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Trustee election in September                                                            New courses at HLSI

      The next Annual General Meeting   hamper its effectiveness. The   things the Trust is unable to do,
      of the Hampstead Garden Suburb   management charge has remained   however worthy.
      Trust is on September 5, and this   in its target range for the last   I think trustees should also
      year it will be followed by the   nine years and remains cheaper   encourage the continuation and
      election of one new member to   than my TV licence or daily   development of the policy of
      the Trust Council. As we go to press   newspaper; I would say that is   communication and consultation
      there are two declared candidates   good value for money.   with residents.
      for this seat on the board, and   The Trust has the responsibility   So, if you are a member, please
      we have a short statement from   of maintaining an important   use your vote for a candidate who,
      each candidate for readers.  example of twentieth century   by supporting the objectives of
         A trustee has to ensure a   suburban design, and is also our   the Trust, will put the Suburb first.
      charity  remains  true  to  its   best protector against potential   If you are not a member and
      charitable purpose and objects   inappropriate development.  have lived in the Suburb for at
      as set out in its governing   We  need  trustees  who are   least three years, you are eligible
      documents. For us this means   prepared to use the law to defend   to become a member of the
      that our trustees ensure the   the Suburb when needed. If   charity; go to
      Trust does all things possible to   owners and developers think   to  find  out  more.  Just  paying
      maintain and preserve the   that the Trust lacks the will or   the management charge or
      present character and amenities   resources to do so, they will be   your  ground  rent  does  not
      of the Suburb using the tools at   quick to exploit the weakness.  make you a member, and there
      its disposal. Trustees also have   It is up to us to show by our votes   is no restriction just because
      to ensure the Trust  remains   that we are prepared to support   you rent from a landlord.
      solvent and has the resources   those who will protect us.  Finally it is very important   The Highgate Literary and Scientific   As a result we have decided to   public transport. with regular
      necessary to do its job.      It is worth remembering that   for me to say that the above   Institution has opened its doors for   lengthen the autumn and spring   bus services stopping only a few
          We need trustees who will   Trustees’ actions are constrained   represents my personal views   2018-9 booking for its popular   terms to 12 weeks (with a half-  yards from our front door.”
      ensure the Trust continues to be   by the Memorandum & Articles   and not those of anyone else or   educational courses. This year it   term break) and have a short four   Courses at the HLSI are open
      properly resourced and not just   of Association and the Scheme   any group.    has adjusted its schedules to   week summer term which we hope   to anybody. Membership, which
      look to reduce its income and   of Management. There are many       TERRY BROOKS  provide for longer courses in the   will suit our students better.  currently starts at £91 a year,
                                                                                      autumn and spring term with a   “Overall, this means a slight   allows priority booking and
                 Trustee election Statements                                          shorter four week summer term,  increase in the number of classes   provides access to a members’
                                                                                      followed by a number of two
                                                                                                                 offered, and in addition, there
                                                                                                                                            room with newspapers and all
                                                                                      day courses.
                                                                                                                 will be a significant expansion
                                                                                                                                            the major periodicals, as well as
                                 Packard and his professional   I would also encourage as   Anne Jamieson, the Chair of   of our short one and two day   one of London’s best libraries with
                                 team as well as my fellow   many residents as possible to   the Education Committee, said,  courses, which will be on offer   over 25,000 books and an active
                                 committee members.         become  (voting) members  of  “We take great pride in the   throughout the month of June.  new acquisitions programme. It
                                    As a practising corporate   the Trust; it is free and the only   quality of courses and lectures   There will be a range of new and   offers the opportunity to attend
                                 solicitor and having served as   qualification is three years   which we can offer at the HLSI.  exciting short courses, enabling   weekly lectures and occasional
                                 the chairman of the board of   residence in the Suburb whether   They are open to anyone.  people to ‘dip into’ a subject area.  debates on current issues as well
