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Orchard Housing Society

                committee members needed

      The Orchard Housing Society is   meeting and a daytime meeting,    A letter from the Editor
      a sheltered housing scheme in   approximately every six weeks,  explaining what relevant skills
      the heart of the Suburb.   plus occasionally other additional   or experience you have, and how   Richard Wakefield founded this   When Richard Wakefield died at   The editor does not even
         The Society is a charitable   meetings and hands on activity   you feel you could contribute to   paper in the summer of 1983 and   the end of October 2014 just   have to be in the country for
      non-profit organisation providing   such as interviewing new and   the Committee.   created something that is much   after  he  had  put  issue  number   the paper to appear, thanks to
      accommodation for Suburb   existing residents.          Although these are voluntary,
      residents, or those with a Suburb    If you would like to apply   unremunerated positions,  you   loved by many Suburb residents.  120 to bed, I had absolutely no   e-mail. Those of you who know
                                                                                                                                            me will testify that I have managed
                                                                                                                 idea what to do or how to do it!
                                                                                      He was in advertising rather than
      connection, over the age of 60.  to become a Committee member   would be playing an important   journalism and had doubts about   And yet Suburb News appeared   to spend much of my time from
      The scheme is run by a     please e-mail Beatrice Boussard,  role  in helping to provide  a   whether a regular paper could   as scheduled three months later.  New Year’s Day to Easter every
      voluntary committee supported   Tenant Support Manager, by   high quality housing service to
                                                                                                                    The very professional paper
      by two members of staff,  and   Monday, May 20 at bboussard.  local older people.  be maintained; his doubts were   you are holding in your hands   year in the mountains and on
                                                                                      unfounded. This is issue 138, and
                                                                                                                                            my skis.
      we are currently looking to recruit                                             editing it is a true privilege.  is a collaborative effort, but the   I have very much enjoyed
      three new Committee members.                                                       What I have to write is   design and layout, the ‘look’, is   producing Suburb News and
         We would particularly like to                                               DAVID JOHNSON
      hear from people with property/                                                 difficult for a number of reasons,  the creation of Trevor Hutton of   found it to be a really satisfying
                                                                                                                                            job. I firmly believe the paper is
                                                                                      but someone who had a better  1st Impression. I provide him with
      housing management, IT, legal                                                   way with words than me wrote   a bunch of Word documents and   an irreplaceable community
      or finance skills.  We would also                                               about parting being a sorrow,  jpeg photos from which he creates   resource, and plays a vital role
      welcome applicants who have
      experience of working with older                                                and for me there is a great deal   the paper – I think of it as an   in informing residents of what
                                                                                                                 infernal jigsaw puzzle – but Trevor
                                                                                                                                            is happening on the Suburb.
                                                                                      of sorrow in writing that I intend
      people or in social care, and                                                   to give up editing this wonderful   works his magic every time.  If you think you might be
      good all-rounders with relevant                                                 paper, Suburb News, at the end   I also rely on a number of   interested in giving it a go,
      management experience.
         Applicants must be able to                                                   of the year.               dedicated  and  from  the  why not drop me a line at
                                                                                                                                  , or call
                                                                                         Of course this leaves Suburb
      commit to a minimum of five                                                     News with a problem, but I also   numerous  societies  and  me on 020 8458 2248. I will
      hours participation per month                                                   hope it will give one of you, dear   organisations on the Suburb,  happily divulge the secrets of
      including one early evening
                                                                                      readers, an opportunity to do   whose reports you read in each   my success to my replacement,
                                                                                      something very satisfying, and   issue. Then there are our fearless   who can then develop their
                           RA Open Meeting                                            very useful for the community   in-house reporters, who interview   own way to do the job.
