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Alan Smallbone 1930 - 2019                                                       Ben Lachmann 1924- 2019

                                    He became a Broker at Lloyds   theirs. Bath time, bedtime stories,   en Lachmann was born in            returned to Frankfurt. Ben’s sister
                                 in 1955 and worked there until   impromptu trips to Longleat or   B Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia (now           had  already  left Israel  to settle
                                 his early retirement in 1988   the fairground made Dad the   Gliwice, Poland) in 1924 where                in  London  and  so  in  1958  he
                                 following a heart attack. He was  ‘fun’  parent.  His  deep  sense  of   his parents, Josef and Rose, ran the   decided to look for work in
                                 passionate about issues around   morality, of right and wrong,   family store selling household            England. He was introduced to
                                 Lloyds and pensions on which he   acceptable and unacceptable   furnishings. After Josef’s tragic          a Czech-owned furniture company
                                 was an inveterate writer of letters   could at times be hard to live   death in a car accident in 1928,    who agreed to apply for a work
                                 to the Times and Financial Times.  with and to live up to, but his   Rose continued to run the store       permit  for him. Starting on a
                                 He revelled in the challenges of   integrity was never in doubt.   until she sold it in 1933. A timely     weekly wage of £12 he finished up
                                 argument, never let go of a   We walked our dogs on the heath   sale indeed. The political unrest in       as technical and import director.
                                 topic once engaged and railed   and at Kenwood and enjoyed   Germany was creating increasingly             His experience and ability to
                                 against the obtuseness of those   meals at The Spaniards Inn.  unfavourable conditions for Jews.           travel and communicate had
                                 who could not follow his line of   He took great care of Katie   Ben recalled being shot in the            stood him in good stead.
         lan Frederick Smallbone was   thought, or was it perhaps those   in  her  final  illness  until  her   arm with an air rifle by a couple   Ben  finally received  his
      A   born on 29th March 1930   who disagreed? It was during this   death in December 2010 and   of Hitler youths on his way            British citizenship in 1963, two
      to Gidea Park GP Eric and his   time that he became a Justice of   remained, initially alone until   home from school one day. He     years after marrying Steffi. The
      Scottish wife Jean (9 months to   the Peace, widely respected as   Sarah  moved  back to  care for   rushed up to the family’s   With the war officially over,  couple started married life in
      the day after their wedding). He   Chairman of the  Bench. I  do   him, in the family home until   second-floor flat and hurled a   Ben, now stationed in northern   Oakwood Road here in the
      was educated at Bradfield   wonder if his true vocation   the week before his unexpected   flower pot from the balcony at   Italy, brought displaced Jews   Suburb. Their son Jonathan was
      College (Army House) and Trinity   might have been in the world   death on 30th August 2019 in   them. He was pretty sure he hit   from the Soviet-occupied zone   born in 1968 and the family
      College, Oxford. Before attending   of law where I think he might   The Royal Free Hospital as the   one of them.   into Italy and sent them by   moved to Litchfield Way in the
      Officer Cadet school, he served for   have made a wonderful (and   result of an acute illness.   Towards the end of 1934,  boat on to Palestine. The Jewish   early seventies. Both Ben and
      a time in Africa in the Mauritian   probably provocative) judge.   He became increasingly more   Rose decided to leave Germany   Brigade was then sent to Holland   Steffi loved the Suburb, particularly
      guard and was then commissioned   He married Katie in 1959,  eccentric in old age, especially   and moved her family to (what   and Belgium to guard fields of   the sense of community and
      into a cavalry regiment,  being   initially living in a flat in   in his choice of clothes, but   was then) Czechoslovakia, Austria   parked tanks and heavy weapons.  ‘villagey feel’. They enjoyed walks
      awarded the General Service   Primrose Hill where Sarah was   never went out without a hat (a   and Italy in the hope of finding   Driving through bombed-out   across the Heath Extension and
      Medal  for  his part  in  the Suez   born. They moved to Temple   selection of which were laid on   a better life. However, with the   Germany in lorries painted with   even had a favourite tree which
      Campaign. He loved being in the   Fortune Lane in 1966 and Erica   his coffin). Until two months   Nazis now occupying large swathes   the Brigade’s distinctive blue and   they would always walk around
      Army and afterwards maintained   was born. He was a devoted   before his death, he could be   of Europe, Rose knew she had   white stripes and the yellow Star   before turning back to go home.
      a committed attachment as a   family  man  and  loved being a   seen wobbling down to Temple   to move her family yet again.  of David, Ben heard a German   Sadly, Steffi died in 2016.
