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in conversation with Brenda McCafferty

               Marie-Christine O’Callaghan talks to Brookland Infant & Nursery School’s Headteacher, Brenda McCafferty
         renda McCafferty, the head-   where they came from and that   around six laptops and/or iPads   the best interest of the children.   to do it in, but we were so happy   home learning activities and
      B teacher of Brookland Infant   this diversity should be celebrated.   per class. They are used to   In this job, every day is different   to see more children return. It was   teaching in school, while dealing
      and Nursery School, came to   Brenda strongly believes in   enhance the curriculum but not   because the children keep you   a terrible shame that we couldn’t   with their own children. Some of
      England after finishing her   inclusive education, every child   to take it over. While computing   on your toes and surprise you,   welcome all the children back,   our staff have had to self-isolate,
      teaching degree in her native   has the right to an education   skills are valuable, screen time is   which is fantastic.”   but as an Infant School we have   but they continued to work hard
      Netherlands. She taught in two   and it is up to the school to suit   not always good for children   We had this conversation   fewer classrooms than primary   from home. I am also proud of
      primary schools in Barnet before   the differing needs of all the   and learning to write with a   before the spread of coronavirus   schools and we still had a lot of   the parents who became teachers
      becoming the headteacher of   children. Brookland has 15   pencil remains a necessity.  which changed the way we live   staff who had to shield and were   overnight whilst still working full
      Brookland in 2013.         children who have educational   Reading is an important skill   and the way schools operate.   not able to come in.  time in most cases. It has shown
         Brookland Infant and Nursery   and health care plans and the   and the school does everything   Brenda wrote this to show how    As Headteacher I have been   me once again what an
      School was built in 1952 at the   school works very hard to make   to encourage it including visits   Brookland Infant and Nursery   incredibly proud of everyone; the   incredible school community we
      same time as Brookland Junior   sure that the staff have the right   to the Hampstead Garden   School coped with the virus.  children who for the last 3   are and how lucky I am to be the
      School. It is now a three form   training and the right professional   Suburb Library which the   We were told on the 18 March   months have been through so   Headteacher of Brookland Infant
      entry school with places for 45   development. Brenda also   children value and love.  that schools would be closing   may changes, and the staff who   and Nursery School.
      children in the Nursery and 90 in   thinks that it is good for all the   Brenda also said that the   from Friday 20 March, but that   have worked tirelessly, providing   Bring on September...
      the other year groups. As befits   children because it teaches   budget has become very   we would have to remain open
      a school in the Garden Suburb,   them to respect and value the   ‘challenging’ and that she has   for vulnerable children and children
      the grounds are attractively   differences of each individual.  to be extremely creative in   of key workers until further notice.   WORDSEARCH
      planted with gardens and trees,   She also believes that children   managing it, which is why the   This announcement meant   ur Summer Wordsearch commemorates the 75th anniversary
      and the children will often use   will suffer if they cannot be   PA is always trying to think of   planning and more planning to   Oof VE Day. We have included the names of 20 World War II
      this environment to support   provided with the best education.  new initiatives to raise money.  ensure we would be able to remain   Heroines and Past and Present Suburb Residents of Note. One
      their studies.             She takes pride in that the school   The latest one is the   open whilst keeping children,   particular person covers both sets of criteria! One is highlighted to
         There are 45 different   offers a very broad education,   introduction of a school lottery.   staff and the school community   start  you  off.  Names may be read in all directions, straight or
      languages spoken in the school   not just maths and English, but   The tickets cost £1; 40p from   safe. Safety has always been our   diagonally. Answers  please to  with your
      by both children and staff.   also history, science, arts and   each ticket goes directly to the   main focus, whatever decisions   name and contact details by the closing date of November 1st.
      Brenda sees this as a strength   technology.  With the help of   school, 36p is used to support   we have had to make. As a   All correct entries go into a draw to win a £20 book token. Stay
      because it reflects the society   the Parents Association (PA),   the prizes and the remaining is   school we had a feeling this was   safe and well. Good luck!
      we live in. She did stress that   the school has purchased   used to administer the lottery   coming and had some home                         MARILYN GROSSMAN
      the children are very proud of   interactive televisions and has   itself. So far the school has   learning plans ready to be     I  P  Z  J  V  A  Q  T  B  T  R  O  L  Y  A  T  Z  I  L  Y
                                                            received £713.20 and the   e-mailed out, but they were     R  T  V  G  U  Y  N  M  R  Z  S  R  M  N  B  J  N  T  Q  E
                                                            annual projected profit will be   made in haste and only covered
                                                            £2,912 (  activities until the Easter holidays     E  A  N  I  T  D  W  N  Y  E  N  S  G  T  E  B  R  X  C  G
                                                              Another initiative to   two weeks later. Lockdown lasted     N  T  A  B  O  N  Y  X  M  L  D  E  E  N  K  Z  D  N  N  M
                                                            supplement the budget has led   somewhat longer and in the last     E  T  D  N  B  L  M  F  T  I  L  A  N  H  S  D  A  Q  B  D
                                                            the school to rent out some of   three months everyone at school     S  E  I  M  G  Z  E  Y  I  A  T  I  B  M  A  R  Y  T  J  M
                                                            its facilities for various activities.   has worked very hard to continue     E  I  R  M M  B  D  T  B  N  M  C  A  N  U  R  S  Z  A  Q
                                                            On Saturdays The Russian School   to provide support for the children
                                                            of Language and Literature uses   and the parents who had to stay     N  R  E  N  O  N  Y  U  T  U  N  I  H  A  A  E  Y  R  Z  E
                                                            the classrooms (   at home. We set up a YouTube     D  N  H  N  N  S  X  B  R  E  L  I  L  E  W  I  Y  M  K  T
                                                            2XStTXW). On Sunday       channel to support home learning     L  E  S  D  R  T  N  R  L  L  S  N  G  A  L  H  L  A  V  L
                                                            mornings the hall is rented out   and kept in touch by phone calls.     E  H  H  J  O  D  A  A  I  R  A  Z  C  A  E  L  W  I  Q  T
                                                            for children’s parties and on   We recorded a video to show the     R  E  A  N  A  Y  E  W  S  O  M  C  A  R  N  Y  W  F  L  T
                                                            Sunday afternoons the Finchley   children how much we were
                                                            Children’s Music Group uses   missing them, and also helped     V  M  N  V  N  N  A  T  J  E  E  L  B  B  C  W  B  B  D  Z
                                                            the school for rehearsals (www.  them deal with their own home     E  A  I  R  N  D  W  D  T  B  T  E  N  N  O  Q  B  R  L  G
                                                               circumstances and their worries     R  D  D  A  L  B  Y  H  E  D  R  T  A  Z  K  T  M  G  Q  W
                                                               Ofsted has rated Brookland   about their own families. The     A  D  E  I  T  Z  K  R  I  T  W  N  E  D  T  X  J  J  T  P
                                                            as ‘outstanding’ but for Brenda   government then told us to     L  J  H  B  J  B  Y  K  D  T  T  L  N  D  B  N  W  X  D  M
                                                            it does not mean that the school   prepare for the wider opening of
                                                            can sit still. She will always be   the school and to welcome back     Y  T  D  V  K  B  Z  L  Z  N  E  M  N  K  O  J  M  Z  Q  P
                                                            looking at ways of improving   more children from the 1st of     N  Q  B  J  D  M  N  W  K  L  T  P  D  V  V  B  N  W  Q  X
                                                            further. “Change is good. We   June. Once again there was a lot     N  M  P  J  Z  T  V  R  L  X  Q  G  N  M  B  T  Y  L  N  L
                                                            always review what we do for   of planning with not a lot of time

            Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust membership

                                                                Hampstead Garden Suburb is a place of international significance as well as an inspiring and desirable setting in
                                                                which  to  live.  It’s  a  landmark  of  good  practice  in  domestic  architecture  and  planning  that  many  modern
                                                                developments aspire to but very few attain. The Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust exists to maintain and preserve
                                                                the Suburb’s unique character and amenities for the benefit of present and future residents.
                                                                The Trust differs from most companies in that it fulfils its objectives without producing profits or dividends.  It has
                                                                Members rather than shareholders and is governed by eight volunteer Trustees (the Company Directors), who
                                                                comprise the Trust Council. Four trustees are appointed by outside organisations and four are elected by the
                                                                Members themselves.
                                                                You can become a Full Member of the Trust if you have lived on the Suburb as an adult for 3 years or longer.
                                                                As a Full Member you can:

                                                                     Receive the Annual Report and Accounts of the Company

                                                                     Participate in Suburb management through the Annual General Meeting
                                                                     Vote in Trust Council elections and at Annual General Meetings

                                                                     Join exclusive Members events, including lectures and walking tours
                                                                If you have lived as an adult on the Suburb for less than 3 years you can still become an Associate Member. This
                                                                includes the above benefits other than voting rights. Full and Associate Members have no financial commitment
                                                                and a limited liquidation liability of £1.

                                                                To download a Membership application form, please visit, or contact the Trust office if you would
                                                                like one posted to you.
                                                                         If you care about the Suburb, please become a Member and help us keep it special

                       862 Finchley Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6AB   020 8455 1066   twitter: @HGSTrust

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