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Military Wives Choir to support Combat Stress

                                                            For more than ten years, Suburb   Martin  Bell  OBE  will  open  the  •  the Horticultural Society’s   only  (cheques  payable  to
                                                            residents  have  generously  proceedings at the concert, and   Plant Sale at Fellowship House,  Combat Stress).
                                                            supported the Veterans’ mental   there will be reduced prices for   on Saturday 18 May from   Please do come and support
                                                            health  charity, Combat Stress,  anyone who buys tickets before   10.30am-12 noon;   Combat Stress on this special
                                                            at the annual Christmas Fair.  31 July. Discounted tickets cost  •  the Horticultural Society’s Flower   evening and help us to make
                                                            This year, to celebrate 100 years   £12 (£15 after 31/07), concessions   Show at the Free Church Hall on   this the year we reach our fund-
                                                            of Combat Stress providing   (over 65 and under 16) cost £10   Saturday 15 June from 3-5pm.  raising target of £50,000.
                                                            mental health rehabilitation for   (£12  after  31/07).  All children   Payment is by cash and cheques    MARJORIE HARRIS
                                                            Armed Services Veterans,  the   must be accompanied by an adult.
                                                            HGS Combat Stress committee   Please email hgscombatstress@
      PLAYFUL LITTER BIN Thank you to LB Barnet for removing the old bins in the   is proud to present the North with details of your
      playground at Lyttelton and replacing them with new ones. This is the first to arrive   London Military Wives Choir   ticket requirements and contact
      and it looks very handsome indeed.
                                                            and the Royal Naval Volunteer   information.
                                                                                         Tickets will also be available
                     Car keying                             Band - Northwood Headquarters    to buy at:
                                                            in concert at the Free Church
                                                                                      House, Willifield Way, on Saturday
                                                            Saturday 5th October.
      In March Suburb News posted   considerably understates the    in North Square at 7.30pm on  •  the HGS Art Fair at Fellowship
      on the RA’s e-mail forum, the   full problem.            Long-time Combat Stress   11 and Sunday 12 May from
      HGS List, about a message from   The police when advised   supporter and local resident  11am-5pm;
      a resident which concerned ‘car   end up, understandably, closing
      keying’, a nasty habit of using a   the  case for lack  of evidence,
      car key to scratch a car’s paint-  and there is little that can be   Let’s tidy up the Suburb
      work. We asked if List subscribers   done without hard evidence.
      had been affected by this.    Acting with  impunity  it   The Residents Association is   Suitable  equipment will be
         The answers we got show   seems that until the culprit is   embarking on a new initiative   provided, and our new volunteer
      that there have been well over 30   caught red-handed, this will   to clean up the Suburb. The   Litter Coordinator, Michael Green,   A competition
      cases recently, centred around   continue. The police however   beauty of our local environment   will liaise with volunteers to
      Litchfield Way, Meadway and   would like everyone concerned   is often marred by the presence   seek to achieve a comprehensive   for young writers
      Thornton Way, with an outlier   to report incidents of damage,   of litter on our streets and open   and consistent approach.
      on Temple Fortune Hill near Big   which can be done online at   spaces and, with limited Council   Anyone interested in joining
      Wood. These are just responses  resources to clear it up, it seems   to help us is invited to respond
      from residents subscribing to   how-to-report-a-crime/.  to be a constant blight.  to our dedicated email address,
      the RA’s HGS List, and therefore         TERRY BROOKS   The plan is to set up a group, and they will
                                                            of volunteers, each of whom   be contacted in due course to
                                                            would take responsibility for an   discuss how to proceed. You
                                                            area within the Suburb that   will not be required to undergo
                                                            they will periodically patrol in   any formal training; you just
                                                            order to clear up litter.   pick it up as you go along!

                                                                         Fraud alert!

