Brookland Rise
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On the far side of the Al a high standard had already been set by G L Sutcliffe in his three closes of 1914-15, Eastholm, Midholm and Westholm. Oakwood Tenants tried to keep it up in the completion of their estate in the Brookland Rise area. For the lower junction of Brookland Rise and Brookland Hill, close to the Al, they employed C H James (c 1924) to design four special pairs of houses, in the Unwin tradition, in a handsome mixture of dark red brick and tile-hanging. For the upper junction of Brookland Rise and Brookland Hill C G Butler designed a similar arrangement of houses, in his quiet purple brick Georgian.

Brookland Close (1924 by Soutar) and Brookland Garth (1924 by Butler) are other honourable attempts to continue Sutcliffe's picturesque groupings.

Butler however was happier in Georgian. His two-storey flats in terraces round the top of Midholm Close (1928) and round a 'village green' at numbers 34-72 Hill Top (c 1929) are admirable 'twenties versions of Lucas Square and Litchfield Square, with carefully proportioned purple walls and hipped roofs. In Hutchings Walk half was designed by Butler and half by Crickmer (1936).

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