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Artists’ Open Houses

                                                                                                                 Over the weekends at the end of   One of the houses is on the
                                                                                                                 June and beginning of July   Suburb, in Brookland Rise, and
                                                                                                                 there were 20 houses in East   was showing the work of five
                                                                                                                 Finchley exhibiting the work of   artists with jewellery, ceramics,
                                                                                                                 over 70 artists  – Open  Houses   photographs, textiles, glasswork,
                                                                                                               PHOTOS: TONY BRAND
                                                                                                                 rather than Open Studios, and   mixed media and silk prints. A
                                                                                                                 another reminder that some   wonderful mix.
                                                                                                                 wonderful art is produced by   Find out about their next event
                                                                                                                 our neighbours.            at
                                                                                                                                                          TERRY BROOKS

                   HGS Art Fair

      There was an exhibition of the   More than 20 artists showed
      talent in our midst put on by   their work in paintings, sculpture,
      HGS Art in Fellowship House   ceramics, jewellery, photography,
      on May 11 & 12. There was also   textiles, glass and silk painting.
      an opportunity to contribute to   If you would like to know                                                                                                    PHOTOS: TERRY BROOKS
      Combat  Stress  by  eating  some   more about Suburb art and artists,
      wonderful Suburb cake in the   go to
      comfort of the gardens.                  TERRY BROOKS

      Tennis Club’s new recruit

      Take a stroll through Farm Walk,  him when making the piece,
      the verdant pathway linking   which is now a Club attraction.
      Hampstead Way and Temple  ‘After Suzanne’ was gifted to Farm
      Fortune Lane, to catch a glimpse   Walk by Michael on condition
      of the Tennis Club’s ‘new’  that the Club requested members
      member. In full flight on the   to make donations to the North
      grass verge of the car park is the   London Hospice.
      sculpture modelled on Suzanne   Further to their generosity it
      Lenglen the leading French tennis   is anticipated that the Club will
      player of the 20s and 30s. She   raise additional funds through
      was noted for her balletic style   future charity tournaments,
      of play and innovative tennis   which are a regular feature of
      costume, introducing the short   Club life.                 Letter to the Editor
      white dress to ladies’ tennis.  Michael’s sculptures are now                                                 Become part of the community
         Created for the Club by   adorning many Suburb and                                                         Complete and return the form below, join online, or download a standing
                                                                                      the clerical administrator while
      member Michael Berg, it was   local area gardens raising much   Manchester M15 5FF  Bill was a volunteer and later, the   order form from Alternatively, if you own a
      these features that appealed to   needed money for the Hospice.                                                    smart phone, scan the QR code.
                                                            Dear Sir,                 production manager of Topic, the
                                                                                      record arm of the WMA. I can be   Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at
                                                             Memories of Camilla Raab?                       
                                                                                      contacted by email at wildchild.
                                                            I am researching a book about Bill or by post at
                                                            Leader,  the  famed  folk  producer,  Mike Butler, 71 Hunmanby Avenue,
                                                            and I would be very interested to   Manchester, M15 5FF, or by phone
                                                            hear readers’ recollections of Camilla   at 0161 226 5461.
                                                            Raab, a resident of Hogarth Hill for
                                                            thirty years. I would particularly   Yours
                                                            be interested in hearing her views   Mike Butler                   MEMBERSHIP FORM
                                                            about music, politics and (combining                          one subscription covers everyone at the address
                                                            the two), the Workers’ Music   Camilla  Raab’s  obit:  SN84,   I would like to join the HGS Residents Association.
                                                            Association, where she worked as   Summer 2004, page 2; Ed
                                                                                                                   PLEASE USE CAPITALS THROUGHOUT
                                                                      WORDSEARCH                                   Address

