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John Charles Tozer                              the war and stored. They rented   stopping the car to look inside!  complicated part for a client  – positioning them strategically
                                                                                                                 and then design a machine to
                                                            a garage in Hampstead Way and
                                                                                         John was always happy to
                                                                                                                                            where John could see them
                      1926 -2018                            spent the next two years putting   help friends and neighbours in   make it. ThrustSSC, the British   from his window at Finchley
                                                                                      the Close to repair things, start
                                                                                                                                            Memorial Hospital. At this time
                                                            the cars back together. John
                                                                                                                 jet-propelled car developed by
                                 – who lives in Laguna Beach,  went on to win many trophies   cars and even climb up drain-  Richard Noble in 1997, which   the biggest smile that Helen can
                                 California, and until recently,  in the car; he also managed to   pipes to get in windows when   broke the land-speed record that   remember on John was for a
                                 made an annual visit to London.  learn to fly.       locked out. Sometimes there was   it still holds today used John’s   large brown Labrador Therapy
                                    As  a child, John’s  summer   ‘Narramore & Tozer’ was   a queue of neighbours at his   braking system. He was invited to   Dog at the Royal Free who was
                                 holidays  were  spent  in  thus born, making components   garage needing help with   a practice run and was presented   actually allowed on his bed.
                                 Salcombe, South Devon, where   for a multitude of industries.  something. If John ever said,  with a model of the car.  John was very proud of James
                                 he began his love affair with   Starting in Kentish Town before  “you will have to buy a new”   In  the 1980s John  began   and Jo. James inherited John’s
                                 sailing boats. It was from a   moving to Camden Town, John   something then you  really did   restoring an Austin 7, and then   determination in deciding in his
                                 nearby village in Devon that the   was now back to the part of   have to. John did not often use   won more trophies. An Austin   early 20’s to live in California.
                                 first Tozer, a ‘Boot Maker’ came   town where the Tozers had   the word “buy”.   10 followed and finally, at 75,  As John was fascinated by
                                 to London in the 18th Century.  made piano hammers.     When a bird-bath was    after a heart bypass operation   machines, James is fascinated
                                    As a teenager during the war,   Then he met Helen in 1961   needed, John cast the bowl in   he said, “I need a new sports car”  by  modern  technology.  Jo  has
      John always said from a very   John made a wireless, a   and they married in 1962, bought   concrete in an upturned metal   and bought his 1936 Triumph   inherited John’s love and skill
      young  age  that  all  he  ever   gramophone and set up a   a house in Willifield Way and   dustbin lid, it’s still in use today.  Gloria, which was sold after his   in making things, particularly in
      wanted to do was to make   telephone system for three of   had James in 1963 followed by   John always enjoyed feeding   stroke, in 2013.   restoring and furnishing houses.
      things – this he certainly did, all   his friends in Wildwood Road   Jo in 1965. The Amilcar and   and watching the birds in the   Hearing and speech became   In a  note from his friend
      his  life,  and  with  steely   to phone one another. This   Melanie went, and a family-  garden, and had a hedgehog   major problems but he always   Sue, she writes “Everyone who
      determination to the end.  involved  crawling  through  sized sailing boat bought. John   house. He fed the hedgehogs   enjoyed meeting dogs at the   met him, loved him. But none
         John  was  born  on  19th  of   neighbours back gardens in the   turned their two-bedroom house   every day. He thought that they   shops or on the Heath, where   as much as those of us (probably
      December 1926  in  Wildwood   dead of night laying cables.  into a three-bedroom, not what   might be descendants of some   these  impediments  were  not  a   hundreds) whose houses are
      Road. He never wanted to live   At 16 John was in the Home   most  people do on  their  own,  of the hedgehogs that had been   factor. He loved his children’s   littered with gadgets, repairs,
      anywhere else except Hampstead   Guard. He was sent to collect his   but John liked making things.  saved during the war. On the   dogs and in hospital after a fall,  products and projects that he
      Garden  Suburb,  and  never  did.  kit from somewhere in Golders   In 1967 a larger house was   heath, trenches had been dug   he was able to watch live videos   designed or made or fixed, or
      With his parents, Charles and   Green and returned home, on   needed to accommodate Helen’s   to prevent enemy aircraft from   of James’ new puppy, Kenzie, in   sometimes just encouraged us to
      Kitty,  younger  sister  Mary  and   his bike, with a rifle and hand   father, not to mention the boat   landing. At night, hedgehogs   San Diego, and Jo brought her   attempt ourselves – he was the
      the ever-present dogs, he lived   grenades!  At  18  in  1945  John   and cars, so the move was made   fell into those trenches and in   dogs, Harvey and Gemma, to visit   most helpful person in the world.”
      at both 78 and 102 Wildwood   was called up into the army. He   to Reynolds Close. Over the years,  the morning had to be rescued
      Road, then later at 11 Heathgate.  joined the Royal Artillery, was   John painted and papered every   by him and Mary.
      John’s grandfather W.C. Tozer   stationed in Germany, and was   wall, ceiling, door and window,   There were two big events in
      had  done  well  making  piano   taught to drive and maintain all   put in central heating and built   Reynolds Close: the hot summer
      hammers and had bought     types of vehicles.         numerous cupboards. Christmas   of 1976 was immediately followed
      himself and his two sons, one   During the 1950s important   presents were also always made   by a big flood and parts of
      of whom was John’s father,  events took place which affected   for James and Jo. The ‘Wendy   Reynolds Close were underwater.
      ‘new’ houses at the very   the rest of his life. Through a   House’, still in the front garden,  John,  along  with  others,
      founding of the Suburb. So   Suburb friend, Rex Clutton, he   a model railway, a dolls house, a   embarked on lifting all the
      grandparents, aunts, uncles and   was invited to join a syndicate   fort, a puppet-theatre and many   manhole-covers to drain the
      nine cousins all lived nearby.  in the ownership of a beautiful,  bikes of all shapes and sizes,  water  with  John  using  his
         John went to Kindergarten   40-foot sailing yacht, ‘Melanie’.  depending on what was to be   inflatable dingy. In 1987 a great
      at Henrietta Barnett School and   Then together with Rex and   found in a skip, and all made to   storm hit. Daniel recalls John
      then to Leas House Prep School   Ron Narramore, a friend and   look  like  new  when  finished.  up-righting a tree by “an
      on Kingsley Way. At Leas House   Leas House friend, he bought   John always reckoned that   improbable system of ropes and
      John made friendships that   three French Racing Cars –  Hampstead Garden Suburb had   pulleys”. It still stands today.
      would last his whole life. There   called Amilcars – that had been   very high quality skips – John   John, who was admired by
      is now just one left – John Mack   taken to pieces at the start of   could never pass a skip without   all his colleagues, could make a   John with his Amilcar at Silverstone

