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Triumph for the Archer Academy                                                         Mental Health, Gardening...

      Every year Welwyn Garden City   different drama groups entered   up winning first place  and  an       and a Seed Swap
      holds  a  Youth  Drama  Festival   with three short one-act plays   additional  technical  award  for
      featuring groups from Hertford-  performed  each  night  before  a   all aspects of their performance.
      shire and its adjoining counties.  panel of expert judges.  Congratulations to the whole
      This year, their 75th anniversary,   The Archer Players featured   cast for their hard work and to
      it took place from March 4 to 9  ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by   their drama director, Anja Rodford.
      at the Barn Theatre. Eighteen   William Shakespeare. They ended      TONY BRAND

                                                                                      Fellowship House was packed   outside and close to nature, and   our intensely private and
                                                                                      on the evening of March 7 for a   how allotments help with   sometimes difficult to access
                                                                                      joint initiative of the HGS   loneliness. Gardeners are more   internal world, as well as
                                                                                      Horticultural Society and the   aware of weather and seasons,  controlling and understanding
                                                                                      Allotments Committee. It started   such as noticing the first butterflies   our external worlds.
                                                                                      with a very interesting and   or  cuckoo,  or  identifying  the   An interesting Q and A
                                                                                      informative conversation between   many different birdsongs.  session followed with several
                                                                                      Jenifer Wakelyn and Chris Page,   They both made interesting   members of the audience
                                                                                      both doctors who are gardeners   connections between gardening   talking movingly about the
                                                                                      living  in the  Suburb,  on The   and mental health, drawing from   importance of playing outside
                                                                                      roots  to  mental  health,  why   a range of different theoretical   when  they  were young; how
                                                                                      gardening is good for you.  perspectives, history, nature,  children are fascinated by
                                                                                         Jenifer started by talking   medicine, psychology and   nature  and  enjoy  gardens,  but
             Brookland School at Fellowship                                           about her work with children in   encouraged us to think privately   sometimes appear disinterested
                                                                                                                                            during adolescent years; how
                                                                                      care and the importance of play.  about our love of gardening
                                                                                      She  described how  gardening   and how it helps us in our   the original love of nature can
                                                                                      has  a  long  history  of  helping   everyday lives.  reappear later in life.
                                                                                      with depression, anxiety and   Jenifer explained how ‘playing’   The Seed Swap itself was a
                                                                                      other mental illnesses. Chris   in the garden is inherently   terrific  success  with four  long
                                                                                      added that recent studies show   creative and expressive. It helps   tables heaving with an enormous
                                                                                     TONY BRAND
                                                                                      that physical, mental and social   us  in  life  through  the  selection of vegetable seeds,
                                                                                      health improve with being   constructive dialogue between   perennials, annuals and some
                                                                                                                                            seedlings. Everyone behaved
                                                                                             Annemount Head                                 themselves, with no sharp elbows!
                                                                                                                                              Many allotmenteers were
                                                                                            celebrates 25th year                            delighted  that  Terry  Rand  had
                                                                                                                                            brought along a supply of his St
                                                            On April 4, Hampstead Garden                                                    George and Cobra runner bean
                                                            Suburb seniors were entertained   Annemount School has only                     seeds, and Caroline Broome had
                                                            at  Fellowship  House by Year 2   ever had two heads. The first,                dozens of Thompson and Morgan
                                                            pupils from Brookland School   Miss Jamaiker, was there from                    vegetable and flowers seeds.
                                                            performing a selection of dances   1936 to 1993, when Geraldine                   Diane Berger and her team
                                                            and songs with members of the   Maidment (right) took over after                looked after us with refreshments,
                                                            audience sometimes joining in.  Miss Jamaiker’s death.                          and it was heartening to see such
                                                               It was a delightful afternoon   Geraldine is celebrating 25                  a large turn out of both Horticultural
                                                            with a group of dedicated six   years at the school and has asked               Society and Allotment Committee
                                                            and seven year old boys and   Suburb News to make it known                      members and residents. It was a
                                                            girls making a big effort for the   that the school is inviting families        wonderful evening, with pockets
                                                            local community.          with links to it to share their                       full of seeds to sow, and no money
                                                               Congratulations and thanks   memories by e-mailing the school                was exchanged at any stage!
                                                            to all of them and their teacher.  at                Many thanks to all involved,
                                                                           TONY BRAND                TERRY BROOKS                           especially Jenifer and Chris.

                                                                                            Letters to the Editor

                                                           10 Waterlow Court             Finally, after 26 years of   which don’t allow for the bins   Dear Sir
                                                            Monday, February 4        collecting our bins from the rear of   to be moved can be magically  As I mentioned in a question at the
                                                                                      our site along a back alley, which   overcome by the application   RA Council meeting on Tuesday
                                                            Dear Sir                  entails a slope and right angle   of money.           evening, April 2, it is an offence in
                                                            I cannot begin to describe the   bend, to pick up in the car park of   Councillor Rohit Grover sent   law to blow garden waste from
                                                            waste of time and effort, and sheer   the adjacent block of flats in   the following statement to   your private property onto public
                                                            frustration over at least five long   Corringway, the Council’s Assistant   Suburb News:   property. Private contractors should
                                                            weeks in trying to get the Council   Director decreed that this constituted  “We acknowledge the difficulties   be informed by the owners of the
                                                            to respond to their failure to collect   a Health & Safety concern and   residents of Waterlow Court face   property they must dispose of any
                                                            the four large paladins and  ten   could no longer be countenanced:   as a result of this re-organisation   garden  waste  by  collecting  the
                                                            recycling bins from Waterlow Court.  we  would  have  to  bring  the  bins   and will work with them in order   garden waste material and taking
                                                              Firstly, the new crew had no   down ourselves (we have no porter)   to find a satisfactory resolution.  it to the nearest public dump. If the
                                                            idea we existed and had not been   or pay for a special collection: the   We are meeting with the Chairman   owners of the property allow their
                                                            briefed  at  all  on  how  to  access   additional cost – over and above   of the Environment Committee   contractors to blow waste into the
                                                            Waterlow Court from the rear.  our 54 individual council tax   and the Assistant Director of Street   road,  or  onto  the  pavement,  they
                                                            Then, a missed bin collection   contributions – an insupportable   Scene at the site next week in order   are then breaking the law.
                                                            cannot be logged on the website for   five figure sum!  to examine options.”   Yours
                                                            blocks with more than 10 flats; a   While I appreciate councils have            Mr T F Youlden
                                                            telephone call has to be made to a   been severely constrained financially
                                                            number on which no message can   by this government, we are all
                                                            be left & no-one answers, as it has   being made to pay for the lack of   P R HARTLEY
                                                            a pre-recorded message. So how   what should be a cost-effective
                                                            would they ever know about a   and efficient public service.
                                                            problem? Clearly they prefer not to   Yours             CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT
                                                            know. A Kafkaesque situation.  Alexandra Rook             & REGISTERED AUDITOR
                                                               Secondly, while willing to report
                                                            a  complaint  on  our behalf,  our                     Accounting & Taxation Services
                                                            ward councillors appeared impotent   Suburb News decided to look
                                                            to actually make anything happen,  further into the circumstances
                                                            or hold their officers to account.  and forwarded this letter to   Call 020 8731 9745 or 07850 634395
                                                            Our excellent constituency MP   the three HGS ward councillors   Email
                                                            also tried and was fobbed off with   and our MP for comment.
                                                            a misleading e-mail that failed to   It’s interesting to note that
                                                            remedy matters.           the Health and Safety concerns
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