                                                                                                                 Suburb residents (and pets), and
                                                                                                                                              As I wrote at the beginning,
                                                                                      you live in. Suburb News needs
                                  (continued from front page)                         a volunteer to do what I have   write reports on Suburb events.  Richard founded this newspaper
                                                                                      been doing every three months   I, too, write some of the   in the summer of 1983, and it has
      by heavy vehicles, leaves blown   on Blue Badge fraud and was   special interest in policing. He   since January 2015.  reports on Suburb events and   been informing our community
      onto the pavement by gardeners   willing  to  prosecute  when  the   maintained that Barnet is short   And now quickly before you   meetings which you read, and   ever  since;  it  would  be  a  great
      then  becoming  slippery  in  the   evidence was there, and Mike Freer   changed as it is the largest
      rain,  and  the  use  of  tarmac  to   added that he received lots of   contributor to the Metropolitan   think, “Oh no, that’s not for   also provide some of the photos;   shame if it were to founder for
                                                                                      me; I know nothing about…”, let
                                                                                                                 I have discovered that if I take
                                                                                                                                            the lack of a volunteer to come
      replace paving stones.     letters about Blue Badge problems   Police but has the fewest number   me tell you that I had, and still   enough photos, at least one of   forward and take  a turn  at
         Rohit Grover told us Barnet   and that it was easy to be mistaken   of officers. He went on to say he
      had a budget of £50 million over   when making judgments about   did not want to make political   have, absolutely no experience   them is probably going to be   producing it. I deeply regret
      five years for road and pavement   levels of disability.   points, but then continued by   or qualifications in journalism,  good enough to print – with a   feeling I need to quit.
                                                                                      publishing or anything similar.  tweak from Trevor.
      repairs, with £3 million to be   The final subject to come   blaming the Mayor of London for                                                        TERRY BROOKS
      spent on pavements this financial   before the panel concerned crime   not increasing police funding, and
      year. Mike Freer reminded us that   and policing; police station   all the other political parties in         RA AGM
      Barnet was a large borough with   closures; lack of police on the   the Assembly for not agreeing
      over 500 miles of roads and   streets;  and  recent  muggings   to add to the number of police              (continued from front page)
      associated pavements to look after,  and burglaries.  officers in London.       invaluable  contribution  to  our    Further questions related to   Addison Way and speeding in
      but it had to live within its means.  Mike Freer said the old police   Residents were reminded
         There is to be a new system   stations were no longer fit for   throughout the meeting that   community. She acknowledged   parts of Temple Fortune Lane   Temple Fortune Lane. Flashing
                                                                                                                 and the issues of bin collection.  speed warning systems could be
                                                                                      the wonderful work that Terry
      for a £1000 deposit to be taken   purpose, and in Temple Fortune   whenever they had complaints   Brooks had done as Editor, and his   Emma asked if other residents   installed there and in other
      when development work is being   five officers were needed to man   about trees, bins, pavements or   incredible memory, always being   had problems with emptying of   roads. Emma and the Roads &
      done so that pavements repairs   a station that received 40 visits   other matters, they should e-mail
      can  be  paid  for  when  work  is   a week from the public.  their councillors to let them   able to locate past information.  their bins. There was general   Traffic  Committee had worked
                                                                                      Lorna Page was also acknowledged
                                                                                                                 discussion  about  problems  in
                                                                                                                                            with Councillors to monitor
      completed and damage has      Gabriel Rozenberg said he   know of their concerns so that   for her unstinting work as co-  placing bins for collection,  speed using a speed gun.
      been evaluated.            understood the concerns of   where possible remedial action   ordinator of a small army of   which was an ongoing issue    The fact that less than half
         Parking  is  another  Suburb   residents and added there were   could be taken.
      problem and there were questions   now emergency response teams   The meeting could not fully   volunteers who distribute the   that Emma and the Councillors   of Suburb residents were members
                                                                                                                 were trying to address.
                                                                                      paper to all Suburb residents. It
                                                                                                                                            of the  RA was raised. Emma
      about why the extension to the   and high visibility patrols in Barnet.  cover all the topics put forward,   was  also mentioned that  Terry   There were questions about   confirmed that the membership
      Garden Suburb CPZ was so limited,  He also suggested attending the   but it ran for well over an hour   Brooks was retiring and the RA   security of cars on the Suburb,  had been in decline, due in part
      why so many Blue Badges were   regular ward police panel meetings   and could easily have gone on
      issued  and why there was so   for a better understanding. Emma   for twice that long. It was the   was looking for a successor.  as many had been scratched,  to the lack of interest shown by
                                                                                                                                            those in the growing rental
                                                                                                                 vandalised  or  stolen.  One  area
                                                                                         There was a mention of
      little enforcement.        Howard  added  that  the  next   latest in a series of Open Meetings   future events: the Open Meeting   specifically targeted was Litchfield   sector, and proposed using
         CPZ extensions took place   meeting was in Fellowship House   organised by the RA in order to
      after  consultations  showed  on May 30 at 7pm.       give residents a chance to express   with Elected Representatives at   Way.  Richard  Davis,  Chair  of   social media to promote the RA
                                                                                      Fellowship House on April 25
      there was a demand. Consequent   He also introduced Councillor   their views. Residents can keep   (see main article, front page), the   the local Police Ward Group,  to attract residents in blocks of
                                                                                                                 said one should report to the
                                                                                                                                            flats and large houses.