                 Twinkle, twinkle little star...

      …how I wonder what you…were?                          have discovered Uranus had he
      In  January,  we  will  celebrate                     been alive today!
      Twelfth Night and remember                               Our ancestors experienced a
      the star that led the Wise Men                        night sky that inspired science,                                                Note how the person standing under the
      to a stable in Bethlehem. Our                         religion, philosophy, art and                                                   light becomes more visible the more
      thoughts will turn naturally to                       literature and yet as a result of                                               light is directed downwards
      the night sky.                                        our  choices  today,  millions  of                                              friendly lighting when it is
         Long winter nights provide                         children across the globe will                                                  needed, where it is needed and
      ample opportunity, particularly                       never know the wonder of the   Map showing light pollution in the Hampstead Garden Suburb (centre – on the edge   only as much as is needed.
      around the time of the new                            Milky Way (we live on one of its   of densely lit (purple central London. Hampstead Heath is shown in pale pink and   If you would like to find out
      moon, to gaze in wonder at the                        minor spurs, the Orion Arm).   yellow, the rest of the Suburb is dark pink. As well as being close to central London,   more about dark-sky friendly
      stars. It might be a sign of age                         So what of London and the   the Suburb is close to densely lit Golders Green, Crouch End and Upper Holloway  lighting, dark skies, dark sky
      but it seems to me that we see                        South-East? Data from American   obesity, cancer etc.) and on the   So  where  do  we  go from   parks,  communities,  or events
      fewer stars than before.                              weather satellites has enabled   economy  and  our  energy  here? Since 1988, the charities   go to the International Dark Sky
         These pictures, sent by a   Over the past fifty years, city   measurement of the amount of   supplies (energy waste due to   International Dark Sky Association   Association (IDA) www.darksky.
      friend, and taken at night   lights have increasingly blotted   light spilling up into the night   overly bright and ill-directed   (based in US) and the Campaign   org, Campaign for Dark Skies
      looking over Bath in 1950 and   out the view of the night skies –  sky. The Campaign to Protect   lighting schemes).  for Dark Skies (the campaigning   (CfDS is the campaigning arm
      2000 respectively, may, however,   one wonders quite how William   Rural England (CPRE) has mapped   Increased security is often the   arm of the British Astronomical   of the British Astronomical
      offer a different explanation.  Herschel, who lived in Bath, would   light pollution levels in England   reason given for installing outdoor   Society) have been campaigning   Association)
                                                            and found that between 1993   lighting schemes; however, there   to reclaim our dark skies so that   dark-skies or Campaign to
                                                            and 2000 the country got 26%   is little hard evidence to support   we can all, once again, enjoy the   Protect Rural England www.
         Hall and Randall Plumbers                          brighter and the South-East 19%   this. Despite the popularity of   magic of starlit skies. We can do websites.
                                                            brighter. On the 2015 maps   external lighting, Home Office   much to support them by the   We  may  yet rediscover  the
                                                            below dark purple shows the   statistical evidence indicates that   choices we make.  wonder of the night skies the
         Plumbing and Heating Services • Property Maintenance  places with the highest levels of   the presence or absence of lights   ‘Dark skies’ do not necessarily   Wise Men saw for ourselves…
                                                            light pollution and dark blue   is of little or no importance.  mean no lighting, but dark-sky   ISABELLE FLICKER
                                                            the places with very little light   Indeed,  such  lighting,  if
                                                            pollution. Just look below at   installed incorrectly, can make
                                                            the difference!           one less safe by making victims   Welcome to St Jude’s
                                                               Fortunately, there is growing   and property more visible to
                                                            awareness of the negative impact   criminals. It can also create deep   Sunday December 16:
                                                            of lighting, not only on our ability   areas of shadow in which would-  6pm Nine Lessons and Carols, followed by mince
                                                            to see the night sky and the   be criminals can hide. The   pies and mulled wine
                                                            stars, but also on wildlife and   International Dark Sky website
                                                            the wider natural environment has a number   Christmas Eve:
         Central Heating, Plumbing Repairs & Advisory Service  (disruption of circadian rhythms;   of videos under its heading   4pm Nativity Play
                                                            increase in carbon emissions); on  ‘Resources’. The video ‘Ambush’   11.30pm Midnight Mass
         Look no further... your local plumbers             human health (links to depression,  makes interesting viewing.  Christmas Day:

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                                                            Map showing light pollution in the UK in 1993 and 2000 (source: CPRE)
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