Willifield Way south end
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Number 4 Willifield Way is a very successful dark brick house with brick mullions and carefully panelled window surrounds. It was designed as late as c 1924 by Paul Badcock in Soutar's office; the client was a painter, hence the big studio window at the back. Number 6 (Byways) is a half-timbered aberration. Opposite, Willifield Way begins with number 5 (Pantiles), T M Wilson's second house for himself (1910). It is simple yet exotic in its adoption of whitewashed brick (slightly Spanish), with a red brick arched hood mould to the staircase window. Number 7, by H Merriman (1909) is also an excellent cottage, L-shaped with steeply sloping gables and arch-panelled chimneys.

There follows on the west side of the road an admirably sustained group of houses by Geoffrey Lucas, mostly built in 1908. Number 9-11 and 21-23 have rectangular bays with big three-sided windows on both floors. Numbers 13-19 have polygonal bays under overhanging triangular gables like those in Lucas Square (see below), while numbers 25-37 form a delightful crescent of paired houses linked with walls and archways (65). This crescent is at level below the road, forming an oasis of lawns and trees, while at the same time relating coherently to the road. Lucas has succeeded in eliminating all the conventional fences and walls - the ground drops directly away from the pavement. The houses are in Lucas's usual combination of creamy roughcast and strongly emphasised red brick quoins, with strongly accented bay windows under overhanging gables.

Opposite there is a much quieter backcloth of white plastered cottages. Numbers 20-22 by Bunney are similar to those in Bigwood Road, while numbers 24-42 built in 1908 are typical of the early work of Crickmer - commonplace in detail, with lean-to verandas and ground floor bay windows, but very effective as a total composition. Crickmer's finest work in the Suburb follows a few yards further on in the group of houses filling the two eastern quarters of the crossroads between Willifield Way and Temple Fortune Hill. Number 44 was designed for himself by John Fox Jones (c 1909).

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