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Horticultural Society - The 'Instead of the September Flower Show' Show

  • Saturday 4 September
Sadly the Hort Soc Committee has decided they must cancel this year’s Autumn Show on Saturday 4 September. So get your cameras or phones out and let’s have the photographic show to end all photographic shows with pictures of all the things that have helped to keep us going during the hard Covid times. It’s not a competition; it won’t be judged, but let’s flood the Hort Soc website with lovely photographs in the following categories: Wildlife of the animal or human kind!, Insects, Water, My Borders, My favourite Flower or Flowers, Trees and Shrubs, Foliage, Fruit, Veg, Containers, Just For Fun From weird veg to horticultural hi jinx! Full details will be published in the Hort Soc members' August newsletter on the website ENTER BY 28 AUGUST. Photographs will published on Hort Soc website on 4 September.

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