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Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust election

                                                                    for new Trustees

      The next Annual General Meeting   The Trust has the responsibility   Trust      the Heritage lighting in Central   started my working life as a   To  quote  the  Trust
      of the Hampstead Garden Suburb   of maintaining an important                    Square and was also responsible   journalist on the Warrington   Chairman,  from  the  2018
      Trust is on September 11, and   example of twentieth century   candidates’      for the installation of the new   Guardian (I’m from Manchester).  annual report: “The staff under
      this year it will be followed by   suburban design, and is also our   statements  flowerbeds in the Square.   When I came to London I moved   Nick Packard’s leadership are
      the election of two new    best protector against inappropriate                    The Trust has a difficult task   into marketing communications.  the mainstay of the Trust and I
      members to the Trust Council.  development.             RICHARD TOWNLEY         and  deals  with matters which                        sometimes wonder if we need
      As we go to press there are three   It is worth remembering that   My name is Richard Townley. I   materially affect us all. I know   BRIAN INGRAM  trustees at all!” Really? What
      declared candidates for these   Trustees’ actions are constrained   have lived in North Square in   that The Trust welcomes   My track record speaks for itself.  a  complete  abdication  of
      seats on the board, and we have   by the Memorandum & Articles   the Suburb for forty-two years   constructive  criticism  and  I   30 years of senior management   responsibility. A management
      a short statement from each   of Association and the Scheme   and am a strong supporter of   hope that I will be able to live   business experience with strong   shake up is needed.
      candidate for readers.     of Management. There are many   the Trust’s attitude towards   up to the demands that   finance and leadership skills. A   The Trustees must involve,
         A trustee has to ensure a   things the Trust is unable to do,   preserving the Suburb as a   appointment as a Trustee brings   Suburb Resident for 40 plus years,  recruit and bring on capable
      charity  remains  true  to  its   however worthy.     unique environment.       with it.                   I am currently the elected leader   residents  with  actual  business
      charitable purpose and objects   So if you are a member,   I  am  a  fellow  of  the  Royal                of the Northway Gardens    management experience to lead
      as set out in its governing   please use your vote for a   Institute of Chartered Surveyors   MARALYN ROBERTS  Organisation (NGO), which   the Trust for the next 20 years,
      documents. For us this means   candidate  who,  by  supporting   and  have  spent  my  life   I have lived in the Suburb for 38   restored the award winning Rose   not  just  on the  Trust Council
      that our trustees ensure the   the objectives of the Trust, will   professionally as  an  advisor  in   years. Our two daughters went   Gardens. I intend to involve the   but on the joint committees as
      Trust does all things possible to   put the Suburb first.  commercial property investment   to a local primary school.   Trust to take a wider much needed   well. The Trust election procedure
      maintain and preserve the     If you are not a member and   until 1990 and thereafter as   Each weekday morning,  view of its green responsibilities;   is odd and dubious: it needs
      present character and amenities   have lived in the Suburb for at   an investor.   come rain or shine, my friend   part of its core business I suggest,  reviewing.
      of the Suburb using the tools at   least 3 years, you are eligible to   For ten years I was a Trustee   and I can be found striding   and part of the values of the   Inconsistency  of  Trust
      its disposal. Trustees also have   become a member of the   of  Ambitious  About  Autism,  a   round the Heath extension at   Suburb founders.  decisions is a big issue for
      to ensure the Trust  remains   charity; go to   charity which supports children   the crazy hour of 6.30am. I   The Trust Manager said to   residents; as is secrecy and lack
      solvent and has the resources   to join, and to find out more   with autism and their families. I   never fail to be struck by its   me:  “Trustees  are  only  here  to   of transparency. It suits the staff
      necessary to do its job.   about the Trust.           was Chair of the Steering Group   natural beauty and by the   consider planning applications.”  and  trustees  not  to  be
         We need trustees who will   Just paying the management   which delivered a £12,000,000   beauty of the built environment   Do we agree? Should senior   computerised and accountable.
      ensure the Trust continues to be   charge or your ground rent   school in Woodside Avenue,  - Hampstead Garden Suburb. It’s   staff be given a high degree of   All that is needed is a simple
      properly resourced and not just   does not make you a member,   which some of you may know.   a privilege to live here and I   autonomy and lack of oversight?   £500  software package.  This is
      look to reduce its income and   and there is no restriction just   The role of the Board and   treasure it.  Is permitting the  head of  the   something I will look into.
      hamper its effectiveness. The   because you rent from a landlord.   Trustees is to support Nick   It’s for these reasons that I   paid staff to work part-time an
      management    charge  has     Finally it is important for   Packard, the Manager, in the   decided to put my name forward   indication of how little interest
      remained in its target range for   me to say that the above   formulation of policy and   as a trustee.    the  trustees  take  in  the    Notice
      the  last  10  years  and  remains   represents my  personal  views   thereafter the execution.   I retired six years ago. I   substantive work of the Trust,
      cheaper than my TV licence or   and not those of anyone else or   I have been involved in   volunteer at a local primary   including the greenery of the   from
      daily newspaper; I  would say   any group.            various Suburb projects and, in   school two afternoons a week   Suburb, as opposed to mere
      that is good value for money.            TERRY BROOKS  particular, the introduction of   and I listen to children read. I   internal administration?   the Trust

