Rotherwick Road
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Fig 8 - House, Rotherwick Road 1997 photo(22k)

Brick mullions and carefully detailed ironwork are dominant in numbers 5-7 and 8-10 Rotherwick Road, where Parker established one of the patterns of design which were to recur again and again in the Suburb - elevations entirely of dark red brick, with heavy brick mullions to the windows, a hipped roof and dark tiles. Another version of the same idea, this time in purple brick with heavy timber lintels to the verandas, occurs at numbers 25-29. Unwin clearly intended the long street frontages of Rotherwick Road to be a contrast in their formality to the more intricate and intimate atmosphere of the main part of the Suburb.

The houses by Bunney and Makins (numbers l3-23) give a more lively rhythm of hipped gables and tiers of dormers than the Parker houses. Fig 10 - Top of Rotherwick Road 1997 photo(19k)
There are less formal houses by Parker and Unwin after the junction with Middleton Road, with short terraces set forward and set back, and accented by tall bay windows placed at the corners where they form turrets of a slightly Germanic kind.

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