The Orchard
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Finally, the stretch of Willifield Way between Temple Fortune Hill and Willifield Green has on its east side more of the Improved Industrial Model Dwellings (this time clearly doctored in their architecture by Parker and Unwin). Opposite is a series of Parker and Unwin cottages, with a big set-back in the centre, flanking the footpath to The Orchard.

From the start Dame Henrietta wanted to make special provision in the Suburb for the aged, and The Orchard was opened in 1909. It was one of Parker and Unwin's best designs, and it is a tragedy that it should have fallen into such disrepair that it has had to be demolished rather than rehabilitated. The court was enclosed on all four sides, the path running through an arch to the east and through an opening between terraces to the west. As usual, the detailing was so restrained as to be difficult to describe; the timber galleries having a particularly attractive scale and the gables of Parker and Unwin's usual clipped kind, with eaves subtly curved out at each side.

The pathway through the Orchard leads down to Hampstead Way, where it was intended to form one of the routes radiating from the abortive public garden. In Farm Walk, overlooking the tennis courts, there are nice roughcast terraces with brick doorways and bay windows by Parker and Unwin (1911).

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