      Territorial Army Officer in the Inns   parent and subsequently grand-  Fortune on his bike, wearing his   They sailed on the Galileo from   man exclaim “Was! es gibt noch   Despite suffering a massive
      of Court Regiment. Convention   parent (to Erica’s three children   favourite Knickerbockers which   Trieste to Haifa in 1937 to join   Juden?” (“What! Are there still   stroke in January 2014 which
      and formality, learnt at school and   living in Somerset) and great   he refused to part with even   Rose’s brother who had already   Jews around?”) .   left him physically impaired,
      in the Army, were important to   grandparent, and was very   when full of holes.  settled there.              After the war, Ben returned   Ben continued to enjoy a high
      him throughout his life.   involved in our upbringing and        SARAH SMALLBONE   Having turned 13 on the   to Tel Aviv. With his discharge   level  of  alertness  and  memory
                                                                                      voyage to Haifa, Ben celebrated   payment,  he  bought  a  set of   capacity right up to the end of
                                                                                      his Barmitzvah (Jewish coming   carpentry tools and started   his life and used this time to
              Orchard Housing                               Laminated notices were put on   of age) in Tel Aviv. After attending   working in furniture factories. He   write a short but detailed memoir.
                                                            government recommendations.
                                                            entrance doors and notice boards   the local school and learning   also carried out his mandatory two   Ben was determined to stay in
                                                                                      Hebrew, Ben enrolled at a
                                                                                                                                            his home in Litchfield Way
                                                                                                                 year  army training  and clearly
                                                            as visual reminders.      technical school specifically set   did  well,  being  promoted  to   until his death and his family
                                                               Hand sanitising dispensers                                                   ensured his wish was honoured.
                                                            were installed at each entrance   up to train young German-Jewish   sergeant. Though asked to remain   Ben Lachmann was a true
                                                            to reduce the spread of infection.   boys  in  metal  and  woodwork.  in the army, Ben declined but   survivor and his life story will
                                                                                                                 he did fulfil his call up for the
                                                                                      He clearly had an aptitude for
                                                            Our communal laundries stayed   woodwork, building the large   1956 Suez campaign.   continue to be handed down
                                                            open, with only one person at a                                                 through the generations by his
                                                            time permitted.           double doors for the school’s main   Israel in the 1950s was a   son Jonathan, his daughter-in-
                                                               Our tenants helped each   entrance. At 18 Ben joined the   harsh country to live in; it was   law Beth and his two grand-
                                                                                                                 full of shortages, particularly in
                                                                                      Jewish Brigade and travelled to
                                                            other by ordering shopping   Alexandria and then Southern   medication. In 1957 Ben’s mother   children Sam and Maya of whom
                                                            online for others, delivering                                                   Ben was inordinately proud.
                                                            prescriptions and checking on   Italy following the Allied invasion   decided to go back to Germany
                                                            each other’s wellbeing.   from Sicily.               to join some friends who had     SHELLEY-ANNE SALISBURY
                                                              As an independent sheltered
                                                            housing scheme, the managers
                                                            workers and arranged to work  2020
                                                            are not considered front-line
         he Orchard Housing Society is   maintained safe outdoor space
      Ta not for profit registered social   has plenty of seating for our   from home, with a weekly visit
                                                            to site. We quickly adapted to
      landlord, which exists to provide   tenants to enjoy fresh air and   the situation, setting up remote   It started with quiet streets and dreary days
      sheltered  accommodation  for   beautiful weather. This helped to   access to our computer systems   So desolate and lifeless
      older Suburb residents or the   ensure the Orchard community                      Our hearts sinking every time we hear the familiar wail of sirens
      parents of Suburb residents   kept in contact with their   and diverting phones to ensure   People walking far apart not worried for themselves
                                                            our tenants could contact us
      who are in housing need. The   neighbours whilst maintaining   directly during office hours.   But for those they love and cherish with fear that they may perish
      provision  of  housing  for  the   the recommended two metre   Amanda and I are the full
      elderly was part of the overall   social distance.