                                                             In our Summer Wordsearch we have included the names of 20                         Postcode
                                                             types of tea. One of them is highlighted to start you off, Names   Email
          Advance traffic news                               may be read in all directions, straight or diagonally. Please send   (Giving your email address helps us keep in touch and reduce costs )
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               from H B School                               and contact details. The closing date is September 17. All correct     Subscription amount:  £    (Minimum payment £15)
                                                             entries go into a draw to win a £20 book token. Good luck!
                                                                                               MARILYN GROSSMAN
      The Henrietta Barnett School’s   on their test day, and say they                                             Fellowship donation:  £    (To support Fellowship, a Suburb charity,
      Round One Entrance Test will   will do all they can by liaising     L  A  P   S   A  N  G  S  O  U  C  H  O  N  G  (Optional)         in its work for Suburb senior citizens)
      take place from 7.30am until   with relevant agencies, including     N  V  Z  G  R  Y  E  R  G  L   R  A  E   E   E   Total:  £        (Total amount for cheque, standing
      6.30pm on Tuesday, September 3.  the  police,  to  help  minimise     F  X  L   S  O  B   I   O  O  R  R   S   I   R  C               order, PayPal or credit card via
      This  is  before  current  students   disruption. They will also have                                          SN139        
      return for the Autumn Term.  a team of caretakers and an     R   I   A  P   L  D  B  Z  K   S  W  S   L  Q   I  Standing order is best – it stays unchanged unless you alter/cancel it!
         The school are aware of the   additional security team to help     M  A  D  S  Q  A  L   F   A  Z  K  A  E   S   R  * I declare by making this donation that I want to Gift Aid my donations to
      traffic problems that can arise   on the day.                                                                Fellowship House and am a UK taxpayer paying sufficient tax to meet the Gift
                                                              C  H  Y  L   B  R  A  L   T   F  M  M  M  P  O       Aid on my donation. I agree to Fellowship receiving my details for this purpose.
                                                              P  C  G   I   E   J   C   I  M  C  Q  T  O  E  U     * Delete the above declaration if you do not wish to Gift Aid your donation or do
                         Maths                                Z  A  R   L   R   E  K  E  A   I   X  M  N  P  Q     not pay sufficient tax

           Private coaching in Hampstead Garden Suburb        G  L   E  Q  G  E   T   L  N  N  L  R   F   P   I    BANK STANDING ORDER FORM To the Manager:
                                                              I   A  Y  C  A  L  D   I   D  N  A  N  V  E    L     Bank Name
              ✩ Common Entrance and 7+, 11+, 13+ ✩           N  S   L  E  M   I  N  M   U  A   P  E   E  R  K      Bank Address
                ✩ GCSE,  A level and Further Maths ✩          G  A  O  Y  O  N  W  O  A  M  E     E  O  M  Q                                   Post Code
            ✩ STEP and Oxbridge interview preparation ✩       E  M  M  L   T  G  B  M  Y  O  N  R  D     I  M      Sort Code           Account No
                                                                                                                   Please pay the Total amount entered above NOW and then annually
         Recent successes at Westminster and St Paul’s Boys schools,     R  X  T  O  A  M  K  A  E  N  F  G  A  N  E  on 1st February until further notice to:
         as well as Oxford and Cambridge Universities.      W   D  D   N  M   D  Z   C  H   I  N  A   Y  T  K
         Highly experienced former Head of Maths with B.Sc. Maths,                                                 The Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Association.
                                                                                                                   Account number: 91605747, Sort Code: 40-03-11
        1st Class hons. degree from top UK university and experience   SN138 WORDSEARCH ANSWERS & WINNER           at HSBC, 897 Finchley Road, NW11 7NX
         in writing 11+ materials.                          The 20 modes of transport were: aeroplane, bamboo train, bicycle,
                                                            boat, cable car, canoe, ferry, helicopter, horse, hot air balloon,   Quoting Reference (leave blank, RA to complete)
         One-to-one support that will secure those A*s, grade 9s,   hovercraft, penny farthing, raft, rickshaw, sedan chair, ship, skis,   Signed   Date
         top university, Independent or selective school places.  toboggan, tractor, traghetto. Some of you found others and all
                    Contact: 07811 254061                   were allowed.                                          Please return this form with the bank standing order section
                                                              The winner of the competition was Gil Marash of Middleway.   completed or your cheque made payable to HGS Residents
                                                            Well done!                                             Association to:  HGSRA, PO BOX 67700, LONDON NW11 1NS
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