Ashdale Land and Property Company
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In October 1969 the whole of the interest of Suburb Leaseholds Limited was sold to Ashdale Land and Property Company Limited and the covenants entered into by Suburb Leaseholds Limited on acquisition of their lease have been passed on to Ashdale. There are general absolute covenants that the lessee should use its best endeavours to "preserve the present character and amenities" and qualified covenants that the lessee would not, without the consent of the lessor -
  1. carry out any rebuilding or development;
  2. allow any public house;
  3. use residential property for any other purpose.

but -

  1. the lessor cannot unreasonably withhold consent;
  2. the lessor is entitled in this to have regard to such town planning principles and practices as at the time when such consent is requested are reasonably regarded by the lessor as representing and being in accordance with the best opinion on town planning matters.

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