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Howard Walk Street Party                                                                            2nd Golders Green

                                                            organised, we used our newly-                                          Guides
                                                            formed WhatsApp group to
                                                            arrange meetings, and to discuss                     The Guides, (aged 10 to 14),  course, followed by Rainbows. If
                                                            ideas and responsibilities.                          meet every Monday evening at   you want to get in touch, email
                                                              To inform everyone, a poster                       Fellowship House and many
                                                            was designed and distributed.                        readers will have seen their stall        TONY BRAND
                                                            On our first meeting, the ideas                      at the recent Summer Fair. They
                                                            were formulated and included:                        would all love to thank the
                                                            barbecues, national foods, drinks,                   many generous Suburb residents
                                                            eco-friendly  disposable  plates,                    who contributed to their recent
                                                            cutlery and cups, a sound                            night, collecting a large quantity
                                                            system, a book-exchange, and                         of supplies for ‘Period Poverty’
                                                            for the children: a bouncy                           for disadvantaged young girls.
                                                            castle, a mini football pitch                        A serious subject widely covered
                                                            with goals, face painting, chalk                     lately by newspapers and TV.
                                                            street-painting and a ‘treasure’                        They have been very busy
                                                            hunt. The latter addressed the                       recently clearing litter around
                                                            need for a fun but educational                       Willifield Green and parts of
                                                            game that connected us with                          Willifield Way, and so helping to
      Howard Walk is located on the   party, but this was declined by   our street, and this evolved into        keep the Suburb litter free (see
      northern perimeter of the   the council. This didn’t dampen   a multiple choice quiz on the   completed the course were   page 5 for the RA litter initiative).
      Hampstead Garden Suburb and,  our enthusiasm however, and,  architecture of our houses, the   given medals and sweets.  Natasha, their leader, hopes
      as it is crescent-shaped, it   despite having wet weather, we   shape of our street, and oddities   A couple of  weeks earlier   to start a Brownies group in due
      doesn’t receive through traffic.  met for a picnic at Lyttleton   like why there are more houses   Barnet Council posted notices
      The proximity of the houses,  Playing Fields. The idea lived   with even numbers than odd   that Howard Walk was going to
      and the fact that most are   on, and this year another   numbers! The answers were posted   be closed to traffic. On the day,   What’s new in the
      located on the arc of a circle has   application was made, this time   on lamp and telephone posts, in   the volunteers got to work early
      a positive side effect; we know   with a positive outcome. So, the   proximity to the houses to which   with a mixture of excitement   HGS Virtual Museum
      our nearest neighbours well   first Howard Walk Street Party   they related, and strategically   and trepidation. The weather
      and we see each other often.  was held on May 27 2019.  placed so that the players had   was,  as  it  always  is  in  May,   The Suburb’s remarkable virtual  ‘Organisation’  on  our  Home
         Ten years ago we applied for   Although we only had a few   to experience the whole street.  unpredictable…  but  it  didn’t   museum is expanding every   page at
      a permit to close the street for a   weeks to get the street party   The children who successfully   rain! Bunting was put up across   month. We are delighted that   HGS Heritage decided to
                                                                                      the street, tables and seats were   the two Suburb primary schools,  offer a summer internship to a
                                                                                      unfolded in the centre  of the   Garden Suburb School and   Year 12 pupil at Henrietta Barnett
                                                                                      road and the barbecues were lit.   Brookland will be joining the   School with a view to building a
                                                                                      The street filled up with crowds,   other 26 ‘Organisations’ in the   closer relationship with the
                                                                                      children played in the road, and   Museum. You can find all the   school and also to explore the
                                                                                      neighbours ventured in and out   Suburb bodies  listed  under   school archives.
                                                                                      of their houses bringing copious                        As a result, our intern has
                                                                                      amounts of food, drinks, and                          done just that and you will find
                                                                                      whatever else was needed. From                        her fascinating review in the
                                                                                      the youngest to the oldest,                          ‘What’s New’ room of the
                                                                                      including Valerie and Betty (who                      Museum. You can read for
                                                                                      has been living on our street for                     yourselves the extracts from the
                                                                                      over 70 years), everyone had fun,                     school magazine dating back to
                                                                                      socialised, made connections and                     1926, which reveal the political,
                                                                                      reinforced existing bonds. The                        social and cultural views of the
                                                                                      party went on until the evening,                      young women of Hampstead
                                                                                      and we are planning to repeat                         Garden Suburb.
                                                                                      the event again next year.                              Do come and visit the
                                                                                         I don’t think the designers                        Museum and, if you are
                                                                                      of our street and houses could                        interested in learning more, or
                                                                                      have anticipated this extraordinary                   if you have any memorabilia
                                                                                      gathering, but I think it would                       that you could share, please
                                                                                      have made them, and especially                        contact
                                                                                      Henrietta Barnett, very proud.                        or Marjorie Harris, 8455 6507.
                                                                                             MICHAEL ELEFTHERIADES                                          JUDY SMITH

                 Become a Member of the Trust Company

                                                                 The Trust strives to conserve and maintain the unique architecture and planning of the Suburb which makes
                                                                 it “that most nearly perfect example of the unique English invention and speciality, the garden suburb”
                                                                 according to eminent architectural historian Sir Nikolaus Pevsner. Trust Members should include all residents
                                                                 who believe that conservation of the Suburb is worthwhile.

                                                                 Benefits of Full Membership:

                                                                     Receipt of the Annual Report and Accounts of the Company
                                                                     Participation in Suburb management through the Annual General Meeting

                                                                     Voting rights in Trust Council elections and at Annual General Meetings
                                                                     Invitations to exclusive Members events, including winter lectures

                                                                 The requirement for Full Membership is that you are an adult who has lived on the Suburb for 3 years or
                                                                  longer. Residents who have lived on the Suburb for less than 3 years can become Associate Members.

                                                                 The Trust differs from most companies in that while fulfilling its objective to conserve and maintain the
                                                                  character  and  amenities  of  the  Suburb  it  produces  no  profits  or  dividends. The Trust  does  not  have
                                                                 shareholders but Members; who have no financial commitment and a limited liquidation liability of £1.

                                                                 The eight Trustees who are the company directors (known as the Trust Council) are volunteers. Four of the
                                                                 Trustees are appointed by outside organisations; the other four Trustees are residents elected by Trust Members.
                                                                 To download a Membership application form, please visit or contact the Trust office if
                                                                 you would like one posted to you.

                 862 Finchley Road, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London NW11 6AB   020 8455 1066   twitter: @HGSTrust

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