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P. 1                                                                                         Issue 135 · Summer 2018

                                Peter Cosmetatos                                    Usual trouble-               Suburb Time
                                  speaks at HB School                            makers show up at               Capsule reveals
                                 Open Meeting, p3                                 Fun Day, p1&5                  it’s secrets, p7

          A sunny summer

                     Fun Day                                                                                                                                         PETER McCLUSKIE

      Sunday June 10 turned out to be   the  famous  Styles  family,  and
      a fine sunny day which meant   our regular entertainer Fizzie
      all  the  gazebos, stalls, picnic   Lizzie occupied the young with
      tables and bunting went up in   balloon modelling and drama.
      record time, thanks to the many   Esra, of Painted Penguin,
      helpers and volunteers organised   and her assistant had the usual
      by  the ever hard-working  RA   long queues for face painting
      Events team.               and glitter tattoos, while a team
         Once again our locally based   of four donkeys worked hard all
      charity, All Dogs Matter, took   afternoon giving small children
      over the corner of Central   rides in the Square.
      Square near St Jude’s for its dog   Arts and Crafts were strongly
      show and competitions for various   featured this year and well-known
      categories, such as ‘Cutest Pup’   locals, Vera Moore, Lynda Cook
      and ‘Golden Oldie’. It was hardly   and Diana Brahams from HGS
      surprising that there was a   Art gave expert tuition and advice,
      record number of entries.   which was very popular with the
         Local band Sound of the   large numbers of children involved.
      Suburb provided live music    The plant stall was kept
      during the afternoon for their   busy with a constant stream of
      many fans. Traditional Punch   plants  going  to  good  homes.
      and Judy was put on by one of        (continued page 5)  Punch & Judy never fails to attract a large crowd of enchanted children, affectionately watched over by loved ones

                                     Why you should join the Residents Association

                                 to over 2,000 over the next five   shown in the Suburb Directory.               Council, the annual planting of   such as Golders Green, and
                                 years. The greater the membership,  •  HGS Master Tradespeople List:            trees  and  helping  to  save  our   Hampstead Heath.
                                 the greater the influence we can   200 types of services, locally               threatened trees and hedges.  We would love you to join
                                 have on those local organisations   recommended by RA members.                  •  Roads and Traffic: Barnet   us. On page 5 is our membership
                                 whose decisions have an impact  •  HGS List email group (Chatline):           CESAR RODRIGUEZ-DURAN  Council  and  TfL  sometimes   form. Please fill it in or join online
                                 on the Suburb and the more we   exchanging information, making                  forget that the Suburb is not   at
                                 can counter the many and varied   recommendations, keeping each                 just part of its plan for through   html. If you have some spare
                                 threats to our way of life here.   other informed on local issues,              traffic routes or inappropriate   time and would like to volunteer
                                    There are both direct and   including security and traffic                   parking solutions. The RA   to help in our work, please contact
                                 community benefits to being a   incidents.                                      remind them constantly. We  who  would
                                 member of the RA.         •  eNews: regular email updates                       monitor the impact of new   be delighted to hear from you.
                                     DIRECT BENEFITS        on local events and other matters                    initiatives such as public electric   PETER McCLUSKIE, HON SEC,
                                 Direct benefits include  access   of interest.                                  vehicle charging. We also help   HGS RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION
                                 to the:                     COMMUNITY BENEFITS                                  residents to contest unfair
      The Hampstead Garden Residents   •  RA Discount scheme: offering   Community benefits include the          parking and traffic penalties.
      Association would like to thank   discounts at local businesses as   support of our volunteers in          •  Other RA work: keeping up
      all 1,740 existing members for                        these areas:                                         the pressure on Barnet Council
      their continued support; it is                       •  Events: bringing residents                         to improve our waste collection
      very much appreciated and has                         together to foster community   RA sponsor local events such as   services, public benches and
      allowed us to offer an array of                       spirit – so important in uncertain                   the state of Suburb pavements
      support and services to the                           times – including the New Year’s   free  lunchtime  concerts  at  the   and roads for the benefit of
                                                                                      Proms at St Jude’s in June. We
      Suburb community. Now, our    Membership year 2018    Eve Fireworks, Summer Fair and   hold open meetings on topics of   residents. We also liaise with
      aim is to increase membership                         children’s Halloween party. The                      local police as members of the
                                                                                      interest to residents, including   Suburb ward panel. And keep a
                                                                                      hustings for some elections. We   close eye, and exert appropriate
                               WE DELIVER                                             also erect and maintain the   influence, on what goes on in
                                                                                      Suburb’s notice boards.
                                                                                      •  Publications:  producing  this   areas adjacent to the Suburb
          For almost 40 years now we have been serving the needs of the Suburb and we have enjoyed   newspaper and the annual Suburb
           every moment of it. Our service extends from Cottages to Castles and there is no property   Directory delivered free to every
                           which is too small or too large for us to handle.          home on the Suburb.
                                                                                      •  Grants: support local projects
          We are delighted to introduce you to the Glentree New Homes office, where we are able to offer the largest   including Northway Gardens,
          selection of new developments in North West London, either as a home or as a buy-to-let investment.  Central Square flowerbeds and
          At Glentree Rentals, our bespoke letting service, we are bristling with a wide selection of fine homes to rent in   collecting funds each year for
          all price ranges and why not enquire about our specialist Suburb Sales division which deals exclusively with   Fellowship  House community
          properties such as yours and has a house-by-house understanding of this very special area.  centre and more.
                                                                                      •  Conservation and Amenities:
          We believe we can make a substantial difference to you by selling your cherished home for the highest possible   developers would love to build
          price when the time is right ... and not before, of course.
                                                                                      high-density housing in the
          Our well known International connections allow us the unique facility of attracting buyers/tenants not only from   Suburb and, sadly, some residents
          the locality, or within the UK, but also from virtually every corner of the globe.  A wider globalised audience means   seem unaware of the special rules
          usually better terms for you.                                               which apply in the Suburb. The
          We are the longest serving agents in the area, under the same Management for over 40 years and if you want   RA talk to and hold to account
          to know what’s going on in the market or check the value of your home, please feel free to pop in and you are   planning authorities, e.g. the
          welcome to use our private clients’ car park (at the rear of our offices).  HGS Trust and Barnet Council,
                                                                                      to maintain the nature of the
                       No obligation, no fuss, just good old fashioned service.       Suburb as one of the UK’s most
                                                                                      significant conservation areas.
                                                                                      •  Trees and Open Spaces:
                                                                                      insurance companies love to take
                                                                                      the axe to fine trees as a supposed
                                            020 8458 7311                             quick fix for subsidence and other
                                                            issues.  We  strive  to  maintain
                                                                                      our green environment including,   Pothole gardening; this photo of a rather original approach to filling potholes was
                                                                                      in partnership with Barnet   posted on the RA’s Facebook page. Will it spread, we wonder?
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