      increased parking in the   Roberto  Weeden-Sanz  from  up to date with future meetings by   Summer Fair on June 16, and a   Police, and use the Suburb   Finally, the results of the
      surrounding area often led to a   Brunswick Park ward, who is   looking in Suburb News, reading   meeting with the Police on Road   WhatsApp or LCS service, but   ballot were received and all
      demand for a new consultation   intending to stand as the   the posters on our notice boards
      and a further extension.   Conservative candidate for Barnet   in Suburb front gardens, or   Safety awareness on September 24.  the police had limited resources.  those standing for Council were
                                                                                                                                            declared re-elected. This was
                                                                                                                 Councillor Rozenberg stressed
                                                                                         Next  were  the  traditional
                                 and Camden in the next London
         Gabriel Rozenberg maintained
       GAD_Wills-ProbateSuburbNews_137mm x 210mm_Layout 1  12/03/2019  14:45  Page 1  questions from the floor with   that it was essential to report   followed by Emma thanking
      that Barnet took a strong line   Assembly elections, and has a      TERRY BROOKS
                                                                                      the  first  question  about  the   even seemingly minor incidents   everyone for attending. The
                                                                                      policy on the application for   to the Police.        meeting  kept  to  time  and  was
                                                                                      expansion of Henrietta Barnett.   the Suburb there were issues   efficiently  led,  with  a  pleasant
                                                                                                                     Among traffic problems on
                                                                                      Emma responded that there
            We’ll cross the t’s                                                       views on the two proposed new   with the width restrictors in   BRILL   OWEN
                                                                                      would be a meeting with the
                                                                                                                                                        DAPHNE BERKOVI
                                                                                      school for residents to air their
            and dot the i’s.                                                          Tea House in Northway. We were                       We are able to offer a complete
                                                                                      buildings at a future date.
                                                                                                                                            CHARTERED ARCHITECTS
                                                                                         Then it was the turn of the
                                                                                                                                             service from conception to
                                                                                      told there was a tenant living
                                                                                      upstairs and it was understood                      completion helping you to create
                                                                                                                                           a unique home that fulfils your
            Act now for Power of Attorney,                                            that the owner of the freehold                                needs
                                                                                      was not doing anything to the                         Contact us for a free no obligation
            Wills & Probate.                                                          building at present.                                        consultation on
                                                                                                                                                0208 349 0037208 349 0037
                                                                                         Residents  were  concerned
            You’ll want us on your side.                                              about rumours that Freshwater                             0  Or email at
                                                                                      were planning to develop flats              
                                                                                      in Chatham Close and the
                                                                                                                                               View our recent work at
                                                                                      garages in Denman Drive. Peter                
            For practical, expert advice                                              McCluskie responded that the
            call Monica Cervellini on                                                 owners of the garage had been   We are Chartered
                                                                                      given notice to quit, but nothing
            0208 209 2651                                                             else had yet materialised.  Architects based in
                                                                                                                   North London
                                                                                         Vans parking in the Suburb   specialising in
                                                                                      and the issue of CPZs were   refurbishments,
                                                          brought up. John Marshall    extensions and
                @GAD_Legal                                                            responded  that  he  would  new build houses
                                                                                                                  new build houses
                                                                                                                   and flats within
                                                         support more CPZs if there was   conservation areas
                                                                                      a  desire for them.  Although
                                                                                      there had been proposals for a   and to listed
            Gregory Abrams Davidson Solicitors is a trading name of National Law Partners Limited authorised and regulated by the   CPZ in Erskine Hill, historically   buildings.
            Solicitors Regulation Authority and registered in England and Wales under Company number 08312439.
                                                                                      the RA had been anti-CPZ.
      SUBURB NEWS IS PRODUCED AND DELIVERED TO YOU BY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION VOLUNTEERS                                                                             5
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