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Kenwood House: one of the country’s greatest art collections on our doorstep

      How often do you go for a walk
      on the Kenwood estate and
      Hampstead Heath? If you are
      anything like most north London
      residents, the answer is “Very
      often,  that’s  where  I  get  my
      exercise, meet friends, family,
      walk my dog, take in the fresh
      air of a green space, just enjoy
      being outside with the wildlife
      and appreciate one of London’s
      great places.” We are fantastically
      privileged to have such a
      wonderful open space on our
      doorstep; Hampstead Heath gets
      over six million visitors per year,
      and the Kenwood estate over
      one million.
         And yet only about 250,000,
      a small proportion, of visitors
      go  into  the  jewel  which  is
      Kenwood House. In the rooms
      on the ground floor, you will
      see Rembrandt’s famous self-
      portrait; one of only four
      Vermeers in the country, the
      Queen has two, and the
      National Gallery has the other;
      a Frans Hals, which will bring a
      smile to your face; and a number
      of memorable paintings by
      Joshua  Reynolds  and  George
      Romney. That leaves aside
      Gainsborough’s painted ladies;
      Watteau’s fancy pictures; works
      by Angelica Kauffmann, one of
      the first female members of the
      Royal Academy 250 years ago;
      and the list goes on.
         Upstairs is the Suffolk
      Collection, a separate group of
      pictures of rakish English gentle-
      men with slashed sleeves and
      pattern-book ladies dating from
      the 17th century and once the
      collection of the Earls of Suffolk.   The Friends of Kenwood   by becoming a special Vermeer   the place means to us through
      There you will also find one of   exists to preserve and protect the   or Rembrandt Friend. English   our loyal Friends. We have nearly   Become part of the community
      Kenwood’s more recent paintings,   Iveagh Bequest for generations   Heritage was not given enough   600 members and we would be
      Daisy Leiter, otherwise known   to come. English Heritage manages   money by  central government   delighted if you, the reader,   Complete and return the form below, join online, or download a standing
      as Margaret Hyde, Countess of   Kenwood, but we endeavour to   when it was turned into an   would join us and help us in   order form from Alternatively, if you own a
      Suffolk, by John Singer Sargent.   advise them with our expertise   independent charity, but we can   our efforts. You can contact us at   smart phone, scan the QR code.
         Those who do go into the   and experience, and we try to   help Kenwood specifically by   Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at
      house can enjoy the extraordinary   support them as best we can,  continuing to show how much   HELEN PAYNE
      philanthropy of the first Earl of   always believing that they should
      Iveagh who left his house, estate   be accountable to their members
      and some of his paintings under   and to the nation in general, as
      the Iveagh Bequest to the nation   Kenwood was left to ‘the nation’.
      90 years ago.                 If you would like to support
         Kenwood first opened its   us,  you  can  find  us  at  www.
      doors to the public on 18 July You can                                                        MEMBERSHIP FORM
      1928 and there are a number of   become an ordinary member at a
      celebratory events to mark the   very competitive rate, or you can                                                  one subscription covers everyone at the address
      90th anniversary this year.   support us more significantly                                                  I would like to join the HGS Residents Association.
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