Temple Fortune Hill
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Temple Fortune Hill ends as a cul-de-sac towards Big Wood (the carriageway in fact continues through the wood to Oakwood Road and Falloden Way), flanked by a particularly good group of houses by C M Crickmer. They have clusters of tall brick chimneys set diagonally and joined to narrow vertically accented brick gables, contrasting with long horizontal stretches of white plasterwork in between.

Temple Fortune Hill leads back towards Finchley Road with an important sequence of cottages in white roughcast. First there is a group of white houses, probably by Parker and Unwin (numbers 49-51 and 46-50, and 15 Erskine Hill). They are distinguished by shallow curved bay windows at each end and thin polygonal oriels to the first floor.

Then at the junction with Willifield Way there is, to left and right, a pair of canted terraces by C M Crickmer (designed 1909). They are a most subtle composition of gables and bay windows, carefully arranged so as to provide the "built-up corners" that Unwin wanted, and also effectively closing the vista in either direction up Willifield Way. The other two corners of the crossroads have smaller terraces, evidently by Parker and Unwin, who in c 1907-8 designed the remaining houses which extend down Temple Fortune Hill to Hampstead Way. They consist of simple roughcast pairs, with a three-sided brick courtyard in the centre of each side (numbers 17-27 and 18-28).

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