                                 governors of a private school for   as a freeholder, a leaseholder or   “We have found that a lot of   “This summer we have repeated   as the literature and topical
                                 many years, I see the role of a   a tenant. You can download a   our students have difficulty with   our Dante’s Divine Comedy option   science for which the Institution
                                 trustee as providing advice and   membership form from this link:   summer attendance because of   because of popular demand, and   was founded over 175 years ago.
                                 support to the professional staff  holidays and other commitments.  in  the autumn we  have two   Other  activities include a
                                 whilst also providing constructive   trust-membership-form-2018.pdf.            short courses – ‘Homer’s Iliad in   Film Club, a Science Group and
                                 criticism where necessary.    I love the Suburb and want the                    translation’ with Isabel Raphael,  an Opera Circle.
                                    If elected I would look to work   Trust to be more positive in our   Steve’s   and an architectural  programme   New members are welcome,
          RAYMOND TAYLOR         with the professional staff and the   community: to be more amenable,           – ‘The Development of the   as is anyone who just wants to
      I am standing for election to   trustees to continue to advance   approachable and – vitally – far   helping   Modern Home’.          look round the facilities.
      the Trust Council at the AGM   the amenity and character of   more transparent and open.                       “The HLSI is in some ways   Further information can be
      and this is the first time I have   Hampstead Garden Suburb.  It is said that in the Suburb   Make         North London’s hidden secret.  found on their website at: www.
      stood for election. I have lived in                   you are only six feet away from                      But it is easily accessible by
      Hampstead Garden Suburb since                         a lawyer. For the last five years a   Beaumont
      1983. My wife, Beverley, and I both                   retired lawyer has been Trust
      enjoy the community and unique                        Chairman. Now I want to see   Brilliant
      character of Hampstead Garden                         modern financial controls and
      Suburb where we have brought                          better management of Trust   The  Archer Academy’s  Make
      up our three sons and where we                        staff  activity  by  making  use  of   Beaumont Brilliant campaign
      now enjoy our grandchildren.                          my business experience.   got a boost this month, with
         It was to protect the                                The Trust should review its   the help of EastEnders star and
      character of Hampstead Garden                         conservation policies to become   parent at the Archer Academy,
      Suburb that I became involved                         stronger and more interested, as   Steve McFadden.
      with the formation of the Central                     it used to be, and I would be happy   The school is hoping to
      Square Residents Association in                       to lead that review. You can ask me   raise £250,000 through the
      1996, made up of families living   BRIAN INGRAM       about current Henrietta Barnett   campaign, to fund the building
      in close proximity to Henrietta   “Oh please don’t let it be him!”  School proposals, the Tea House,  of a library and study centre at
      Barnett School to add our   might be the current Trustees’ view   those HBS extensions (2008/9), the   Beaumont Close for its GCSE
      opposition to the then planning   of my candidacy for election to   Bute Mews development or even   students. As part of the fund-
      application made by Henrietta   the Trust Council.  So I seriously  17 Holne Chase. Just email me   raising effort, the school’s Friends
      Barnett School.            ask readers to encourage other   at:  Association put on a Quiz Night
         Over the past 12 months I have   suitable people to stand along-  Many will know I am one of   and Auction, and were delighted
      served on the Estate Committee   side myself. New blood is needed   the leaders of Suburb volunteers   when Steve offered to donate an
      and the Finance Committee and   for Trustees, and for the various   restoring the Suburb’s Northway  Albert Square road sign, signed
      I am very impressed with Nick   Trust Committees.     Rose Gardens.             by the cast.
                                                                                         Steve also encouraged others
                                                                                      at the event to make a donation
                                                                                      to the campaign, as he himself
                                                                                      has done. Anyone wishing to
                                                                                      support Make Beaumont Brilliant
                                                                                      should visit

      National Lying Down Day - Monday, October 8 is the day and local Alexander Technique teacher, Carolyn Simon, demonstrates in
      the semi-supine position at Sunshine Corner. International Alexander Awareness Week is October 8 to 12 (

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        0203 490 2824
                                                                                      Steve McFadden
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