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Residents Association Fun Day

                                  (continued from front page)
      Also in demand was the Suburb   will go to All Dogs Matter, and   Proms’ at the Proms at St Jude’s
      Community Library which made   the same to the Free Church   Music Festival were very popular
      £65 from book sales, and the   towards sundries for their Night   raffle prizes (The RA sponsors
      Archives Trust with a popular   Shelter Project for the homeless   the free lunchtime concerts each
      quiz by Micky Watkins.     starting in December. The cake   year).  Thanks go  also to Nita
         Abbeyfield Housing  Society   stall  produced  a  magnificent   Modi of Vibrant Chiropractic,
      and the Heritage Trust both had   sum  of  £458.20 which  will go   Statham’s Dog Groomers and
      tables on the Square to provide   to the Mayor of Barnet’s charity,  Sherrards, all from Market Place,
      residents with information. Food   Homeless Action in Barnet.  who generously donated vouchers
      and refreshment stalls were kept   A big thank you is due to St   as raffle prizes.
      busy all afternoon with Pimms   Jude’s and the Free Church for   Finally, none of this would
      being a very popular feature on   providing the power supply, and   have been possible without the
      this hot day.              to Henrietta Barnett School for   support of our generous sponsor,
         One of the aims of this year’s   the use of their toilet facilities.  Volvo Cars North London, who
      Fun Day was raising money for   Two  pairs of  tickets  to see   had two of their latest models
      local charities. As a result, £50   the sell-out ‘Last Night of the   on display and were available to
                                                            answer all questions. They also
                                                            offered a very generous raffle
                                                            prize – the lucky winner got the
                                                            use of a Volvo of their choice
                                                            for a long weekend!
                                                                           TONY BRAND                                                                                PETER McCLUSKIE

                                                                                                                   Become part of the community

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                      Pets Corner: “Beau, our local Sheltie”

      Mike and Adrienne Franklin are   walking Beau, either along our   owned ‘Shelties’. Indeed Beau is   at Sherrards. For the rest of the
      the  proud  owners  of  ‘Beau’,   road or to Market Place.   their  seventh  and  they  have   day Beau is fully occupied
      their adorable Shetland Sheep   Beau is a beautiful looking   owned him since 2007,  when   enjoying playing ball and has a
      Dog,  otherwise  known  as  a   dog and I can fully understand   he was adopted as an 11-week-  habit of visiting the tennis   MEMBERSHIP FORM
      ‘Sheltie’. I wanted to interview   why  Mike  and  Adrienne,  who   old puppy and they said, “We   courts in Northway gardens
      Beau’s  owners  as  I  live  in  the   have been dog owners since   loved him instantly.” They had   and bringing them home to his   one subscription covers everyone at the address
      same road and see Mike frequently   they were married, have always   visited a breeder, Dane Moore in   owners; Beau can sense tennis   I would like to join the HGS Residents Association.
                                                            Boston, Lincolnshire to adopt a   balls anywhere!”     PLEASE USE CAPITALS THROUGHOUT
                                                            puppy – not an easy process as   Beau likes living on the   Name
                                                            they were ‘interrogated’ for one   Suburb because “he loves the   Address
                                                            and a half hours to ensure the   woods and the heath extension.”
                                                            puppy would be accommodated   Asking them about Beau’s pet                         Postcode
         Brownhill Insurance Group                          in a suitable home.       hates they disclosed that, “Beau   Email
         have been insuring the                                Beau’s father was a Champion   does not like foxes or cats in our   (Giving your email address helps us keep in touch and reduce costs )
         residents and businesses of                        (winning dog shows) and,  garden and  chases  them  out.   Phone
         Hampstead Garden Suburb                            although  Beau  may  not  be  in   But he really objects to having               (Suggested minimum payment £15)
                                                                                                                   Subscription amount:  £
         for over 30 years.                                 the same league, he has passed   his photograph taken; he senses
                                                            Silver and Bronze medals for   immediately if we are searching
                                                            the Kennel Club Good Citizen   for our camera.”        Fellowship donation:  £    (To support Fellowship, a Suburb  charity,
         Join hundreds of residents and                     Scheme. ‘Shelties’ are obedient,   This is a trait I witnessed first   (Optional)       in its work for Suburb senior citizens)
         businesses by insuring with                        loving dogs, which are easy to   hand, when Mike tried to take a                               Total:  £    (Total amount for cheque, standing
         Brownhill Insurance Group.                                                                                   SN135                 order, PayPal or credit card via
                                                            train, highly intelligent and loyal.  photograph for Suburb News.     
                                                            They are good  with children   Despite Beau’s quick disappearance,
         call us on:                                        and protective of their owners,  we have been very fortunate in   Standing order is best – it stays unchanged unless you alter/cancel it!
         020 8353 8907                                      barking  vociferously  when  acquiring a delightful photograph   * I declare by making this donation that I want to Gift Aid my donations to
                                                                                                                   Fellowship House and am a UK taxpayer paying sufficient tax to meet the Gift
                                                                                      of him for this publication.
                                                            strangers come to the house.
                                                                                                                   Aid on my donation. I agree to Fellowship receiving my details for this purpose.
         visit us online:                                     Adrienne explained that Beau   I am sure  our readers  will   * Delete the above declaration if you do not wish to Gift Aid your donation or do                           has a regular routine. “He wakes   agree that Beau is a magnificent   not pay sufficient tax
                                                            around 7am for breakfast, which   looking dog, but it is equally
         email us:                                          can consist of chicken and   heartening for me to personally   BANK STANDING ORDER FORM    To the Manager:                          vegetables, and then walks   witness the joy that a pet can   Bank Name
                                                            down to Market Place with   bring to their owners’ lives.
                                                            Mike for a coffee and croissant        DAPHNE BERKOVI  Bank Address
                                                                                                                                                Post Code
         For over 30 years we have been serving the                                                                Sort Code            Account No
         community of the Suburb.                                                                                  Please pay the ‘Total’ amount entered above now and then annually
                                                                                                                   on 1st February until further notice to:
         We understand the uniqueness of this area and                                                             The Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Association.
         therefore can provide the most appropriate                                                                Account number: 91605747, Sort Code: 40-03-11
         cover for both residents and businesses.                                                                  at HSBC, 40 Temple Fortune Parade, London NW11 0QU
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                                           In partnership with:
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                                                                                                                   Association to:  HGSRA, PO BOX 67700, LONDON NW11 1NS
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