                                                            time managers and together
      vision of Dame Henrietta Barnett,   Prior to the lockdown, when   with our new part time Housing   Painting rainbows on our windows
      and in 1909 the original group   the  pandemic  started  to  affect   Assistant, Leonie, we created a rota   To encourage all our heroes
      of flats was opened. A group of   people in England, we sadly and   to check in with our tenants at   The Angels who work hard night and day to keep their brethren safe
      local residents formed the current   cautiously decided to close our              Risking their lives on emergency wards
      Orchard Housing Society in order   communal rooms, which meant   least once a week. A daily call to   Knowing they have made a difference
                                                            our most vulnerable and isolated
      to replace the original buildings   we had to stop all activities; coffee   tenants assisted in ensuring all   We clap for them on Thursdays, but every day we pray
      with more up to date provision   mornings, meditation, decoupage   needs were being met.
      and  the  new  buildings  were   classes and the ‘my generation’
                                                              As the Tenant Support
      opened in 1972.            project  which was  run  in   Manager, I have visited the   We want to smile yet we sigh
         We are very fortunate at The   partnership with Mind in Barnet.   Orchard at least once a week   When the recovery rate is low and the deaths high
      Orchard. Surrounded by beautiful   We encouraged our tenants   since the lockdown began,   We walk on through this storm of fear and sorrow
      grounds  and  gardens,  our  well   to wash their hands and stick to              When tears subside
                                                            making sure contact with tenants
                                                            was maintained, showing moral   There will be a brighter tomorrow
                                                            support and a physical presence.
         WE’VE GOT                                          guidance, are sent to tenants   A gentle breeze turned into a storm bringing the world to its knees
                                                              Updates on the current
                                                                                        but when the world is all recovered
         YOU COVERED.                                       fortnightly,  ensuring  clear  humanity and kindness will be rediscovered.
                                                            communication  on the  ever-
                                                                                        It’s been six weeks the air is clear; pollution has found a natural solution.
                                                            changing Covid-19 pandemic
                                                            and government rules. We    The grass is green the flowers are bright and there are very few cars in sight.
         We have insured clients and their                  believe all these efforts helped   Lessons we have learnt shall stay within our mind and we shall be wise to follow them till the end of time.
         families in Hampstead Garden Suburb                to keep the Orchard virus free.   Respect our planet and all who live on it,
                                                              We cannot thank the local
         for 35 years...                                    community enough. We were   or bear the consequences of Her reactions to our tainted actions.
                                                            overwhelmed by offers of support   GIA BHALLA
                                                            from the Suburb community,
         Personal quote:                                    from Helping Hands, Mutual
         020 8353 8957                                      Aid Volunteer group and from
                                                            all the neighbours who emailed
         Commercial quote:                                  and called offering support with
         020 8353 8940                                      shopping, collecting prescriptions,   MORE THAN JUST A TO B • DRIVERS ATTENTIVE TO YOUR NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS
                                                            cooking or just a friendly phone   FIXED FARES TO MANY DESTINATIONS INCLUDING AIRPORTS, STATIONS AND HOSPITALS
                                                            call; Thank you!            SAMPLE FARES:
         Visit our new website:       Finally, huge thanks to our   Heathrow .............from £30  24 HOUR             • ALL SIZES OF CARS
                                                            wonderful gardeners,  cleaners,   Gatwick .................from £65  MINI-CAB SERVICE    AVAILABLE
                                                                                        Victoria .................from £20
                                                            and handyman for all their   Luton ....................from £39                      • FRIENDLY, HELPFUL
                                                            hard work during this time.  Kings X/St Panc .....from £15                              DRIVERS
                                                                                        Harley Street ........from £16
                                                  YEARS                                 Royal Free .............from   £8 020 8455 6777
                                                               BEATRICE BOUSSARD, TENANT                                                         •  NO ‘SURGE’ PRICING
                                                                       SUPPORT MANAGER
      2                                                                                         SUBURB NEWS IS PRODUCED AND DELIVERED TO YOU BY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEERS
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