                                                                                                                                            The Trust Manager has asked
                                      Life after 70 – an HGS U3A lecture                                                                    for Suburb News to publish
                                                                                                                                            the following:
      To celebrate the 70th birthday                                                  Many people spoke about    we chat to our neighbours. The    The Charity Commission defines
      of the Tavistock Institute of                                                   wanting to continue contributing   effect was mind-blowing! So loud   trustees as having ‘responsibility
      Human Relations in London,                                                      something to society.      did the conversations become   for directing the affairs of a charity,
      Principal Consultant/Researcher,                                                   Older people may be less fit   that the interval extended to   and ensuring that is solvent, well-
      Dr Mannie Sher decided to run                                                   and possibly less active than they   about 15 minutes. It just proved   run, and delivering the charitable
      a group relations event for people                                              were, and feel vulnerable and   what Dr Sher had said – that if   outcomes for the benefit of the
      aged over 70 years. It would cover                                              may need carers, which evokes   you make the effort to chat to   public for which it has been set
      topics such as finances and health,                                             memories of childhood. As all of   someone, you are very likely to   up.’  The Trust’s  purpose  is  to
      and a realisation that sooner or                                                us probably have lost family and   be successful and will very quickly   maintain and preserve the
      later we have to face the fact of                                               friends, we must try to make new   find subjects of mutual interest.  character  and  amenity  of
      our deaths. The facilitators and                                                friends and try new experiences,   Dr Sher said that competition,   Hampstead Garden Suburb.
      the 32 participants were all over                                               probably  more mental than   anger and envy are part of the   The Trust’s Annual Report &
      70;  one focus all faced was                                                    physical, as we slow down and   experience of aging in relation   Accounts (available from the
      managing the tension between                                                    become weaker with age.    to young people. Deafness can   Trust’s website and sent each
      increased  frailty  and  enjoying                                                  After the first 20 minutes of   be a great drawback and can   year to Trust members) contains
      one’s remaining opportunities                                                   his talk, Dr Sher stopped as he   increase the sense of loneliness.   significant detail on the Trust’s
      in the best possible way.                                                       said that was the maximum   Some older people choose to   operation and its finances.
         So our U3A Events Organiser,                                                 length of time most audiences   move to a smaller home  and    Members of the Trust and
      Daphne Berkovi, thought this   turned up at Fellowship House   instead of in rows, so that every-  could concentrate, so we sat in   remain  independent,  or  go  to   residents of the Suburb have an
      might be a good lecture topic   to hear Dr Sher’s lecture. All the   one had people sitting next to   silence for a few minutes until   sheltered housing, or to a   open invitation to contact the
      and in June over 50 members   chairs were arranged in a u–shape,  them as well as opposite.   he continued. In old age, we can   residential home, depending   Trust Manager via the Trust office
                                                               For the first 20 minutes, Dr   decide whether to remain alone   on their health and income.  about any aspect of the Trust.
                                                            Sher  spoke  about  the  changes   or join a group where people   Some people find it difficult   The  deadline  for  new
                                                            older people faced – no longer   can help each other. However, if   choosing how to spend their   members being eligible to vote
         Brownhill Insurance Group have been insuring       were they important with   one prefers the latter, it is important   time; others wonder if they will   in any election this year is
         the residents and businesses of Hampstead          responsible jobs, but almost   to keep one’s individuality.   be remembered by the next   Monday 9 September 2019. Go
         Garden Suburb for over 30 years.                   invisible in public places. There   As another 20 minutes had   generation. Some people remain   to
                                                            were a few perks, such as being   now passed, Dr Sher stopped his   in mourning and urgently search   membership.shtml for details
                                                            offered a seat on public transport.  talk again and this time suggested   for a new person with whom they   of  who can become a Trust
         We understand the uniqueness of this area and                                                           can connect, and sometimes feel   Member and the relevant form
         therefore can provide the most appropriate                                                              that they should, and do, remain   to complete, and to www.
         cover for both residents and businesses.                                                                alive because of important people
                                                                                                                 who are dependent on them.  announcements.shtml for details
                                                                                                                              JUDITH SAMSON  of the election procedure.
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         call us:                                                                                                               ANTIQUE SILVER
         020 8353 8907                                      Our U3A in Hampstead Garden   weekly Psychology lectures at
                                                                                      the  University  campus,  with  a
                                                            Suburb has now been established
                                                            for two years with a solid   vast array of interesting topics.
                                                            membership and a burgeoning   The last lecture took place at the
         Join hundreds of Hampstead                         array of interesting subjects.  end of June with a lecture on   We wish to purchase items of silver in any
         Garden Suburb residents                               Over the past two years we   Memory and the Mind, delivered
         and businesses by insuring                         have been working on a    by Dr Emma Ward, who gave        condition.  As a long standing resident of the
         with Brownhill Insurance                           collaboration with an academic   our first monthly topical talk   Suburb, Gideon Cohen is happy to view
         Group.                                             institution and are delighted to   two years ago.          your silverware at home and will make an
                                                                                         We are now working on a
                                                            announce a partnership with
                                                            Middlesex  University.  We  are   collaboration to bolster the
                                                            very fortunate that one of our new   relationship by members of our   offer to purchase, free of any obligation.
         When it comes to insurance,                        members, Emeritus Professor   U3A helping some of the students
         we've got you covered.                             Lisa Woolfson, agreed to be our   to enhance their skill sets.    17 The London Silver Vaults
                                                            University Liaison Co-ordinator.   We will continue to expand   53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QT
                                                            She has been facilitating the   the programme, as we have had           020 7404 1425
                                                            partnership with the present head   wonderful feedback from our
                                                            of the Psychology department,  members and the University.
                                        insurance           Professor Bifulco.        to find out more about this project.
                                                               Since May of this year, our
                                                            members have been attending            DAPHNE BERKOVI
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