                                                            We are all aware of increasing   and you will be told that timber   Suburb News has decided it is   (suitably old-fashioned to be
                                                            levels of fraud in our lives and   battens below tiles are rotten.
                                                            in Hampstead Garden Suburb,  In order to carry out the works   time to  hold another writing   coming from a paper paper) to
                                                            this is no exception. The Suburb   properly scaffolding will be erected   competition for Suburb children   the winners of the groups,
                                                                                                                 after the one three years ago.  which are 6 to 8 year olds, 9 to
                                                            is, in fact, a prime target for   to the front and at a later date,   This is by way of a challenge for  11, and 12 to 14.
                                                            fraudsters, with an aged and   thousands of pounds is likely to
                                                            affluent population.      be demanded for moving it.  younger readers to prove there   So get your pencils sharpened,
         Brownhill Insurance Group have been insuring          I would like to share some   Invariably, the works will be   is more to their lives than the   find a pad of paper, and get to
         the residents and businesses of Hampstead          of my experiences as a warning   carried out to an abysmal standard   usual relentless social media on   work writing. Or perhaps that
         Garden Suburb for over 30 years.                   to residents. Although I have   by inexperienced contractors using   a smartphone.    should read, “fire up your device
                                                            practised as a Chartered Surveyor   sub-standard materials, often in   We are inviting three age   and get typing.”
                                                                                                                                              And if there are any writing
         We understand the uniqueness of this area and      in the area for 30 years, it is only   breach of Trust requirements. Few,   groups to produce a piece of   competition judges out there,
                                                                                                                 writing, be it either poetry or
         therefore can provide the most appropriate         recently that I have received   if any, reputable experienced   prose, of up to 500 words on a   we’d like to hear from you too.
         cover for both residents and businesses.           instructions to help fraud victims.  and  qualified  roofers  have  the   subject with some relationship   Just email me at suburbnews@
                                                               In a recent case on the Suburb,  time and inclination to  seek
                                                            the resident’s bank refused a   work in this manner.   to the Suburb. We decided on  TERRY BROOKS
                                                                                                                 giving prizes of £20 book tokens
                                                                                         The Trust office has details
         visit us online:                                   request to withdraw £10,000 in   of competent and approved
                                                            cash until he provided a surveyor’s                           report and good justification for   roofers, able to carry out good
         email us:                                          the withdrawal.           quality work, in compliance
                                                               In this instance, my inspection
                                                                                      with the Trust’s requirements.                          confirmed the roof works were   If you are told by a possible      G Cohen
         call us:                                           largely unnecessary, exorbitantly   fraudster that roof work is required,   ANTIQUE SILVER
         020 8353 8907                                      priced and in consequence, with   then seek advice from a qualified
                                                                                      Surveyor. This practice would
                                                            assistance, he was able to
                                                            terminate works.          happily provide brief reports on
                                                               It is all too easy for many   the state of standard-sized roofs
         Join hundreds of Hampstead                         people to be taken in by articulate   for no more than £300+VAT.  We wish to purchase items of silver in any
         Garden Suburb residents                            and credible conmen. I would   Any contractor who requests
         and businesses by insuring                         like to explain how fraud often   a large down payment of cash is   condition.  As a long standing resident of the
         with Brownhill Insurance                           begins, so that the reader is on   not someone to be trusted. One   Suburb, Gideon Cohen is happy to view
         Group.                                             their guard.              cannot expect high quality work-
                                                               A TYPICAL FRAUD        manship from cowboy contractors.  your silverware at home and will make an
                                                            Someone will knock on your   Do not be taken in by these
                                                            door,  advising  that  you  have   fraudsters. Repairs to most pitched   offer to purchase, free of any obligation.
         When it comes to insurance,                        slipped  roof  tiles  or  brickwork   roofs should not cost tens of
         we've got you covered.                             to  your  chimney  needs  repair.  thousands. A new roof lasting   17 The London Silver Vaults
                                                            You will be provided with a low   50 plus years to small properties   53-64 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1QT
                                                            verbal quotation and once works   in the area is likely to cost no      020 7404 1425
                                                            have commenced, the costs will   more than £25,000 + VAT. Our
                                                            be ratcheted up.          advice is not to give the time of
                                                              A large quantity of tiles will
                                        insurance           be stripped, making your property   day to any contractor who
                                                                                      knocks on your door uninvited.
                                                            vulnerable to water penetration,           IAN HYMAN
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