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Our female                                                          Give it Up for the Sisters !

                role models                                        usic, for all of us, can be an   industry setting up examples for other   releases a song, it is thought there is
                                                              M escape, a way to relax for us to   industries.  Many  musicians  are  another  writer  behind  it  but  when  a
                    My role model is Mary Shelley. She was an   enjoy ourselves and express our   recognising this issue and artists such   man releases is a song, it’s thought that
                      author and famously wrote Frankenstein.   emotions. Nowadays, with apps such   as Ariana Grande are paving the way   he’s the one who wrote it. Artists
                       She inspires me because her work broke   as Youtube or Spotify, all your favourite   for a more equal playing field, using   sharing their personal experiences of
                       the  Victorian  stereotypes  of  female   songs are available at a touch, making   more female producers and writers to   sexism in the music industry is important
                       writing. Her work is so well thought out   music more easily accessible. Artists   help  create  songs,  which  in  turn  helps   because by speaking out they can
                      and contains so many modern and         are now able to gain traction with viral   more people discover these amazing   influence change and garner respect
                     relevant messages.    MADHU  K           songs and amass a large following   writers and producers.          for these artists and women in general.
                                                              quickly, gaining large platforms.    A really big issue within the music   Slowly, but steadily, women are
       My role model is Luciana Berger, ex-MP.                However, with popularity comes its   industry is how female artists are torn   getting more and more recognised for
       I admire her for her unwavering integrity              problems, especially  for female   down for just simply standing up for  their  talents  and  contributions  within
       and the way that at every point in her                 musicians who are constantly shamed   themselves and not staying quiet. A  the music industry. Just this year, at the
       political career she chose to stand up                 or  treated  poorly,  for  things  such  as   great example of this comes from one   Grammys, Billie Eilish (below) won not
       against injustices faced by her constituents           being open and honest with their  of my favourite artists, Beyoncé, who   only album of the year but also record
       and even herself, even though it would                 music.  With  music  being  such  a  key  throughout  her  career,  had  been   of the year, showing, no matter what
                                                              part of most of our lives, it is important
       be easier to stay silent.                              to acknowledge the gap between male   criticised  for  not  being  ‘lady-like’  and   your age or gender, it’s possible to
                                                ROSA  B
                                                                                                being bossy, with many people
                                                              and female artists within the music  deciding to label her as a ‘diva’, a word   succeed and follow your dreams.
                                                                                                                                  Whilst  the  music  industry  still  has  a
                     My role model is Mindy Kailing, who is an   industry, whether it be through sexism   with many negative connotations.  long  way to go, problems are being
                       actress but also a writer and producer   expressed in popular songs or the lack   Instead of ignoring these claims, she
                       for other TV shows. She works hard     of representation for women. Equally, it   decided to own the title, spinning it on   recognised and changes are continually
                                                                                                                                  being made. Through the pioneering
                        for proper South Asian representation   is as important to recognise women   its head, releasing a song called ‘Diva’.  efforts of many women, the music
                        in the movies and shows she works on.   taking back their power and creating a   In the chorus, she states that ‘a diva is a
                       She shows that you can work well on    more diverse platform for artists.  female version of a hustler’, showing   industry is starting to become a place
                      screen as well as behind the screen to    Women make about 51% of the     that to her, being called a diva means    where women can freely
       create change and eliminate harmful stereotypes.       world’s total population however, when   she works hard and is confident and   express their feelings and
                                             KAYA  H                                                                                         be themselves.
                                                              looking at the top 600 songs from 2012  strong. Beyoncé took ownership of                  KAYA  H
       My role model is my mother. I admire her for          to 2017, only around 22% of the songs  the word, and took her power back,
       never giving up on finding her dream job,             were from female artists. Out of the   showing women that being sure of
       and for not being afraid to change                    2,767 writers who were credited on   yourself does not mean you
       career as many times as it took for her               those songs, only 12.3% of them were   are  rude.  ‘Diva’  is
       to feel professionally fulfilled. I also look         women. From interviews with various   now considered to                              BEN HOUDIJK / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM
       up to my mum because of her steadfast                 female  songwriters, over  40%  of   be one of the most inspiring
       belief that hard work always pays off: if she         respondents admitted their colleagues   female empowerment songs
       wants to get something done, she will not stop until she has   dismissed or discounted their work or  of all time.
        achieved that which she set out to achieve. What willpower!   skills and 39% have experienced   Just like Beyoncé, musicians are
                                              ALLIE  G       stereotyping with 25% of women    speaking out about the unfairness
                                                             having experienced being the only  they’ve faced in the music industry.
                      My role model is Alison Balsom, a very   woman in the recording studio.  Taylor Swift notes that when she started
                        gifted female trumpeter. She inspires   Highlighting these gender differences   out as a singer and song-writer, she
                        me because I also play the trumpet   is vital as it shows the lack of female   was not taken seriously by her male
                         and  it is a very male  dominated   representation and resulting pay gap   counterparts, and Dua Lipa brought
                        instrument and brass is a very male   in the music industry, an influential   awareness to the fact that if a woman
                        dominated orchestral section. Alison                                                                           Billie Eilish
                      Balsom is overcoming expectations and
        stereotypes, and is also an advocate for music funding in
        schools for disadvantaged children.  JOANNA  C                                                    Annabelle’s litter project

        My role model is Amal Clooney – an                                                                                                                           JONATHAN BENTATA
        international law and human rights
        lawyer who frequently advocates
        education and freedom of the media.
        She’s an inspiration to me not only
        because of her stunning fashion
        choices  often  overshadowed  by  her
        outstanding career; but also because of her determination,
        confidence and sense of justice. Despite marrying world-
        renowned actor George Clooney, she wasn’t obscured by
        his fame. I admire her as a strong, independent and
         accomplished woman in her own right.  ISABELLE  H


           Ella’s tie-dye t-shirt

          fund-raising project

            Suburb resident turned her house and garden into a
         A   tie-dyeing production line over the summer, all to                           King Alfred School
                     benefit children who don’t have enough
                      to eat. Ella Hazell, 11, got the idea from her
                      Scout leaders in the 1st Finchley pack,                             Open Events
                       who dropped off a t-shirt and some dye
                       so  that  they  could  all  show  off  their
                        shirts at the next Zoom scout meeting.                             Where every student is treated as an
                         She  researched  the  cost  of  t-shirts                          individual and given the freedom,
                            and dye, decided how much to ask                               challenge and support to thrive
                             per t-shirt and set up a website      VE DAY                  academically, emotionally and socially.
                              and Just Giving page.               It’s the 75th year
                                  Proceeds will go to the        Give a big cheer          We welcome students from Reception to
                               Felix project, a charity which   It’s time for celebration   Sixth Form—visit us to find out more.
                                collects surplus food that    Think of those who died
                             would be wasted and redirects it   And fought for our lives                  For dates and to register
                             to schools and other charities.   And bring together our nation              for Open Events visit:
                            Orders came flooding in and Ella,
                            who also has a regular Suburb       Put up decorations              
                            News delivery round, made over     Talk to those relations
                            70 t-shirts, raising close to £1000   Who lived through WW2                   The King Alfred School,
                           for the charity.                    We’ll bake some cakes                      Manor Wood, North End Rd,
                                                                                                          London NW11 7HY
                             Thank you to everyone who has         To celebrate                 
                          supported her.                    And lift our spirits out of the blue          020 8457 5285 / 5170
                                                                TEAH  S (aged 11)
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