedestrians of using   their existing arrangements in
      receive a parking or speeding                                                   Way. They looked at speeds, right   the Lyttelton Road side of the   response to the concerns from
      ticket incurred by the thief than                                               turns and pedestrians. Readers   junction, where there was a   outside their own agency; they
      that the thief himself will be                                                  will probably not be surprised   fatality last year.    only seem to be interested in
      caught or punished for stealing                                                 to hear that TfL can see no   Crossing where the lights are   self-generated  initiatives  such
      the car!                                                                        reason  for any  changes to the   pedestrian controlled will take   as – if you remember this lengthy
         Unfortunately our comments                                                   present arrangements.      two phases of the lights if you   and costly fiasco – removing
      were ignored and CCTV cameras                                                      There will be no speed cameras,  are elderly, have respiratory   the bus stops in Falloden Way!
      have proliferated across the                                                    or speed activated road signs,  problems, children in tow, or are   TERRY BROOKS
      borough over the past few years                                                 installed on Falloden Way as the   using a pushchair; users are obliged
      with several being sited in and                                                 speeds recorded were not above   to wait in the middle of the road   traffic/other/201804tflfallodenway
      around the Suburb to enforce                                                    the set enforcement schedules.  for the lights to change again.  summarynote.pdf

              Anyone for tennis? Come to Central Square

              With the improving weather, The Trust’s two tennis courts on

              Central Square are a great place to improve your ball skills, or

              just have a friendly match.

              Both courts, which have recently been refurbished, are free to

              use for all Suburb residents and their guests. Advance booking is

              advised as the courts are both very popular.

              Just visit to make your free booking.

              Please  note  that  these  courts  are  only  to  be  used  by  those

              people who have booked for a specific time period. They are

              strictly not to be used for coaching/lessons, by non-residents,

              nor for any other purpose than tennis.

              If  you  have  any  queries,  please  contact  the  Trust  office  at

     or ring 020 8455 1066.

                   862 Finchley Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6AB   020 8455 1066   twitter: @HGSTrust

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